History of Australia: Introduction and Outline

History of Australia: Introduction and Outline

Have you ever wanted to know if there is more to that strange beer swilling, crocodile wrestling continent at the arse end of the world? Now you can find out! Many Australians themselves are unaware of the rich and fascinating story of their own country. I began this project partly to explain the story of my nation to my foreign friends and also to continue my own exploration. Let me sum it up with the words of Mark Twain, who did visit Australia himself:

"Australian history is full of surprises, and adventures and incongruities, and incredibilities; but they are all true, they all happened."

The history will be divided into 11 chapters, spanning tens of thousands of years into our Indiginous past to the dawn of the 21st century. This is the story of the only continent to become just one country and of a diverse and convoluted people still searching for their place in the world. Believe it or not Australia is a remarkably interesting place with turbulent and rich culture and history. This isn't a hard core academic work, but a mix of the facts, trivia and interesting bits thrown together. I hope learn something new and enjoy at the same time!

The 11 chapters:

1. Prehistory to European invasion (50,000 years ago to 1788)

2. The First Fleet to Eureka (1788-1854)

3. The Road to Federation (1854-1901)

4. The Beginning of the Nation (1901-1918)

5. Interwar Period (1918-1939)

6. The Second World War and Post War Reconstruction (1939-1949)

7. The Menzies Era and the Liberal Dynasty (1949-1972)

8. The Whitlam Revolution (1972-1975)

9. The Banana Republic – From Fraser to Keating (1975-1996)

10. Howard's Australia (1996-2007)

11. Australia in the 21st Century (2007-)