Dear Diary,

Summary: Daikou is an 18 year old girl moving to a small town called Denham Springs in Louisiana to go to high school to be a senior. At least that's what she's telling everyone. In reality, Daikou is an eight tailed water wolf demon. Daikou is sick of hiding from the eyes of humans, knowing she'll be taken if they found out what she is. So Daikou has decided to morph into a silver haired silver eyed girl. She wants to live amongst the humans because she has walked the Earth in hiding for far too long. She has watched the humans' progress and is indeed impressed. Daikou has also longed for someone to love, to understand her, but considering that she's a demon, that has never happened. Until this year when she meets a black haired boy named Kagai.

Kagai: An 18 year old boy who has been living in Denham Springs for more than four years. At least, that's what everyone says. In reality, Kagai is Hell's hound/Vampire. He feeds on anything that moves and has blood. He feeds once a week so that he can live amongst the humans. If he misses his meal, he just makes up for it. All he needs is one victim…only one. Kagai moved to Denham Springs because of the overpopulation of birds and rodents. Perfect for him. Kagai has had human before, but he stopped after the incident over four years ago. He promised himself he would never take away a person's life again….at least that's what he's been telling himself for years. His mind is then confused when a silver haired silver eyed girl comes. To him, her blood calls out to him. To him her blood smells amazingly sweet. He thinks how good her blood would taste on his tongue, in between his teeth. He tries to shake the thought out of his head and has decided to avoid the girl….that then becomes a problem when she wants to talk to him all the time.


A silver wolf peered through the trees of the forest. She saw cars passing through the dark, clear night, their lights shining brightly. She turned her head to the left and saw her destination: the town they called Denham Springs, but to the wolf it would now be called Home. The wolf looked at the forest and saw that it ended only two feet away from her. She cursed silently in her thoughts.

She then looked. Surely the humans were too busy to notice a wolf run through the town? Surely enough. The wolf than made her mind up and ran out the forest, her eight, white tails flowing behind her.

She tried hard to hide in the shadows, but she found that impossible with the road lights every ten feet. She hoped the humans would not notice her. She then came to a crossroad where stoplights sat. She saw a man, at least in his thirties, in a black truck. His window was open and he was talking on his cell phone about computers. Without thinking, the wolf stopped to listen to the man's conversation. She had seen computers, but never knew exactly what they were used for. She had been in isolation for centuries.

She learned a lot in the thirty seconds she listened. The stoplight just didn't want to change, but the man was in no hurry. It wasn't too late in going home. The man then turned and spotted the wolf. For a moment they stared into each other's eyes. The man's mouth was agape. The wolf could hear the person on the other end of the phone yelling the man's name. The wolf smiled and jumped onto the bridge above, leaving the man stunned and deeply confused.

She then smelt food. It had amazed her how humans ate by cooking their food. The wolf had always eaten her food raw. She saw the source of the smell. A building with a giant lighted yellow 'M' had smoke coming from a pipe. She jumped from side to side, avoiding anymore eyes of the humans. She hid behind the building, inhaling the aroma the building gave. It smelt wonderful and made the wolf hungrier than she was. She hadn't eaten for days. She worked on reaching her destination.

She wanted to walk in and taste some of the delicious food the building gave, but knew she couldn't. Food cost money, the item the wolf never understood. As far as the wolf knew, she had none of this money.

There was always the option of forcefully taking the food. The wolf shook her head and mentally slapped herself. That would draw attention. A giant silver and eight white tailed wolf barging into the building, stealing food? She nodded her head. Yep. Defiantly would draw attention.

The wolf than began to run down a road where few cars reigned. She turned left sharply, the road curving. She then met another stoplight, but did not care to stop. She turned left. The wolf was exhausted and hungry. She just wanted to reach her destination and fast. She ran quickly down the long road, passing gas stations and stoplights.

She then reached a building that read 'Crackle Barrel'. There was indeed a stoplight, but it only blinked red. She saw a small pharmacy, its light turned off, figurines by the windows. She turned right from the red stoplight, running down a deserted road.

She looked to her left to pass a neighborhood. Very small. When the neighborhood ended, there was an Elementary school. She passed a sign that said, 'Welcome, students, to Freshwater Elementary.' The wolf passed the school and looked ahead. She smiled. Up coming was a neighborhood. She saw a brick wall, with black letters that said, 'Meadow Wood Park'. She reached the neighborhood and turned right into it.

