Oh Boy!

Violet emerged from the girls washroom, with her raven hair tied in a pony tail, a gray t-shirt that was fitting but still a little baggy, oversized dark blue cotton tie up pants, and white ankle socks. She didn't like to show her body even if it was curvy and voluptuous hour glass figure. She had her reasons. She picked up her school bag and placed her uniform and such inside. She swung it over her shoulder, grabbed her school shoes, and headed towards the door. She turned around to look if any of the girls saw her and found her friend Aora looking sleepily at her. Violet put her index finger in front of her lips and Aora nodded and fell back to sleep. Violet silently slipped out of the Nedrum Academy dormitories.

She walked down the dark silent hallways of Ruxul, her socked feet padded lightly against the large black and white checkered floor. She didn't dare put her shoes on. If she did, one of the night guards would hear her and send her to the headmaster. And from a past experience, he was not a kind man. She made her way from the northern part of the Ruxul castle to the western part, creeping in the shadows and slipping behind statues. She walked down the stone spiral staircase that led up to the Nedrum dormitories, at the end of the stairs stands a night guard. She soundlessly takes a rubber ball from her pocket and throws it down the hallway away from the path she wanted to take. BOING. BOING. BOING. The night guards head snapped in that direction and he stiffly followed after the sound. She quickly ran down the hallway and turned a sharp right.

She continued on down the hallway and down another spiral staircase. She turned left then right and then another right until she came to a hallway with a dead end. It was an abandoned hallway, eerie and deathly quiet. She made her way down to the end of the hallway towards the last room, an old abandoned classroom. Her hand grasped the cold as death door knob and twists it open.

The room was dark, cold, and had a faint musty smell. She didn't mind, she was used to it by now. Like with her shoes, she didn't dare light a lamp. She made her way to the teacher's desk, which was put in the far corner in front of a huge map of the world Efil, and she put her stuff down. The chairs and desks were cleared away years ago leaving a huge open space in the middle of the room. She stood in the middle of it with her legs shoulder width apart and her hands curled up in fists at her waist.

She took in a deep breath and an image of the man in the black mask appeared before her. She screamed and threw her right arm at the man's face. He vanished into thin air and appeared next to her. She pretended to elbow his side and threw a left punch. She did a series of combos pretending that they were causing significant damage. Left, Right, Jab, Uppercut, Kick. He vanished and was behind her. She did a sidekick and he flies to the other end of the room. She did several back flips, a round off, and a complicated butterfly kick to his head. She was helpless back then, and she never wanted to be helpless ever again! She continued punching and kicking the air for quite a while and the sky outside turned a lighter shade of blue. He appeared before her one last time. She kicked his chest and he fell backward, but quickly got up. She delivered a series of hard hitting kicks. She stood back and delivered one last butterfly kick and his image disappeared like a puff of smoke.

She's deeply breathing and her gray shirt had little dark spots of sweat. A few strands of her hair fell into her face. Her figure was silhouetted against the bluish white light from the window. She sat down next to the teacher's desk and leaned the back of her head against it. She's tired and didn't have any water with her. She held onto the gold ring necklace and an image of her father seemed to appear next to her. He was smiling and his deep chocolate eyes were bright. She leaned into his shoulder only to find that he's disappeared. Never to return again. Only in her dreams. Only in her nightmares. She became sad at that thought and began humming a silly little song called, 'ho hum, the squirrels!' her father would sing to her when she was little. She slowly drifted off to sleep, her head leaning against the desk.

"Hey! Wake up Sleeping Beauty!" a cheerful male voice said, shaking Violet's shoulders. She slowly opened her eyes and found her best friend Nugen Jukes, staring down at her.

"I knew I'd find you here. Aora said that you had another nightmare and snuck out," he took a seat next to her on the dusty floor, "Was it the same one?" She stretched her arms above her head and nodded while yawning.

"Whew! Girl, you need a mint!" Nugen declared making a face like he smelled rotten fish and wafting the air. She giggled and blew another pungent morning breath scent in his face.

"Stop that!" he said annoyed, scooting an inch away from her, "You reek!" It was true, Violet hadn't take a shower yet and she had dried sweat from her workout and nightmare.

"Yeah well, I planned on showering after my workout, but I fell asleep," she said grabbing her bag down from the table and sitting it on her lap. She took out her cat-eyeglasses and placed them on the bridge of her nose. She continued to rummage through the articles until she found a little blue bottle. The bottle had on the front of it gold curly letters on a blue label that read 'Rizzler' and beneath it, in playful looking white block letters that read, 'Waker Shakers'. She shook the bottle until it turned purple and she downed it in one gulp. She winced at the sour but sweet aftertaste.

