In elementary school

In elementary school

I learned about Newton and laws of inertia.

Momentum, they said, is most abundant

in the heaviest of objects,

such as a man, or

a van full of men, or

a planet full of men

(and women).

Rocketing towards their self-assured self-destruction.

How will they be stopped?

In elementary school, as well as

physics, I learned of respect, values,

and their disconnect with the realm of God,

and I intrinsically understood

many other things

but not why some were rich

while some picked through garbage to feed

their children.

But even more conflicting to me-

was being the former.

It was not until after elementary school

however, that I would look about

and acknowledge the wealthy; proud

of all their shiny things, from profit

off the backs of the various individuals who

sell their labor

to buy shiny things.

They're all destroying the world,

but they know not and cannot stop,

for they have far too much momentum.