A young woman carrying a baby walks into a lone gas station. She was battered and bruising around her face and she was limping. Lily MacGowan walked into the bathroom. Gently dabbing the blood off her face with one hand, Lily looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't look to bad considering she fought a good portion of a werewolf pack. Yeah. All for a baby that her father had spawned with his vamp wife. Not feeling but looking better she walked out of the bathroom.

"Hey! Are you going to be alright?" asked a guy at the counter. Lily glanced at him, then started prowling the aisles. He had to be about twenty-one and probably a bigmouth. She got herself a java and a bottle of Advil. She set it on the counter and fished around in her pocket for her wallet.

"I'll be okay," she smiled "If I don't get some deadly disease from that bathroom." He gave a little nervous smile and she could tell he was unconvinced. Time to put two years of drama into practice. "OH! That would have been bad. Can you go check the bathroom for my cell phone for me?" He nodded and walked away. Lily laid a twenty on the counter and walked out as quickly as her bad leg would let her.

Once outside and past the windows. Lily transformed into her vampire shape. Shit that was a lot harder than it's suppose to be. When you transform it is suppose to be fluid. Due to her injuries it was jagged and took a little longer then necessary. Oh hell, what have I gotten myself into. Lily's majestic wings lifted her off into the night carrying the baby whose birth caused so much carnage.

Five Years Later…

"What would you like to drink tonight?" Lily asked finishing wiping of the counter. The ten guys she was speaking to had just walked in and were leering at all the pretty girls in sight. One or two were looking at her but one looked drunk and the other had a weird look in his eyes.

"Heeey, baby. I wouldn't mind drinking you." The slurred words confirmed her thoughts on the guy. Lily cocked her head with a soft smile.

"Sorry I'm out of stock, but I can order me for you and I'll be hear in a couple of weeks. Until then is there a substitute I can get you." A couple of the guys heard he smart ass remark and gave her a surprised stare. Lily cocked her head to the other side and lifted her eyebrows at them. Men! Just because their handsome they automatically think women should shut up and spread their legs! Jerks.

The guy that had been giving her a weird vibe walked over. The guy was devishly good looking she had to give him that. Black hair and he had to be six-eight. Judging by the expensive looking clothes he was also well off financially. Maybe, if she played her cards right, she could leave tonight with a couple twenties lining her pockets.

"To bad you don't have a bottle of you laying around somewhere in the back. I bet you'd taste wonderfully." His wonderfully deep voice sent goose bumps down her arms. The good ones not the ones you get when you're creeped out. She laughed quietly deciding that a man whose voice could turn her on was too dangerous to play with.

"Too, bad you'll never find out." She glanced at the clock on her cell phone. "I'm only here for another fifteen minutes then my friend will be back and I'll be gone. Could have been fun." Too bad your too dangerous for me, she added silently.

"Just because your friend comes back you have to leave?" Yeah why does she have to go home? Damn, she was almost gave in. If only his voice wasn't so damn sexy. Time to get him to back off. Glancing over his shoulder his friends that hadn't got a girl were watching with interest.

"Maybe, I just want to get home to my daughter?" He looked her up and down.

"You don't have a daughter." That statement clear and certain made her realize what he was. A vampire. She immediately put a blocker on her aura and emotions. He seemed surprised at that. She leaned forward getting in his face.

"Then you should know that I don't play around," she said softly through clenched teeth. "When a girl gives you every reason to back off it's a good idea to take one." The door opened and Mark the guy she was covering for walked in. Lily got her jacket and purse without saying a word.

She was about to walk out the door when she turned around. "By the way my daughter's name is Emily Caroline, and she's five years old." Lily turned on her heal and left she smiled when she heard Mark chuckling.