"Another one?" he asked taking in his friends paler than usual composure and droopy bags under dark rimmed eyes. She nodded her head in reply and placed the empty bottle back in her bag. He sighed.

"You've got to start sleeping!" he said his clear blue water eyes meeting her greens, "It's unhealthy!" she shrugged and looked away. She stood up and placed her bag over her shoulder and grabbed her shoes.

"You've got to get rid of these nightmares! I hate having to come by here and wake you up. The night guards might be suspicious of me and...you know! Send me up to the headmaster!" Her back was to him as he stood up. She turned her head to the side as if she were hearing a far off tune.

"I know...but...I can't," she said in a low voice, "You don't understand...No one understands." Her head hung low as she stood there. Nugen's face fell and he walked over to her and hugged her from behind, his arms encircling her stomach.

"C'mon now, don't say that. I mean how long have I known you for? Hm?"

"Since the beginning of Minor School."

"See! Don't say that I don't understand I-"

"-No, you don't understand! It's hard… It hurts… to be reminded constantly that I am the reason my father's dead! It hurts to know that I will never hear my mother's voice or see her beautiful face again. It hurts to know that I can't get close to anyone because I'm afraid. Afraid they will hurt me or take what ever I have left. So don't say that you know because you really don't!" she snapped. Her voice trembled as she tried to hold back tears. Nugen sighed, she was right after all. He didn't understand her emotional problems, but he's trying his best to get her through it. He put his chin on top of her head and started rocking her side to side.

"You know what you need?"


"A boyfriend," he said bluntly. She pushed him off her and looked wildly at him and a wave of confusion set in.

"BUT YOU'RE GAY!" she said giving a little confused smile.

"I know that! And how dare you think I would even suggest myself!" he retorted, "I just figured that having a boyfriend and all will help you get over these damn nightmares and well, help you move on. And hey, maybe you'll even dress like a girl!" She glared at him through two narrow slits. He put his hands on her shoulders and leaned his forehead against hers.

"What do you say? Huh?" She looked reluctant, "just try it." She was quiet for a moment her thoughts were running through her head. It would give her much needed sleep and make her stop taking those Waker Shakers. Then again, the thought of having a boyfriend is what caused her to have nightmares in the first place. She would dream about a boy and then it would turn into the man in the black mask, then there was no more boy just a memory playing over and over again.

Nugen looked at her patiently waiting for her reply. She looked at him, his pale olive skin clashed with his white collared long-sleeved shirt with his collar pinned with an elaborate 'N' for Nedrum, their academy. He had on a black waistcoat with a silver chain hanging from its button to his pocket, a matching frock coat with the school's emblem of a Lefor, a large bird of fire, black slacks, and shoes.

She sighed. "Okay...I'll do it," she said in an annoyed and regretful tone. He smiled and enveloped her in a bear hug.

"Thank You!" he said in a sing-song voice. She couldn't breathe and so she socked him in the side and he let go.

Just then the door to the empty classroom opened up and two people tumbled in, their clothes almost unraveled and they were snogging each other senseless up against the door. The girl opened her eyes and saw the two friends who were already inside. Her eyes went wide and she stopped kissing which made her partner turn around. It was Dimitri Haran, the pompous son of the headmaster, Malabar Haran. The girl was a pretty freshman that Violet didn't know. Dimitri gave a trademark smirk and his midnight blue eyes sparkled with disgust.

"Aw, I didn't know the fag liked girls!" he mocked while running a hand through his disheveled dark silver hair. He stopped short, "Wait! I forgot! You're not a girl!" He mocked while pointing at Violet and laughing. The girl at the door laughed too. Violet sent death glares to both of them.

"For your information Haran, we were here first!" Violet said through her teeth trying really hard not to shout.

"Well, now I'm here. So get out you poor savage pion boy!" he smirked and she lunged forward like a cheetah striking it's prey. Nugen held her arm. Haran stepped back amused and he put his hands out and made a 'come here' sign, challenging her some more. She regained composure and shrugged her arm from Nugen's grip. She never took her hate filled eyes off Dimitri.

"Is it savage for us to save people from the likes of you? Is it savage for us Pions to keep the world at peace? Hm?" She said in a low voice that steadily rose. Dimitri stood there watching her with an amused smirk plastered on his face. Violet's eyes were a darker shade of green.

"Savage? I'll tell you what's savage! You sir are savage! You the Fremik are a Savage! Persecuting people who aren't like you! Killing those who don't submit to you! And still you continue taking from those who have already suffered!" Her green eyes were on the verge of tears and her voice was raised to a shouting level. Nugen was taken aback and Dimitri's smirk faded from his face.

