Our graduation party took the place at the diner. I kept having this feeling as if I should be going around and taking orders and sending them out, but instead, I was standing around talking to people and telling them where they should put their gifts and cards. It was a role reversal that still had me spinning a bit.

"Hello kleine schwester," Xavier said throwing an arm around my shoulder. He had never given up on the nickname though I had never actually accepted Kayne. And just as Fang had said he would, Kayne had never said a word about any of it. He had left me in peace, staying with me until the doctor finally released me from the hospital though everyone could see how much it killed him to do it. And yet I hadn't said a word.

God I ddin't deserve him.

"He's thinking about you too," Xavier assured me. Despite being such an evil clown at times, Xavier Volkov was perceptive. Sometimes that fact bothered me.

I shook my head. "Trust me Xavier, Kayne's better off without me."

Cassie dashed past me chashed by Jason who had transfered into the middle school shortly after I had gotten out of the hospital. I had reluctantly come to accept that Jason was a werewolf (as were the others), but that hadn't stopped me from having a nice long discussion with him. He had given me a droll look when I had finally finished and told me that he wasn't going to leave Cassie ever, even if it meant that he just had to protect her from afar.

I looked over at Kayne. Was that what he was doing everytime he sad behind or in front of me? Was that what he did every time he watched me, but refused to say a word? I tried not to think about it because it made it hard for me to sleep at night. But as time was going on, it wasn't getting easier for me to sleep. It was actually getting harder.

I sighed as I watched Kayne play with two golden eyed children while talking to their parents at the same time. "Go to him," Xavier urged softly only to recieve an elbow to the stomach from Fang.

"It's up to you Emma. It always has been. If you don't want him, don't give him a false hope that you do." Fang and I had long ago come to a tense understanding. He didn't like what I had chosen by default, but I think he loved his brother enough to not want to force anything on anyone.

I gave Fang a hesitant smile. "Don't worry about it," I said. "I think it's about time I went and talked to Kayne anyway. It's been a few months after all."

I waited until the couple had stole back their children and left Kayne alone before I approached him. "Hey Kayne," I said reaching out to grab his arm before he could move away from me to seek other company.

"You don't have to be around me Emma." I sighed and bowed my head. "I-I'm sorry-"

"Stop," I almost snapped the word taking Kayne aback. "Look, I-I shouldn't do this to you. This is obviously killing you. It's torenting me and I'm just having trouble sleeping at night." Kayne wanted to say something, but I cut him off by putting up a hand. "Fang gave me some advice after I broke my arm and I should have taken it."

Kayne furrowed his brow looking worridedly between me and his brother. "What advice?" he asked cautiously.

"I want to give you a chance. That doesn't mean that I love you or that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I've seen the kind of guy that you are and...I guess I would be an idiot if I didn't give this thing a chance to actually be something."

Kayne blinked twice before a soft smile spread across his lips. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear those words."

Author's Note: So I hope that this wasn't too terrible for all of you who managed to hang on to the end. As I said, I'm working on the rewrite now and I hope that you all enjoy that even more than the original. I would, however, like to give a special thanks to all of you who posted reviews and especially to AnaGirl and Whywolf78 who messaged me and encouraged me to give you all the end of this story even after I forgot!