Mirror to my soul - Maemin

My life has been rather average thus far. Nothing all that exciting or noteworthy has ever happened to me so I'm not exactly sure why I'm being forced into this narrative but I guess if you can deal, so can I. Just don't say I didn't warn you. I was raised in a rather ordinary town doing rather ordinary things. I attend a rather ordinary school, or perhaps that should be past tense seeing as I have yet to know the new school I've just recently been enrolled into. I live in an ordinary home; have ordinary parents and an ordinary twin brother. You don't think twins are ordinary? Well, you would be wrong then. Twins are not as uncommon as most people believe. Besides, my brother and I are far from identical. In fact, we have so little in common with one another that most people have difficulty believing we're related. Some even joke that one of us must have been switched at birth but that's beside the point.

My name is Maemin. Okay, so that's not very ordinary but with the entire normalcy in my life, a little thing like having a strange name is nothing to write home about. Trust me. I've just turned eighteen which now makes me a senior and my father chooses now of all times to get a promotion that requires us to move all the way cross country. Don't see a problem? Well, let me enlighten you then. Senior year is supposed to be THE year of your life, the one where you finally obtain freedom and all that it entails. Things like parties, alcohol and sex.

It all sounds well and good and obtainable regardless of where you are but you're forgetting one crucial point. Reputation. Reputation takes time and effort to build and mine is gone, wiped clean because everyone I know is hundreds of miles away from me, having fun finally enjoying their freedom while I'm faced with the daunting task of redefining who I am in some stupid place across the country that I've never even heard of let alone wanted to come see up close and personal. To make things even worse, I've been having these strange dreams recently... Dreams that simply refuse to leave me alone.

Dreams may not seem all that threatening. I mean, what harm can your imagination really do, right? It's apparently not all that real. Hah! A bloody lot of harm, I tell you! Don't be fooled into thinking things that reside only in your mind cannot actually harm you. Dreams reflect what is in the soul and often reveal the darker corners we usually refuse to acknowledge in the light of day. Let me demonstrate. Right now, I'm trapped in another one of my twisted dreams. I'm sitting on my bed, soft silk sheets cool beneath my heated skin. Innocent enough you'd think, but wait, I'm not done yet. My breath is ragged and torn, echoing harshly in my ears. My fingers are clenched, buried in soft silky strands and I'm in excruciating pain. Oh the sweet, delicious pain.

I'm naked, covered in sweat and the sinful scent of sex. Warm hands are resting upon my knees and my arousal is buried deep within slick moist heat. My fingers are buried in dark chocolate locks and I can almost see smoky green eyes, filled with lust, the classic bedroom eyes one might say, fully focused upon my arousal. The slick heat of a hot thick tongue and the soft scrape of teeth is driving my pain ever higher and my body convulses, violent tremors flowing through me with a vengeance. I hold his head in place, for the person before me is most definitely male, and I thrust into his succulent mouth, driving myself past his lips, his teeth, his tongue and deep into his throat where I finally find what my body is screaming for. Release courses through me, and I my hips jerk, stretching his lips, his mouth, his throat and filling his belly with the heat of my seed. Over and over again I spurt, my fingers digging into his scalp, giving him no place to go, leaving him no choice but to swallow, forcing him to fill himself with my essence.

"Mimi!" He's calling me, his voice dark, rich and sexy managing to send shivers of pleasure right through me even though I've only just reached the height of thereof. "Come on, Mimi. We're going to be late." His lips are swollen, covered in saliva, semen trickling out from the corner of his mouth, delicious warmth that is still wrapped around me, still licking me languidly as I slowly drift down from my high only it doesn't make sense. He's speaking to me, calling my name insistently when by all rights his mouth should be otherwise occupied and that is how I know all of this is yet another of my dark sinful dreams.

I yelp, pain of a different kind coursing through me with the sudden rush of ice cold water upon my skin. My grey eyes shoot open and suddenly I'm back in reality, surrounded by familiar band posters, spluttering. I run my hand through my hair brushing soaking midnight strands streaked in purple back and do my best to glare at my tormentor. Chocolate strands of hair drift down around his face, a glass clutched in his hands and I am met by the smoky green eyes of my twin brother. "Kaesel, what did you do that for?!" Okay, so I'm not the only one with strange name and maybe I'm not so normal after all. Yes, I'm gay and before you ask, yes, the object of my lust is now standing before me, empty glass in hand. I Maemin Kyle, am obsessed with my twin brother. See, I told you dreams aren't as harmless as you may think.

