Chapter One

"I'm only a 34B,"


"I said I'm only a 34B."

"I heard that,"

"Then why did you say 'what'?"

He looked at me like I came from another planet. "Maybe because I didn't expect that."

"Well I believe that people should always expect the unexpected. It's my way of living."

He threw his hands up in the air and muttered, "I didn't sign up for this. I'm not that desperate."

I cocked one eyebrow.

He got out his wallet and left a 20-dollar bill on the table and left without a backwards glance.

I sighed and took out my phone. "Hey Amanda,"

I heard her smile. Yes, she's that cheery that I can even hear her smile. "Do you need any rescuing? Is he horrible? Oh my god, I knew I shouldn't have planned for you guys to have a date!"

I smiled, "Amanda, I think he kind of rescued himself."

"What do you mean?" She sounded so perplexed, that it made me love her even more.

"I meant he just got up and left." I stated. "Oh, he left a twenty. So he pretty much covered everything. We just got till the appetizer."

I heard her cover her gasp of shock. Hah. Gasp of shock. It's always been this way and she's always shocked. "What happened?"

"Well I told him my bra size and he left." I smiled despite myself. Amanda is going to say the same thing she always says, for every replay of this scenario.

"Ugh. Guys shouldn't do that. It's just your bra size. Your bra size does not define who you are."

I heard Corrine scream in the background. Corrine is my other best friend, and I love her second to Amanda. "What the hell! I keep telling her never to jump guys like that. Why the hell would you tell people your bra size on the first blind date. May I emphasize blind?"

I laughed. "It's not my fault. There's got to be some guy who actually appreciates the humour in this scenario."

"Only gay guys would," Corrine huffed.

"Well, too bad." I hung up on them and signaled for the waiter. "Can I have these calamari in a bag please?"

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