Kayne's P.O.V.

I sighed. I had screwed up royally. Maybe I should have explained to Emma why hospitals messed with my mind so much. I wouldn't have the chance to now. I had no doubt that Ella would do it for me. Though even Ella didn't know all the story. That wasn't much of a comfort though in all honesty. It would still fall to me to tell her and tell her I would have to. She was my mate. It was only right that I tell her what was going on.

I slipped through the crowd of wolves and towards the other side of the camp where I knew I would find the alpha along with Emma's father. The two men were shaking hands by the time I got there. They had come to some kind of agreement and it had me on edge as I looked between the two of them. "Alpha...Mr. Bryant," I nodded to both of them watching carefully.

"I want to thank you for coming for my daughter Kayne. Isaac explained some things to me and the way I see it...I would have to be an idiot if I didn't believe what I saw with my own two eyes," Mr. Bryant turned his weary eyes towards Isaac Roman for a moment before clearing his throat. I raised a suspicious eyebrow as he looked back at me. "You see Kayne...I have a prison sentence that needs finishing so...I-I'm going back...right now in fact. I need you to look after my girls. I screwed up on that the first time around. So...I-I need you to do it for me. It seems like you've done a better job in the last few days that I did in the past seventeen years..."

I shook my head. "We have lawyers sir. We have sources. We can get you out." Mr. Bryant was already shaking his head and when he looked at me again, I understood. I nodded. "Of course..." Pride. Pride was what kept him in prison. He had gotten away with the things he had done for so long. I knew about this man standing in front of me. I had done research or rather, my brothers and I had done research. This was a man who had done many things and gotten away with it. The one time he had been innocent was the time they caught him. He likely felt it was God's way of trying to get him right.

I couldn't bring myself to take that away from him for any reason. Even if Emma would have liked to have him back. He wouldn't be the same unless he was allowed to finish this out on his own terms. "Thank you Kayne," Mr. Bryant said holding out his hand. I looked down at it and then up at him and shook his hand. For a regular human, the man had a firm grip. I was proud to have him as part of the pack. No matter the things he had done in the past, those could be forgiven.

My brothers and I were living proof of that.

"I'm ready Isaac," Mr. Bryant said turning back to the Alpha who nodded.

The man came forward and placed his big hand on Bryant's shoulder. "I'll come and visit you in a few days," the Alpha promised. He and I watched in silence as Reed and October came up and handcuffed Bryant. They were two of our cops, Reed was a moonmate and October was a wolf. We both knew that they would make sure that Bryant was safe. "Let's get you to your mate Kayne...she deserves some explanations too."

I sighed. He was right. I wasn't looking forward to this meeting though.