"Well…I say! That's quite inappropriate behavior coming from lower class filth! I'll just have to consult with my father about this matter." Violet never lost composure and she just stood there glaring. "Let me just say, that when my father hears that it's one of you Kerr's he'll be happy to get rid of you and your brothers. You know, delete the incomplete. If I were you, I would bow down like a good little Nedrum and apologize for that little speech." He placed his smirk back on his face. Violet's jaw was clenched so tightly one could hear the enamel of her teeth starting to crumble.

Violet bowed her arms at her side and her face halfway to the floor. "I'm sorry," she said her voice laced with venom. She hated it. She hated him. But what could she do? She didn't care if she died, but what about her brothers? They deserve a chance at life or a chance to make good in this world. She didn't want to lose them even if her life was being taken as well. There was a loud beat of silence where the two enemies just stared at each other. Nugen began to feel uncomfortable and he broke the silence.

"C'mon Vi, uh...classes are about to start!" He led her towards the door. She brushed past Dimitri hitting his shoulder on the way out. He turned and looked after Violet in fake Shock.

"Now look what she's done!" he complained to the girl, "That boy dirtied one of my best clothes! Oh! Well, I'll just have to burn these!"

"Arrogant Bastard! I hate him! I hope one of his father's henchmen rapes him! Then he'll have something to complain about! Instead of trying to making me look like a fool!" Violet angrily muttered while walking down the hallway with Nugen at her side. He put an arm around her.

"Calm down. Calm down," he said in a motherly tone, "You just need a cold little shower and you'll be fine." She sighed and leaned into him. There was a risk she took back there. Haran could easily tell his father what she said confirming there were pions at this school, and she plus the rest of Nedrum academy would be persecuted, probably even killed. He could still do it regardless of the little bow and apology Violet had to perform.

She hated the Fremiks with a passion. They were ruthless conquerors from the West lands and Violet was just one of their many victims. They took everything from her. Her parents, her innocence, a chance at a normal life. They conquered everything and anything they could find, including this school. Oh yes, she was a Pion. Pions were the ones to try to save those suffering from the Fremiks harsh cruelties and try to keep the world at peace. Her parent's were Pions and they fought dearly for the cause. Sadly, they and many other Pions failed to stop them. Now, Violet is here…surrounded by those that kill the innocent and shatter the weak. Worst part is, she can't do anything about it. At least not at school she can.

They headed towards the girls locker room, on the floor above them. Nugen caught sight of a poster on the wall that advertised for the upcoming school's masquerade ball. His thought's returned to the conversation in the room before they were so rudely interrupted.

"So...Vi," she looked up, "who do you have in mind?"


"For a boyfriend?"

"Oh. Well, there is this one guy." She started to blush. That was a first for Nugen. She never blushed! The closest thing to a blush was when she's mad or when she exercised and her face becomes red. Another thing, since when did she have an interest for a guy? Nugen became very interested on who this guy was.

"And his name is...?"

"Liam. Liam Drissel. He's my brother's friend." Nugen stopped short in the hallway.

"NO. WAY," he said shock overcoming his facial features, "Isn't he the hot one with nice bod and cute ass?"

"There are a lot of hot ones with the nice bod and cute ass. Be specific!"

"Uh.. Hazelnut eyes and jet black hair?"

"Yup!" They started walking again.

"Woah! Nice pick."

"Thank you!" Her mood had lifted with the conversation, "I spent some time with him and my brother over the summer. We're actually making progress. He's already got like a thousand members for his Pion army. Soon enough, we can get back at the Fremiks and give them hell for what they put us through," she sighed. "He's a sort of hero amongst the people. Maybe he could be the hero that rescues me from my dreams." Her cheeks were a light pink with the thought of him being with her.

"A hero huh?"

"Yes, A hero."

"Oh. Then this will start off very simple." She cocked her head and quirked an eyebrow.

"Really? Do tell." They stopped in front of the locker rooms.

"Well, in order to catch a 'hero' you will need to be squeaky clean! Now get in there!" He pushed her into the doors of the girls locker room, "A sweaty, stinky, pungent breath, insomniac, isn't going to appeal much to a hero. So rub a dub dub, splish splash, or whatever the hell you do in there."

He continued to push her into the shower room. There was nobody in the locker rooms or shower rooms, so he was safe. He closed the shower room door only to open it enough to stick his head in.

"I'll see you at lunch. And please eat something before you do anything! Fighting and learning often drains the body and you my friend are almost down to zero! Can't have a boyfriend with no body!" She threw her shoe at him and he closed the doors before it could smash his lovely face.