The blue phoenix

In Talim , in each village there was a law stating that any child born at the beginning of a new season would be the sent to the 'Great Temple' as a gift to the Gods to become priests. There was a certain system to this, each child born before the 'rising flood' would go to the God of ' Wa'.

Any child born in the beginning of the 'Sun warmth' would go to the God of 'Aa'.

Any child born in the beginning of the 'Dying leaf' would go to the God of 'San'.

Any child born in the beginning of the 'Big sleep' would go to the God of 'Taa'.

Each priest for each God learnt the basics and the specifics of their duty for their God.

But any 22nd child born in each village would the go to a different type of priest. This different type would be the ultimate priest, the ones who had three options. They would be paired with a life long companion and form the ritual of 'soul mating', and become the only few priests who have, you were chosen to perform the ritual.

The King will choose a female to be one of his wives and a male to marry his daughter or become his adopted son, keeping the royal blood-line holy. You have no say in the matter.

If you weren't chosen then you would've been sacrificed to your God , to join him in the peaceful life.

It just happened at the beginning of 'Dying leaf' a baby girl was born. It was exceptionally lucky that the child was born a female for if it were a male it would be sacrificed. ( There were already boys born as 'special priests' all the numbers had to be equal ). The parents of this child were allowed two years with the child . The child was marked with a gold band around her head with a red line running through it.

Her eyes were rimmed with a special salve so that , when she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was the 'Great Temple'. The salve would stay there until she was two years old.

The parents spent most of their spare time with the child, for this was their first child. The couple was young and full of love and hope which in the priests made the taking much sweeter. The parents had the right to name they're child. They named her Saa the bright one for she had red firey hair and golden eyes.