Alexander Will

Overall that is, this woman gives me the most aches

No matter where I turn to, this is one I can't forsake

When times get rough, she finds ways to keep me down

I don't hate her; I just wish she's better this time around

I've tried to outrun her, but she's already in the places I go

Then I bump right into her, yet I am the last to know

Every trick is distinctive in her attempt to win me over

And I succumb every time as if my mind is getting slower

I see her but I don't look; I hear her but I don't listen

There's a lesson but I don't learn it; and I'm left grief-stricken

First I think I've found someone different, but then I'm wrong

She was the same one from the previous wreck with a new song

Changes may be made to her face, her skin, her address and tone

But I think this woman is miles away from leaving me alone

Perhaps I'm doomed to be with her; a curse that's frightening

Yet I'm kissing her again, which contradicts my enlightening