Part 2!

The next day Jaime was walking up the street with her big black golden retriever cross, Macky! The mid aged dog happily pranced at her side, panting to his heart's content as Jaime kept her mind on other things.

Hi Jaime! two girlish voices called from the far distance.

Jaime snapped out of her trance and looked up to where she was going only to see Hannah and Amber, two girls that Jaime wasn't to pleasantly fond of, but no matter on how she looked at it she had to be polite.

Hi guys Jaime called as the two girls came towards her.

Hey Jaime? was that you I saw walking up near my place last night? Amber asked.

Yeah it was me, I was on my way to Sherry's Jaime replied.

Why didn't you take the trail? Sherry lives up near the rec center which is at the other end of it Hannah suggested.

Jaime seemed a bit embarrassed by the truth but she had to tell them, for their safety as well. I didn't take the trail because of the Black Shadow Wolf Jaime answered.

Both girls looked at Jaime in bewilderment. Amber smiled sarcastically Yeah, sure she said.

Hannah leaned in to whisper something to Amber I thought that shadow wolf thing was a myth

Who cares lets just leave before she starts to freak me out Amber said.

Hannah and Amber waved as they continued in the opposite direction that Jaime was going in.

Jaime watched doubtfully as they walked off in laughter. She felt a cold wet nose nudge her hand gently. Jaime looked down at the dog They don't believe me Macky she said.

Macky looked in the direction that Hannah and Amber left, then he whined.


Sean rubbed his eyes tiredly as he hung up the phone. He had just finished talking with Hannah, and before that, Amber. Each one had the same thing to say. Your friend is nuts!

Sean couldn't believe it, What was up with her? It was that moment that Sean knew what had to be done. If Jaime didn't cut the act by tomorrow he was going to have to make the most painful decision of his life. Sean was going to have to stop befriending Jaime.

12:14 a.m.

Jaime stood in the middle of the park all clad in black. It was shortly after midnight and North Vancouver had hit a deadly state of silence which could make even the bravest man shutter in fear.

Jaime stood stiller than a statue, an angry expression plastered to her face as she stared into the light of the full moon. Then off in the distance a lonely howl broke the deadly silence.

1:00 p.m. the next day

SEAN PHONE! Sean's mother yelled from downstairs.

Upstairs, Sean moaned from under his covers. Don't people know it's cruel and inhuman to wake someone up before three? he asked himself.

Slowly Sean was able to drag his lazy ass out of bed and some how manage to throw himself down the stairs and pick up the phone. Sean answered groggily.

Hi Sean, It's Allison

At that point Sean was awake. Allison, how did you get my phone number? Sean asked.

Allison said.

And how did Parisa get my phone number?

Just then Sean heard a voice in the background From my school planner!

Sean sighed What do you want? he asked; about ready to hang up.

It's about Jaime Allison replied.

Sean's full attention was now caught. What about her?

I think she's gone bonkers. She told us about this Shadow Wolf creature that haunted the trails and to stay out of them. Allison told him.

Sean sighed once more Okay I'll deal with it but don't phone me ever again, Goodbye and he hung up.

Now Sean had to make a choice, but in truth he already knew the answer. He just didn't want to admit it to himself.

later that day Sean, Justin, Hannah, Amber, Lindsey, and Caralyn all stood outside of Sean's door. They were going to a ravine near their school. Just then Sean spotted Jaime skipping down, happily minding her own business.

Hey Jaime come here! Sean called.

Jaime ran down towards the small group. She stopped sort of Sean and the others, grinning from ear to ear.

Hey Jaime, come to the ravine with us Sean said.

Jaime's expression turned from happy to fright. But what about the Shadow Wolf?

At that point Sean had had all he could take. Jaime that's it! This shadow dog crap has gone on long enough and frankly I've had it up to here with it. Now you either tell these people that you're just lying or I'm calling the nut house and sticking you in it!

But I'm telling you the truth Jaime insisted.

That's it! Sean yelled Get out of my face. I don't want to see you anymore. Get out of here!

Sean could see a glimmer of tears in Jaime's eyes as she turned around and ran the other way, back into her house. But unnoticed to Jaime and the others, Sean himself was fighting back his own sadness and trying to keep a strong front with every last ounce of will power he had.


