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Chapter 7:

Chandler had been called as new information which had been following the packs that were joining the vampires. He send enough subordinates to fill the city and find whatever they could about that hide out. He wasn't sure anymore if this was Nos' plan. It seemed too big for such a weak vampire.

But he returned to the room with a small smirk thinking about his soon-to-be private pet and special eyes. All in one, and the boy would spill everything.

When he entered the room he found his Fang sleeping on his bed in one corner. He took off his shoes and walked to the bed. He started kissing the exposed neck of his street rat and Fang's eyes opened. They took some time to focus.

"Where am I?" the dark violet eyes opened un focused.

Chandler laughed a bit against the cinnamon skin, "You forgot so quickly who you're here for?"

It took a minute before Fang answered still frowning, "I'm sorry sir, I-I…"

Chandler concentrated in the purple eyes. Something was off but he didn't care, he would have everything he wanted. He nibbled the same spot as before, where it had turned already to a small bruise, and without warning he bit. The blood was not human of course, but had a certain musky taste to it. Fang had let out a gasp and gripped Chandlers shoulders hard. He was then furiously kissed and tasted his blood and his neck hurt and he felt the connection, the bond joining him to his new master.


I had woken up not exactly knowing what had happened, I had fallen asleep, but before that? I have no idea. I knew I had made a pact or contract to this vampire. A very scary and dangerous vampire: Chandler. Damn, my mind was foggy and only small pieces like in a telegram was what I could grab on to.

I stared at the vampire holding me, extremely handsome with slick black hair, the office type. But he made me shiver as he kissed me and suddenly bit me. I was so slow I could only gasp. My reaction to a fucking bite was to gasp.

Now let me tell you that the first bite hurts since you don't anticipate it. But the second one is a bitch since just like what this Chandler guy wants, is to get in control and mark me. So his 'poison' or scent or whatever you want to call it tries to break the old bonds I had with my master. Which are weak since he's dead. Still, it hurts.

I finally come to my senses (this is actually in seconds) and I stare at my new master with other kind of eyes. I cannot stop looking at him. I want him. I need him. He is still smirking me with a bloody mouth and I just jump on him and kiss him, not caring how bold I am or not. I rip his shirt and I'm about to do the same to his pants when he pins my head down through my hair.

"I'm sorry master, please!" I squirm against the bed pain shooting through my hair, which strangely enough becomes arousing.

Chandler eyes my body and I relax a bit, "You sure are out of control."

"It won't happen again." I swallow hard staring at his perfect chest.

"Are you sure?" his finger traces my cheek slowly, looking uninterested. "I can leave you here alone."

My eyes grow wide as my brain tugs to remind me that my bond must be fulfilled. No one can make me cum in this state but him, "No, no! I'll do anything! Please master, let me touch you." I almost scream, which makes him smirk in a very devilish way.

"I will be the one doing the touching."

"Yes, yes." I quickly pulled my pants down as far as I could lying down and lifted my naked ass. I even humped my member a bit against the bed.

I eyed Chandler who was staring at me with such a fire that I didn't know if he would throw me out right there. But he just opened his belt and freed his cock. He caressed my naked back, "This one will be easy just so you can control yourself a bit."

When a felt his tip inside me a bucked against him making him enter me but not yet fully with a moan, "You are such a slutty dog." At this point I didn't care anything he said or would ask, I would just comply to get me completed. "I think we will enjoy ourselves."

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