There were streetlamps, some turned off for unknown reasons. She passed the first street on her left. She then reached a second street and turned left into it. She looked on the right for a house. A certain house. Not the first….not the second….there it was. The third house on the right. On the outside it looked like any ordinary house.

But it wasn't. This house, the wolf heard, had been deserted for more than four years. Apparently, a little over four years ago, a mysterious murder came to the family of five. A murder had broken into the house and left marks on the victims' necks. There was no trace of blood, though the marks were deep in the skin. The family consisted of two parents, both in their late thirties. Than came a fourteen year old girl, a ten year old girl, and finally, a six year old boy.

When the five had not been seen out of their house for days, their neighbor, also friend, came in to see a window smashed and the back door wide open. She walked in and saw the family five in the living room, all day on the carpet, blood nowhere to be seen. There had been signs of resistance. The couch cushions were thrown everywhere, the rocking chair was broken slightly on the ground, and a large iron stick was by the head of the old father.

The woman had called the police and they came to check. They had doctors look at the five but they could find no evidence to their deaths. A funeral was held, the family all buried next to each other. Since no one knew exactly the days of their deaths, they put the day the neighbor found them on their tombstones. After mourning over the family, friends and family left. Two fourteen year old girls were hugging each other, crying over the lost of their best friend. They were the last to leave. The brown haired stopped, her eyes dark red with tears.

She called for her mourning friend's attention and pointed her to the tombstones. The friend did not want to be reminded again that her best friend since Pre-K was dead, but she looked and her eyes were staring in confusion. By the family five's tombstones was a teenager, no idea of what age. He carried five bouquets of flowers. He laid each one in front of the tombstones. He saved the last for the fourteen year old. It was a bouquet of white roses, different from the yellow roses he laid out over the others.

The boy slowly placed the white flowers in front of the girl's tomb. His black hair covered his dark brown eyes. He knelt to the tombstone, smiling, small tears in his eyes.

"I know they were your favorite," he said to the fourteen year old's tombstone.

He closed his eyes, the tears falling. He opened them and said, "Never again." He brushed his fingers on the name written on the tombstone. "I promise."

And that was all the wolf got from the town before. The two children did not know what to do. They told people and police found it suspicious. They had questioned the boy, but found no clear evidence that he murdered them. Besides, how would a teenage boy take out all five members, and leave no trace of blood?

The wolf shook her mind from the horrible thoughts she had, and walked to the house. She had heard that no one wanted to move into the house that held a mysterious murder. A woman, the mother of the family's sister, bought the house, so that no one would disturb her older sister's resting place. She never used it, but no one cared. They respected her and her family's wishes.

The wolf opened the unlocked door and walked into the house. It was surprisingly clean. She stood in the kitchen and walked into the living room. She sat on the carpet and shuddered slightly. The murder had happened there, but she was strong. She then noticed above the brown leather couch, three individual portraits. She looked to the left and saw a small girl smiling. She wore a beautiful pink dress along with a beautiful smile. She then looked on the far right and saw a young boy. He wore a small tux and a dazzling smile. She then looked in the middle. It was off a blonde haired blue eyed girl. She did not wear a smile, but the wolf could tell by the picture that it suited her and that the girl was happy. She was wearing a beautiful, bright blue dress.

The wolf felt a tear roll down her face and she shook it off. She then turned to the fireplace and looked above to see a giant picture. It had all three of the children. The oldest was holding a smaller version of the boy in her arms, while the younger girl had her head resting on the older's shoulder. The wolf could tell they were all younger than the previous three portraits. This time the oldest wore a smile. It was beautiful. They all looked truly happy in the picture.

The wolf sighed and yawned. She was tired and would look for food in the morning. She walked into the hallway. Three doors were opened. To the left was a small room, obviously the little boy's. The bed sheets were Thomas the Train. There was a small t.v and Star War's things everywhere. Above the bed, a picture of the boy and a man with black hair and glasses stood. He and the boy wore L.A Tech hats and smiles. Obviously the boy's father.

She saw that the middle room was actually a bathroom. She walked down the hall, passing a dryer and washing machine. She walked into the last room and saw that it was the girl's room. A large, wooden desk with a dusty computer lay. Pictures of the two siblings were on the desk. Also, pictures of the oldest and the two friends hugging were on it. The younger girl had pictures of her and small friends hung too.