The screams of laughter ran through the air as Lindsey, Caralyn, Amber, Hannah, Justin, and Sean all played happily among the ravine. They had hiked further than before and were no where near the school of civilization.

Sean, Lindsey, and Caralyn were up in the trees while the others ran around below them playing a rough game of tag. Sean himself wasn't interested in doing anything, he was thing; wondering if what he did to Jaime was right. She must have seen something or else she would have dropped the story long ago.

Bye Guys, see you later Caralyn shouted as her and Lindsey left left for home.

Sean and the others yelled.

Hey, is there a washroom around here? Amber shouted.

Sean shook his head Nope, you'll have to use the bushes he yelled from his perch above.

Amber shook her head and moaned. Suddenly a horrible stench crawled through the air. Sean waved his and in front of his face Jesse Amber, we didn't need to know that you had to go that badly. What are you trying to do, kill the whole forest?

That wasn't me! Amber declared angrily as she walked away.

She made her way through the trees and heavy brush, she wanted to be as far away form the others as possible. Occasionally she looked back to make sure that no one was following her, Finally she stopped.

Amber stretched and yawned slightly, then slowly reached for the button on her jeans, but then suddenly the smell came back and this time in force. Amber quickly covered her nose and took a step forward to investigate.


Amber had stepped in something. She looked down to see that she had stepped in some chunky red liquid stuff, it was dripping from above. Slowly Amber turned her gaze up into the trees, then she screamed.


Sean jumped down from the branch he was sitting on as the screaming Amber came running back through the bushes. Quickly the group tried to calm down the hysterical girl.

Amber what's wrong? they asked, but Amber couldn't speak without screaming or crying.

Come on, lets go find out what Amber saw Sean said as he lead the group off into the direction that Amber had came from.

It wasn't long before they reached the spot were Amber was earlier, and immediately they saw why Amber had freaked out because up in one of the trees tree, not even ten feet from the ground, was the dead body of a young girl known well to them all. Parisa!

Her lifeless body hung from a branch by her stomach which had been forcibly ripped open and now she looked like a dead farm animal hanging from a meat processors hook.

Parisa's head was dangling from her body by a small piece of skin, and her arms and legs had been nearly stripped of all the skin and muscle. And to finish it, her feet and hands looked like they had been chewed right off.


The branch that held the corpse finally gave way under all of the dead weight and the body came crashing down landing smack at Amber's feet. Amber screamed in horror and her voice rang though out the quiet woods. At that point Hannah threw up on the dead body, this only made it more sickening and she threw up again.

Suddenly the group heard a sound; they looked in front of them to have a horrible sight meet their eyes because there in a pile were ten or twenty corpses, all neatly stacked thrown into a pile. And there, sitting in the midst of the bloody graveyard was the mystical Shadow Wolf, cruelly laughing as an insane animal would.

Sean was stunned, how could one creature be so sick as to laugh at the bloody suffering it had caused?

Finally the wolf stopped laughing as it picked up the new living sent in the air. Turning around to meet its new victims, Sean was stunned by the ferocity and viciousness he felt when he looked through the wolf's hungry eyes, the eyes of a merciless killer.

The wolf's jet black fur coat and glowing blue eyes stuck fear into the hearts of the children. The wolf grinned evil at them, then it reached down into its collection' and pulled out a familiar face, literally! The wolf had pulled out the head of Mr. Mason, a teacher that had given Sean and Jaime enough trouble over the past years.

The wolf set the head nicely on top of the pile and then it dug deeper into the pile and fished out yet another familiar person. Allison. Her eyes had been gnawed from their sockets by the wolf's sharp teeth. All her limbs were gone and the insides of her stomach were gone too.

Allison's body stuck up from the pile of dead bodies like a lifeless jack-in-the-box. Then, the wolf sized up her neck and with one big bite, the wolf snapped Allison's head clean off her shoulders.

The wolf placed the head next to Mason's, then it swiftly turned around and with a mighty kick it sent Allison's head flying Hannah, who in turn just threw up again. Another kick and Mason's head flew straight at Sean. The kids freaked, and the wolf just sat on top of its pile laughing as if it had just played the world's best joke.

The girls were in absolute tears but the boys held a strong front, they were not going to be intimidated by this twisted minded creature. The wolf stopped laughing and then focused it's gaze apon the wolf's leader, Sean!