"You looked like you could do with the cold shower." Kae can be a downright arrogant bitch when he puts his mind to it and trust me, he puts his mind to it an awful lot. His tone is rather haughty and his eyes are running down my body to finally rest on my groin and the rather obvious moisture upon the sheets. Ignoring the now familiar horror and self hatred coursing through my veins I hastily yank at my sheets and fold them over, covering the point of my brother's rather obvious derision with the still dry top part of the material. "You really should reconsider going clubbing with me. You obviously need to get laid. I don't know why you insist on tormenting yourself like this."

Now, before we go any further, there is something I need to tell you about my brother. He's no angel. He didn't bother to wait for our eighteenth birthday in order to enjoy the privileges of freedom, or adulthood as the rest of you might call it, and has actually been drinking since he was sixteen. Also, unlike me, he's no longer a virgin having lost his virginity during some drunken one night stand not long after our seventeenth birthday. Don't get me wrong. He's not a whore and doesn't sleep around but he does like to party and can't really be held accountable for what he does while drunk.

Despite all of this, he isn't as worldly as he likes to sound. He keeps forgetting that I'm the one that's always dealing with the aftermath of his drunken escapades. I happen to know for a fact that he himself doesn't get laid all that often and when he does, he usually can't remember more than waking up beside his bitch of choice or his alcohol's choice that is. Last I checked rum likes redheads, tequila likes blonds, cocktails like… I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Anyway waking is rather promptly followed by avid escape and a long ranting session in my room. Not fun, let me tell you.

Knowing all this, I don't take his words to heart and spare him but one more glare for good measure before moving. I casually slip out of bed, ignoring the fact that I'm still covered with the evidence of my nocturnal activities. Walking over to my closet I grab some clothes and storm to the bathroom without saying a single word to my beloved brother who went out of his way to piss me off this wonderful morn. The moment the bathroom door is closed I sink to the ground and bury my face in my hands, my mortification finally allowed shape and form. Something tells me today isn't going to be my day.

Since I'm not really one to wallow in my own self misery I quickly stand and storm into the shower, turning the water on despite the fact that I still have my pajama pants on. The moment the water reaches a satisfactory temperature I hastily begin to scrub myself clean. I drop my pants and rub my skin raw in my attempts to rid myself of the evidence of my sinful lust. Finally, resigned to the fact that I cannot get the imaginary feel of his lips, teeth and tongue off my skin I turn my attention to my pajama pants. By the time I'm done, my hands are raw from rubbing the fabric together, my hair is plastered to my head making me look like a miserable drowned rat and the shower water is cold. Yup, this is definitely turning out to be my day.

Kae doesn't really give me a chance to wallow in self pity though. The moment I turn the tap off he's banging on the door, lording it over me once again. "Hurry up, Mimi! We're not going to make a very good impression if we're late!" As if! Since when does Kae worry about making a good impression? All he has to do is smile and his problems just magically disappear. We are of course ignoring the fact that problems of his that don't disappear become my problems. To him they're gone. This is why I'm entirely convinced that he's not doing this so he can make a good impression. No, Kaesel is doing this so he may personally torment me.

"I'm done!" I growl, glaring at him the moment I open the door. Kae really knows piss me off, which, ignoring the fact that he's my twin brother, makes my sudden lust for him even more disturbing but for some reason, no matter how hard I try to rid myself of these fantasies, I just can't seem to help myself. "You can stop giving birth already. It can't be that painful."

Kae rolls his eyes and grabs me by the arm, dragging me out towards the car completely disregarding the fact that I haven't had a chance to do my hair yet. I don't bother to protest though. It won't do me any good. Another thing you need to know about Kae is… what Kae wants, Kae gets and he obviously wants to drag me to school looking like I've just tumbled out of bed. Oh the great first impression I'm going to make. I can hardly wait.

I can just see it in the back of my mind. My hair is a disaster un-gelled and ruffled and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Seriously picture this. I'm wearing dark long leather pants clinging to my body like a second skin, a black shirt, my favorite pair of hardcore boots and even a couple of chains the combination of which gives me the rebellious look I so crave since discovering my own darker fetishes. Only this look is all ruined by sleep ruffled, WET, black and purple hair. Let's not even mention the fact that I didn't get the chance to do my eyes. See my problem? Kae obviously doesn't and since at five foot eight, he's considerably taller than my own five foot three inches, he also has a rather obvious physical advantage over me. I told you we look nothing alike.

