I couldn't wait to grow up; to become the person I looked up the most, to learn more about what I can and can't get away with, to become a better person, to change someone else's life, to make a difference, & to have that fairytale ending that every hope-filled 7-year-old girl dreams of. What happened? Seconds with you grew into minutes we shared and those minutes grew into hours of spending time with you and those hours grew into days spent together and those days grew into weeks of talking non-stop and those weeks grew into months where we'd walk each other home, so what happened after that, you just stopped talking to me. Remember, we couldn't wait to grow up! We didn't even realize that all that time was passing us by and we would never get it back. I guess that's what we get for being young and accidental in our actions. I couldn't wait to grow up, what was I thinking.

I didn't become the person I looked up to the most, I learned he was not a very good role model after all and I had spent a good portion of my life thinking he was. I learned more about what I can and can't get away with, and let me tell you it's not much. I became a better person that is after I got over you. I did change someone else's life because I stopped obsessing over you and opened more options for myself. I made a difference in someone's life because they thought I nice, sweet, funny and smart. And I still dream of that fairytale ending but then again who doesn't?

So are you going chew me out for not staying in the past, because seriously if you didn't want to lose me why did you let me go? Or is the question why did I let you let me go if I still wanted to hang on? No, that's impossible because I forgot you! For good! And I'm not going back! Not a chance I'm going to forget everything we shared but I will forget the majority. Consider yourself forgotten, and please, stay in my past.