Skillfully it jumped down from its thrown and approached the boy. Everyone was frozen on the spot as the black wolf stopped and gazed apon Sean. But suddenly the wolf let out a thunderous roar of pain and it pawed it's nose.

The wolf howled howled once more, not so much from pain as from anger, and with another gigantic roar it spun around to face a trembling Hannah who had thrown a stone at it. For a split second there was absolute silence as everyone held their breath, then the infuriated wolf bounded at Hannah, that was everyone's cue to scram.

The kids ran back through the trails, but as they did, Hannah's pleading screams for help hollered through the brush; the wolf had found its first victim.

Soon the kids stopped to catch their breaths, Amber was in tears for the lose of her friend. Just then the wolf's howl, haunting and melancholy rang through the childrens' ears, and along with it came the wolf.

Amber move away! Sean yelled.

Amber only had time to look back to see the oncoming white fangs charge at her face.


Another helpless victim, Amber, was cleaved into two neat quivering halves.

Sean and Justin could barely watch as the wolf tore Amber's limbs from their sockets, sleeves still in tact. The wolf drew back only moments to admire it's handiwork.

Turning its head to meet Sean's gaze head on, it approached them with a satisfied spring in its step. At that point the boys did a 1-80 and ran like mad, but it was no good as only moments later they found themselves face to face with the wolf.

What foolishness.

In a mock scolding manner it shook its head at them, and Sean was suddenly very frightened.

It was as intelligent as a human being

It had known which people to kill, in what order, and it knew how sarcasm could work to its advantage.

The wolf turned its gaze at Justin, then the powerful dog brought the poor clumsy boy down with one blow. The wolf wrapped it's huge jaws around the struggling boy's throat, and with one giant yank it ripped it open letting Justin's blood shoot five feet into the air and rain down onto the wolf.

The wolf's heart was torn between sadness and joy. It had lost a friend, and it had lost a terrible foe, but which role of his victim had been the stronger of the two?

The shadow wolf threw back its head and laughed joyously at the heavens above.

Sean shook his head, this wolf was entirely different, it acted out of pure evil. People dead, families destroyed, and though it should have cared it didn't. Then the wolf felt pleasure as it slowly turned to the one single boy that stood in front of him. Finally, it had discovered the cause of it's forest rampage, finally it had direction.

With a low rumble of laughter in its throat, the wolf approached the boy. Suddenly Sean ran and the wolf let out one of its haunting howls. A game of cat and mouse would make its day.

Sean ran like mad through the tree and the brush. He ran up into the streets and past the schools and down towards Mosquito Creek Park. Finally Sean saw the stairs that would lead him into the lower part of the park and all the way to home. But just then, someone pushed him and Sean went tumbling down into the brush.

Sean could tell just by the impact, that it was a person that had pushed him down in there, but as he slowly opened his eyes, his worst nightmare stood before him. The black shadow wolf.

Sean was frightened, the creature wasn't even tired! No, instead it just stood there chuckling evilly. It would be so easy to tear Sean to scraps in the next instant, but it waited. It wanted to see Sean suffer.

Finally the agonized screams of that one boy who, in two long seconds, felt what it was like to be the hunted, filled the air.

As for the wolf

Rage. At first it felt nothing but pure, hot, and uncontrolled rage as the wolf tore at Sean's lower left thigh. Sean screamed in pain as it felt the wolf's razor sharp teeth pierce through his skin and chew at his bones.

Then Sean could hear the wolf's teeth scrap and gnaw away at his scull, as his last thoughts ran through his head.

Sean wished he could have apologized to Jaime, he wished he could of made it up for his mistake by letting her go, but it was to late now as the wolf made its final blow.
Without second thought, it jabbed its nose through Sean's stomach and ripped out his intestines.

Blood! Sean's cold, arrogant, black blood spilled at the wolf's feet. Just then a figure of a young girl dressed in black with a red and black hawks' hat on, emerged from the bush. The wolf stood up and calmly walked over next to the girl, then it sat obediently at her side.

Stroking the dog's head with one hand, the girl examined the body from her standing point. She shook her head pitifully at the dead body before her.

Poor bastered She replied.

She looked back down at the wolf who looked back up at her, licking its lips. The girl smiled. Good work Macky Jaime said and she turned and walked away with the dog happily walking at her side.

or is it?