The moment we arrive at school, Kae's gone, just like that, not even bothering to wait for me to get out the car. I don't know why it surprises me. He's been doing it for years. I guess it's another reason why no one believes we're related. We're never together and to brighten the potential of my wonderful day even further, we're early. Bloody bastard of a sexy brother of mine, why on earth couldn't he at least let me do my hair!

Scowling I storm onto the school grounds, searching for a place to go sulk in peace. I deserve to and if anyone wants to even suggest that I don't I would like to dare you to come and do it to my face! As I've told you, I'm not much for wallowing in self pity. I'd far rather cause grief than to wallow in a corner all alone so the spot I choose to sulk in is right at the entrance to the school building. Dropping my bag I sit down on the stairs and proceed to actively glare at any student that comes within five feet of me. That's all the students mind you seeing as they are obviously trying to get into the building through the entrance I'm so nicely sitting in the middle of. Unfortunately my glares aren't working as well as they usually do but that's Kae's fault remember. I'm missing scary spiky hair and black eyeliner.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you." A voice right beside me causes me to turn. What the HELL! One of the students is actually sitting next to me! I repeat… what the… The student beside me is a brunette, with hair the exact same shade as Kae's and that's not all. His eyes are green but where Kae's are flecked with yellow, his are flecked with blue and that's where the similarity ends. His jaw is stronger than my brother's and he's considerably taller. His shoulders are broad where my brother's are narrow like mine and his smile is more mischievous than condescending. I'm openly gay. I notice these things!

It's only once my scrutiny of him is done that his words register upon my mind. He's been looking for me? How could he be looking for me? Is he here on some teacher's orders, to show the new kid around? Hell no. There is no way I'm going to be led around like some kind of lost puppy or something. "Thanks but no thanks." I snap, turning away from him, still scowling. "I can find my own way around." Its times like these that I wish I smoked. It's such an effective way of giving someone the cold shoulder.

He's gaping at me. I can see his face from the corner of my eye and he's actually gaping at me in shock. It's about bloody time. "What's going on Tristan? I mean," He runs his eyes over my body in obvious disapproval. "What's with the emo, goth look and the attitude? I don't recall having an argument with you on Friday. Did something happen?"

Tristan? My eyebrow rises at the unfamiliar name. Why exactly is he calling me Tristan? "Look." I snap, my patience for the strange morning already running out. "I have no idea what the hell you're talking about but I think you have the wrong person. I don't know this, Tristan and certainly don't know you, now if you could kindly leave me the hell alone…" Yeah, yeah, so I forgot to mention a few things. One of them being that I'm not all that gracious when I'm peeved.

The color peach suddenly obscures my view and I jerk back the moment his hand touches my forehead. "What the hell?" I hiss, now unable to keep my cussing to myself. Did I ask him to be all touchy feely? Did I? No, so he deserves that and more!

"Are you sick Tristan." His face is suddenly deep in my bubble. My bubble people, he is invading my own personal bubbly bubble and I'm too shocked by the blue in his green eyes to do anything about it. It's so very different to the amber flecks, those amber flecks that haunt me in my dreams, or do they? Now that I think about it, I don't really recall anything more than bright green. "We've been friends since we were four, how can you tell me you don't know me. Heck, that's fourteen years, Mister! Did you bump your head or something? Is it amnesia? Have you seen a doctor?" His rambling just seems to go on and on and before I know it his hands are in my hair, obviously searching for a bump they are not going to find. I did NOT hit my head and I do NOT have amnesia for crying out loud!

I'm just about to shove his hands off of me when a second voice intrudes upon my sulking time. "Soren. What are you doing?" For some reason I cannot seem to grasp let alone explain, I'm drawn to that voice and the confusion in it. Turning away from Soren, his hands still in mine I turn. The new comer is standing behind me, backpack on his shoulders but let me tell you, that's the least of my problems right now. My eyes go wide in shock and my breath catches in the back of my throat, slowly and surely suffocating me. He's about five foot three or so, has black hair a touch longer than mine as yet unmarred by purple hair dye and stormy grey eyes. My stormy grey eyes. Now I know we're all said to have a look alike somewhere out there but this is just ridiculous!

A/N: I know, with all the current stories that are still unfinished I really shouldn't be starting a new one but I have a bit of writer's block at the moment due to both physical and mental exhaustion so I thought I would try something new for a little while to distract myself from the complexity of what I currently have up. I hope you all like this bunch and if this story develops further would like to know what couples you think may come out of it. The possibilities are, Kaesel and Maemin, Soren and Maemin, Kaesel and Soren, Kaesel and Tristan, Tristan and Soren.