Chapter 11

I was sitting in the park, munching on a grilled cheese. Corinne and Amanda were out shopping. Ryan, George, and Brandon were playing Frisbee. It's actually quite fun watching such sports-inclined individuals play. I can't believe I'm admitting this though.

Lying down on the picnic blanket, I grabbed Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. (I just honestly love her.) I readied myself to reading intensely.

… I woke up to Brandon breathing down on my neck.

"You are so creepy, I swear." I murmured, swatting him away.

"Morning babe," he smiled, "You are just so fun to watch sleeping."

I sat up, "What happened to my book?!"

He showed it to me, "I read it instead. I'm already in Chapter Two. You aren't even done Chapter One."

I glared at him, "It wasn't meant to be a race,"

"It is now." He teased, "By the way, you were drooling."

"Did not,"

"And snoring."

"No, never."

"Trust me." He said seriously.

I widened my eyes, "Yeah right."

"I'll record you sleeping one day."

"Ah! NO! Stop bothering me," I whined. Placing my book back into my bag, I smiled up at him and gave him a kiss. "Ryan and George went home?"

He nodded. "By the way," he murmured into my hair, "Happy Monthsary."

And there it was. A box from Victoria's Secret.

Irritating man.

We've been dating for half a year now, and I've slowly opened up to him about my life, my joys, and my fears. It was on our 6th monthsary that I shared to him the details of my parents divorce.

"So he broke up with your mom since she was too concerned about her appearance?" He tilted his head.

"Yeah," I murmured assent, "Well of course, there were other stuff, but this one I remembered most. You know what I mean?"

He nodded, "Yeah. But your mom is skinny as hell."

I giggled, "Yeah. Apparently she was too skinny. She didn't have enough boobs for him."

He looked at my breasts, and I blushed, "Don't stare. It's rude to stare!" I whispered with a laugh, and he eventually looked back up at me, "But yeah, anyway he didn't want her to get implants either. And so, she didn't have enough boob for him, equals no marriage."

"I don't think we'll have problems in that area, babe," He grinned.

"No, well mine's the opposite." I said. Taking a deep breath, "I'm gaining weight."

He was silent, allowing me to go on.

"I don't think I'll ever be the sexy skinny type that guys seem to like. I think I'll always be the average curvy girls with a few extra pounds, and you never know, those extra pounds could turn to be extra extra pounds."

He laughed, enveloping me in his arms, "I'm not attracted to you just because of how you look, you know. And if you're really worried about your weight, we can work out together. But really babe, through thick or thin, I'm here for you."

"Bra sizes don't matter?" I asked.

"Nope," he replied, "Never did."

"Good, because now I'm a 36B." I said, "You have to replace this… gift."

Author's Note:

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If it seemed to end too fast, I'm sorry. I just really didn't fully know what was going on with the story anymore.. It just mostly wrote itself =)
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