Let's Get it Started

I have been called a million names ā€“ bitch, slut, and whore being the least offensive ā€“ but that doesn't really bother me anymore. Not after what I've been through.

Except when it's someone I care about who hates me.

Like right now.

"I can't believe you would do something this shitty, Vi! I mean, I knew what you were like before, but I thought that maybe you'dā€”"

I roll my eyes. "What, David? Changed? You should know better than that."

He looks like a lost puppy dog. I almost feel bad. "Do you know how much I care about you, Violet?"

"That's exactly why we won't work, David. Because I really don't care that much about you."

Okay, that was pretty heartless. But he had it coming. He was head over heels for me from the start, even though he knew all about my reputation.

"Is it because of Connor?"

"That's what every guy I break up with says. If it was because of Connor, I would have hooked up with him four years ago."

"Christ, Violet! We were thirteen four years ago! How much of a slut are you?"

Okay, so I did say that I didn't care about David, but he was actually a pretty awesome boyfriend. He was borderline nerdy, so he was never rude or pushy. I made all the first moves. He's cute-ish. But he's not right for me.

No matter how many times I've denied it, it is because of Connor.

Connor Tyson is my "secret crush". That is in quotation marks because the whole school knows about it. I've been interested in him since the seventh grade. We've never gotten together, but we're kind of the couple waiting to happen at our school.

And now that David's gone, I intend to knock off that "waiting to happen" part.

The next day at lunch, I made my intentions known. Only to Connor and a few lucky eyewitnesses who would be stalked to here the first-hand story for the next few days.

"Hey, Tyson!" Flirting lesson #1: Calling a dude by his last name and acting like one of his jock friends is really cute. Guys like that.

"Vi. Long time, no see. What's up with you?"

I shrug. "Dumped my boyfriend yesterday." Playing the newly single, depressed chick who needs a shoulder to cry on is guaranteed to get a guy's attention.

"That sucks."

"Not really. I only did it because he wasn't the right one for me." Implying something like that, accompanied with a you-know-what-I-mean look from under the lashes, is perfect for letting them know you're into them.

"I see." Sexy smile. See, this is why David is gone. "So, who is the right one for you?"

Cue playful smirk. "I don't know. I haven't met him yet." Let him think he hasn't quite charmed you yet. You're not that easy (well, I am).

"What? Violet, I'm hurt. According to the rumors in this school, you are madly in love with me."

"Who knows?" I look at him flirtatiously. "I might be. Can't tell yet."

"Well, I'll change your mind about that, Violet Larson."

Step slightly closer and look up through bangs. "You can try."

Connor grins. "Give me a week, Vi. You'll be head over heels for me."

"You're on, buddy." I kiss him on the cheek, making sure to linger for a while. "See ya."

I walk past him without a backwards glance.

Did I just make a bet with Connor Tyson?

I'm screwed.

Oh, well.

He doesn't have to know that he's already won.