The wolf turned and saw a large bed. She looked down and saw a large pull out. Obviously where the two slept. The top was covered in a silk blue sheet. There was a black pillow and a blue pillow. But something in the middle caught the wolf's attention. In the middle, a stuffed polar bear doll sat. It looked worn and old, but it gave a precious glow to the wolf. In front of the bear was a sheet of paper. It looked like it had just been dusted. The wolf walked up, placing her front paws on the bed.

She began to read the paper:

Whosoever reads this means that I have died of early age and someone has accepted my dying wish. My name is Katherine Elizabeth. As of right now, I am fourteen writing this. The only reason as to why I am writing this is because my one of my best friends has died of cancer. I realized that if I were to die at this age, I would like a request. I would like you to put this sheet of paper with this bear, the one who has been with me since birth. I want her to hold it forever as a reminder that she and I are the same. It is ridiculous to read this, coming from a teenager, but this bear is special. She was given to me by my grandfather, who died two months after I had been born so I never really knew him.

I could never sleep without this bear since kindergarten, when I found her and heard her tragic story. I would like, till the coming age of my brother and sister, whosoever gives birth first to a girl, that this bear, Bear-Bear, be given to the girl at birth. I want them to see that their passed away aunt will always be with them in heart. I want it to be a girl because deep down, even if they never knew them, girls mourn over the death of a family member. She might not mourn for me, considering if her mother or father tells the tale about me, but hopefully they would know that I loved them dearly and would take any hit for them.

I am now babbling. Ha-ha! But as I finish, I would like to say something about a special someone to me. He has black hair and dark brown eyes, and I love him. His name is Kagai. We met not long ago and he captured my heart. Kagai, you may say there are things that you would never want me to know about you, but I want you to know that I love you.

Please…whoever reads this, I want you to remember me as the girl who fought…secretly, I have kept this from my friends and I hope they forgive me, but I have cancer. No one told me what kind, but I hear my mother crying at night. I have felt pain and it hurts horribly. Please, person, remember that I fought, with Bear-Bear by my side.


Katherine Elizabeth

The wolf was in tears. She shook her head, the tears falling. She jumped onto the bed, her eyes on the polar bear. She yawned and laid her head next to the bear. She then closed her eyes, and, for the first time in a long time, fell into a peaceful sleep.

Present day (months later)

A girl with silver hair that trailed all the way down her back stared at the large school with her silver eyes. She clutched a black book and made sure the blue backpack on her shoulders was still hanging.

Students passed her, some bumping into her. Whether or not it was an accident, the girl could not tell.

The girl breathed in and said, "Alright, Daikou, you can do this." She exhaled and walked towards the school with the other students.

She then saw a brown haired girl with green eyes hidden behind glasses, drop three books.

"Dang it!" the brown head said. People passed by her, some boys snickering.

The girl bent down and picked two of them up. One of the three books skidded over to Daikou.

Daikou bent down and picked it up, holding it out for the girl.

"You dropped this," Daikou said, a smile on her face.

The brown haired girl looked up and smiled. She took the book and stood up.

"Thank you so much," she said, "I'm really glad there's at least one kind person."

Daikou smiled and laughed. The brown haired girl joined her. She then stopped and held out her hand.

"My name's Kari Ann Marsh, but you can call me Kari," the girl said.

Daikou smiled and took her hand. "My name's Daikou," she said shaking Kari's hand.

"Daikou," Kari repeated, "Nice name. Unique."

Kari then looked at Daikou's hair. She then stared into Daikou's eyes, her eyes widening.

"Your hair….and eyes!" Kari said.

Daikou blushed slightly, laughing.

"This? I've inherited it from my mother," Daikou said, "This may be abnormal to you, but it runs all the way in our family through the males and females."

Kari blinked. She then smiled and said, "Weird, but cool!"

The bell than rung.

"Oops I got math first," Kari said, beginning to walk.

Daikou walked by her side, saying, "Me too. Mrs. Dawson."

Kari smiled brighter and said, "Me too!"

Kari and Daikou walked into the room to see seniors already seated. Kari sat in the front. Daikou looked at her helplessly. There was only one seat left and it was all the way in the back. Kari flushed and mouthed 'Sorry'. Daikou smiled and walked to the back. She sat in the desk and immediately shivered. She felt as though someone was staring.

