The Truth About The Truth

Some say the truth shall set you free. Others say the truth is overrated.

But which is it, really?

Well, the truth about the truth is…it hurts.

And so we lie.

We lie to hide our secrets. We lie to get ourselves out of trouble. We lie to run away from our problems. We lie so we don't hurt our friend's feelings. We lie to keep a heart from breaking. We lie just to make it through the day.

We lie because we are scared. We lie because we don't want the world to know that we've screwed up. We lie because the truth is hard to handle. We lie because the truth hurts.

And so, we lie. And for most people, they get away with it.

Initially, this feeling of relief comes over us, like we got the easy way out. But it's temporary. The good feeling fades away.

And for most people, guilt happens. So, it hurts, anyway.

We lie. And we lie to cover up our lies.

Before we know it, the whole thing becomes this huge mess of lies and made up stories. No matter how good of a liar we are, deception has its flaws; our story has its flaws. We mix up what is real from what isn't. And it ends up hurting, anyway.

Think of it as building a house of cards. No, a towering tower of cards.

The more cards you put up, the higher it goes, the more unstable the whole thing becomes. At some point, a card will wobble, the tower will lose it. And it will all fall apart.

The truth about the truth is it will come out, anyway. It will come out one way or another.

I learned this the hard way.

So, my advice for you is to save yourself from all the drama. And just stick to the truth. Come clean. Avoid the lies, if you can help it. The world would be a better place if we had one less liar walking around.

The truth about the truth is…it does hurt, but it's temporary. And the pain passes. I learned this the hard way, too.

And for most people, the truth does set them free.

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