+Mistress of Eternity+

dress silence not upon my skin

Dress silence not upon my skin
let not such tainted flesh be thin
let it be pure
perfumed with sin
beseeched upon belov├Ęd kin.

Pour darkness not upon my lips
let not this tongue obey these ships
not anchor cast
upon these shores
lest I forget the taste of yours.

Bring winter not into my eyes
let not just truth from it surmise
let it but melt
within this chest
wherein the truth be love possessed.

Sing wanton not upon my tears
let not this whistle waken fears
nor let it rot
lest flesh forget
it is the heart that does beget.

Plant cecity not upon my soul
let not mine torment thus console
let it ferment
defeat befall
underneath this vastness pall.