She turned and looked to her right. Staring at her was a black haired brown eyed boy. He wore a dark red shirt that showed his muscles and black cargo pants with chains. He glared at Daikou with hateful eyes. Daikou turned, blushing madly.

She placed her book on her backpack, that rested on the floor.

"Alright, class," said a female voice. Daikou looked up to see a rather skinny, blonde haired, hazel eyed woman. She looked to be in her early thirties.

"My name is Mrs. Dawson," the woman said. Daikou saw that she wore a long red dress that stuck to her beautiful body. Daikou saw some boys looking at her while she talked. Her back was turned and Daikou knew one thing. They weren't looking at her back.

Mrs. Dawson got back from writing a page number on the bored.

"Today will be practice from what you've learned from the passed at least first three years in high school," she said, "Page 395 numbers 1-30. I know it seems much, but trust me. We won't do too much hard work. This is just for me to see how much you know and how much I need to teach you."

A girl in the front with short black hair raised her hand.

Mrs. Dawson pointed to her and asked, "Yes?"

The girl spoke with a shy voice, "W-will this be graded for correctness."

Mrs. Dawson shook her head saying, "No, but if you just rush through it, not bothering to at least try I will assume you are stupid."

The class laughed. Daikou blinked and shrugged her shoulders, not caring to laugh. She noticed that the boy next to her did not laugh either. He just stared, or rather glared, at Daikou.

Daikou blushed and dug under her desk, pulling out the large blue math book. She then dug in her backpack and pulled out a sheet of paper. She then looked around for a pencil. She dug around more and groaned. She had left her pencils at home.

She then heard something fall to her desk. She turned to see a bright yellow pencil. She turned to the boy, only to see him digging in black backpack.

She stared at him as he pulled an exact replica of the pencil Daikou had just received.

"Th-thank you," Daikou managed to say.

The boy looked (glared) at her and turned back to his paper, the pencil moving over the paper.

"Alright," Mrs. Dawson said, "Please begin working while I call role. Robert Albertson."

"Here," said a male voice.

Daikou then drowned out her voice and began working quickly on the problems. She smiled. Easy work for her.

She had quickly worked to problem #12 when Mrs. Dawson said, "Kagai Tetsu."

"Here," said the boy next to Daikou.

She turned and widened her eyes. His voice was deep and melodic. It may have been filled with no emotion, but Daikou's heart began to race when he spoke that one word. Mrs. Dawson looked at him and smiled.

"Alright," she said, looking down, writing on the clipboard in front of her.

Daikou continued to stare at him while Mrs. Dawson called other students' names.

Kagai noticed and glared at her.

"What?" he asked.

Daikou blushed said, "N-nothing." She turned back to her work and began writing.

Kagai?: Daikou thought: It can't be that boy that she wrote about, could it? Kagai isn't a really common name, so maybe….

Daikou's eyes widened: Wait! The old women back in O'Neal said that a black haired brown eyed boy visited the family's tombstones!

Daikou peeked at Kagai, who was moving his pencil against the paper.

Daikou thought: Katherine did mention that she loved him. They did say that a boy with black hair and dark brown eyes laid white roses by her tombstone and said that he knew they were her favorite! It would make perfect since if it was Kagai! But…what would Kagai mean by, 'Never again' and then 'I promise'? Also, why would the police suspect Kagai of murder? He looks like a normal teenager to me.

Daikou sighed.

"Daikou?" Mrs. Dawson called.

Daikou looked up, raised her hand, and said, "Here!"

Mrs. Dawson looked at her, as did half the class. Daikou blushed.

Mrs. Dawson looked at the clipboard then at Daikou.

"Daikou," Mrs. Dawson said, "There's no last name."

Daikou flushed and said, "I-I don't have one, Mrs. Dawson."

Mrs. Dawson smiled and wrote on the clipboard, saying, "Alright. Making sure the school didn't make a mistake. Wouldn't be the first time."

Daikou smiled.

She then turned to her paper and finished #30. Daikou stood up, her paper in her hands.

She walked to Mrs. Dawson's desk and handed her the paper.

Mrs. Dawson's eyes widen and she asked, "You're done already? But we've only been in class for 10 minutes."

Daikou blushed and said, "I just really get this stuff."

Mrs. Dawson kindly took the paper and examined it. She said, "Hopefully you just didn't write answers because-"

Mrs. Dawson's eyes widened.

She looked up at Daikou.

She whispered something Daikou couldn't hear.

