The hardest part-

I thought that sunny day-

Was watching that face

So full of life and youth

Those rosy apple cheeks

With a small boy's smile

Those child's features

Turning downward.

As his small hand placed

That little delicate flower-

White as snow or newborn lamb-

On that casket so small

So sad, so white,

His small mouth stayed straight

But his 5 year old eyes

Became moist

As he said goodbye

To his little friend.

I watched his face

Wondered what it must be like for him.

Did he understand the significance

Of that small flame of vibrancy

That was extinguished

At a time that seemed-

Not right at all.

Did he wonder why-

Why she had gone?

Why that almost-two princess,

Now slept in a land as unknown

As fairies, dragons and unicorns.

Why that blonde hair

Like golden sunbeams

Was placed under the unyielding earth.

Why that crooked smile

And bright blue eyes

Had faded to indifference.

Did he wonder, why?

And yet a light shone in his eyes,

I noticed-a light of-

I cannot call it understanding-

But of acceptance, comfort.

He shed not a tear,

nor spoke he a word

But in his face shone that light.

It was the light of a child,

The light of peace,

the light of hope,

the light of faith,

the light of love,

the light of life.

It touched upon me then,

and I understood.