Ok, for those who never went to my profile page, this was originally in the old Into Oblivion. I have decided for the sake of readers, to make the stories of my chara's apart, so that no one gets too confused. You don't have to read everything at the same time, I will try to make them independent to each other, but not too much… Enjoy!

Chapter 1: My name is.

My name is Fang. I don't know why, so don't ask. I don't have white hair, nor do I have pale skin, on the contrary, I have a light brown skin and black hair. My master died a few months ago, and whilst wandering around through night and alleys, killing to feed and steal money, I got to meet Nos.

He is a Lord, a high-ranking shit thing. I don't care about rankings or whatever the traditions are, for me let's just say he was a fucking strong vampire, and I just happened to bump into him and a whole group of his followers.

He was teaching a valuable lesson to a young one, and I created the distraction needed for the prey to hit the boy and run away for her life. Which, in a matter of fact, lasted only five minutes more.

Nos himself had flung my body from one stonewall to the other. I then understood he was a telepath (when I thought they were all dead). When I finally fell on the floor, I just spit out blood from my mouth mumbling about people and not understanding casualties. His young one looked at me sympathetically. And it just took that small smile of his pretty face to make Nos take me into his household. What a softie.

I soon learned the young kid was actually Nos' son. A real son. Not normal in the vampiric world. He was, well still is, cute. His name's Yun, and his older brother is Akira, but anything to do with him will come in later.

To make the story short for your sake, I soon took the liking of my new family, it was a nice place, servants, pets all the jazz. And of course, Akira at nights would just make my day. Days of such peace came to end when Nos got into some issue with Chandler. That guy is nuts, really, he has a name that doesn't bring fear into you, but the mere look of his eyes tells you everything. Makes you want to crumble. My eyes made contact with his when I was dying to see this living legend through a crack on the door.

Nos wasn't agreeing in selling his whole company to Chandler, not even if becoming a permanent member in the decision board. He said he liked to be on top of his company, and well selling it to corrupt humans didn't make him squeal. Now, I know what you're all thinking, and yes you are right, vampires are not honest. Not always, but something you gotta give them, they don't like mixing up with humans, especially Lords and high ups. And when they know those humans are corrupt it makes it even worst, we like to have our own corruption, but mixing humans, means they are bound to know what you are, and that is sacrilege. Chandler didn't agree and to make it clear he killed Akira's and Yun's mother, in a slow terrifying way. Charming huh?

So going back to my story, because I was so trusted in the household, and because I was the lost puppy found in the street… I took the job as spy. I wanted to do something exciting, or worth a while, teaching Akira all about life had lost its spark, the boy knew everything now. And I mean it. No but really, I wanted revenge, I wanted to feel part of a family for once. To feel special.

But this job is turning out to be more challenging that I ever thought. Chandler is a monster. He trusts everyone that will work for him, because it's impossible to be unloyal, if you are, you end up hanging with your insides outside, still alive, for example. How have I lasted this long? Well I try to stay away, not talking much, just being in the crowd. I do the jobs he sends, kill that human, kill that family, blood there blood here. In two months I have come closer to him, so I'm able to listen to conversations he's having with other clients and 'partners'. But lately he's been eying me, and that can't be good.

That's why I decided to finish the information as quickly as possible and send it to Nos. It would be pathetic to die without having accomplished my mission, I mean I did work my ass off to get the information and haven't had sex or fun in months.

I write quickly emphasizing that all his human allies are aware he's a vampire, he has special fighters as bodyguards. I underline that in every building there are vampires, there are people watching. He is dealing with weapons, and he is introducing deadly weapons against vampires, but this is not something the humans know. And at the end as a conclusion, if he gets Nos' enterprise, he'll be controlling the whole vampiric community. And he's ready for war.

I hope Nos can make out what I wrote and make a smart plan, because this guy has to be stopped. I quickly send the paper with a strange telepathic thing that I don't control. But it's safe, no one can track it but Nos.

Later that night I am called to Chandler's office. After softly knocking I walk to where he is seated behind his desk. "I've been reading a bit about you. You do your work perfectly on time, without hesitation." He states throwing some papers on his desk.

I find my voice a bit later, "Thank you."

"Who was your sire?" Chandler leans back on his chair smirking at me. Have I said he's attractive? You know how they say: never trust the sympathetic handsome dude? Well he's a very sexy guy. Your average well-combed black hair, a green eye and a blue one, both behind a pair of glasses that make him look intellectual.

I shiver but answer, feeling relieved my past isn't that important and I'm not lying. "No one important sir, he was a street vampire like myself."

He crooks his head to one side amused, "What's your name?" he hasn't stopped smirking.

"Fang." I mutter.

He lets out a soft chuckle, "Funny." I feel my self heat up a bit, what the hell does he want? The monster stands up and walks to my side, "Tell me Fang, when working so hard…" he's so close he's actually talking directly to my ear. He's tall, taller that me. He brushes a finger against my lower lip, "I believe you hadn't had any attention in a while."

I swallow not knowing where to direct my eyes, "No sir."

"Well I guess that makes two of us." He lets his finger slip as he moves behind me, tracing my jaw line and ending on my neck, "You see, I would like you to think about changing your position." He strokes the area where my bite mark used to be, "Pleasing me, might make both of us happy."

I try to stay cool, though I'm wetting my pants, "What are you proposing?!" he wants me to be his whore?!

"Think about it, I'll be waiting for your answer." He whispers at the other side of my neck making my hair stand on its ends.

When I am finally dismissed I walk slowly to the big garden outside, sit calmly outside, and rock my body. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Mr. telepath breaks my coherent thoughts. "Why did you send the file so quick? Is something wrong?"

"Chandler called me to his office alone, I though he was going to kill me!" I answer with my mind back.

"Are you alright?"

"Why the fuck do you think I'm talking to you?" I shout at Nos, "He asked me to be his bed toy." There's a slight pause.

"Do it."

"What?" is he kidding? That's too risky, not to mention… no, no, no.

"Think about it Fang, you can get all the information you want, if he likes you he will take you everywhere like a good master." He had a point but even so!

"I am not lowering myself-"

"You already come from the street Fang." That hurt, what an asshole. But his voice soon softened again, "Please think about it, we can stop him. For Yun, please."

I growled low at my throat, shit he always brought Yun up, "Alright, I'll do it."