"Excuse me?" Daikou asked kindly.

Mrs. Dawson said, "These are all correct. Right down to the shown worked."

Daikou blushed.

She then turned and walked back to her desk, leaving Mrs. Dawson to fall into her chair, staring at Daikou's paper.

Daikou sat in her desk, ignoring the staring eyes of her classmates.

She laid her head down and thought: So much for trying to blend in.

End of School day

"Daikou! Daikou!" Kari called, running after Daikou.

Daikou stopped and turned. She smiled.

"Hey, Kari," she said.

Kari caught up to her, panting.

"Damn, Daikou, why didn't you tell me?" Kari nearly shouted.

Daikou blinked and asked, "Tell you what?"

Kari smiled and slapped Daikou's arm playfully. She said, "That you're a math wiz! Everyone is already talking about it! I could really use your help. I'm not the brightest in Math."

Daikou blushed and said, "If you need help, Kari, I'd be glad to help you."

Kari smiled and said, "Good. Can I stop by your house and work on the homework with you?"

Daikou tensed.

"Um I'm already finished, Kari," Daikou said, "And I have chores to do."

Kari's cheerfulness vanished.

"Oh, ok," Kari said.

She then smiled and asked, "What did you do to Kagai?"

Daikou looked at her and asked, "Excuse me?"

Kari rolled her eyes, her shoulders shrugging. She said, "Well considering the fact that Kagai was staring at you with pure hatred and detest I'm considering you did something."

Daikou smirked and said, "Well you've considered wrong. I've done nothing but say thank you when he gave me a pencil. Which reminds me…."

Daikou took out the loaned pencil and looked around. She then spotted the black haired boy, his hands in his pockets, walking down the sidewalk.

Daikou ran, waving goodbye to Kari. "Bye, Kari!" she said, "See you tomorrow!"

Kari waved back, smiling.

Daikou ran towards Kagai, who was walking slowly down the sidewalk.

She caught up to him and yelled, "Kagai!"

Kagai stopped and tensed.

Daikou ran in front of him panting.

Kagai's black bangs covered his dark eyes, making him look more sinister than necessary.

"What?" he asked rather coldly.

Daikou panted, holding the pencil out.

"This…this is yours," she said through breaths.

Kagai looked at the pencil than at Daikou. His nose twitched slightly. He then tensed more.

He walked passed her, brushing slightly against her shoulders.

"Keep it," he said.

He then walked down the sidewalk again, leaving Daikou to stare. She sighed. She then smiled. She ran past him into the trees.

Kagai stared at her, interested.

Daikou hid behind a tree, looking around, making sure no one could see her. She then closed her eyes and breathed in deeply…..

"What are you doing?" Kagai asked, appearing by her side.

Fangs retracting, Daikou jumped, staring at him startled.

"N-nothing!" Daikou squeaked.

Kagai stared at her, as though he didn't buy it. He sniffed the air, his nose twitching.

Daikou blushed and ran passed him.

"I have to get home," she said, running deeper into the forest, trying to get away from Kagai's eyes.

She panted, running behind a tree. She turned to see Kagai in the same spot she left him in. She sighed with relief. She closed her eyes again and breathed in deeply. She exhaled, and it began.

Her body began changing. Large fangs grew out of her mouth. Her body changed more, silver fur taking over her body. Eight white tails then sprung out from behind. When she finished, Daikou was an eight tailed wolf. She smiled and ran from behind the tree down the road.

Kagai watched as Daikou ran. His eyes were widened.

He thought: That couldn't be her. Could it? She did have fangs when I startled her….Maybe….Maybe she's like me.


Daikou turned into the Meadow Wood Park neighborhood, careful to avoid eyes. She ran to the second street, to the third house. She ran quickly to the back door and changed back into a human. She looked around and walked into the house. She had learned to use electricity but not too much. The aunt came by every month. The city wanted to turn the house's power off, but the aunt refused to let them.

She said she had to keep the bear cool. Daikou was grateful for the aunt, but knew that if she was caught there, she would be in some serious trouble. Daikou walked to the back right room and closed the door.

She lied on the bed, careful not to move the polar bear or paper. She reached the remote and turned on the t.v.

A/N: So how is it? This story is inspired by Rikku. She's known as something else on here, but I call her Rikku. I hope this story isn't too bad. I just really wanted to type this. Well please tell me how it is! Props to you, Rikk-oka-san! :D