Perfect. Just perfect. I should have just skipped PE.

Everyone knows Mrs. Carson hates me. She's an ass.

"Alright, jog three laps around the gym, and because of somebody's back talk –"she gave me a death glare –"the last person to finish has to do three more laps in under two minutes."

Everyone except me groaned; I was too busy being pissed off.

Of course, I can finish three laps around the gym in less than a minute. But since I have to act incapable of that – stupid Bloody Tears code – I have to pretend like it's actually tiring. I swear, it's annoying.

"I hate her, Teresa!" I whispered angrily, "Just because I told her she should shave her legs so she doesn't look like Sasquatch doesn't mean she has to take it out on the damn class."

"Learn to keep your opinions to yourself."

"Mrs. Carson should learn not to take things so seriously," I mumbled.

"Whatever." Teresa rolled her eyes. "Mia, Mrs. Carson's staring at you."

"She can go to hell. I'd give her the finger if I didn't have to risk getting detention."

"You have issues."

"Everyone does." I countered.

"Every teacher has something against you," Teresa said thoughtfully, "Why is that?"

"Because they're just racist against people who express themselves." I said bitterly.

Teresa only chuckled. "Sure," she said sarcastically.

We finished our jog first. "Carson's probably fuming at the fact that I won't be running."

I was right; Carson had her hands balled up into fists, with her arms crossed, and she had an annoyed expression on her face.

"You're right…" Teresa smiled and laughed.

"You're smiling! It's a miracle!" I exclaimed. Teresa didn't really smile, and Alexa even less. They were both emotionless and quiet, never really allowing their emotions flow through. The perfect assassins.

I sighed, noticing Mrs. Carson glaring at me from the corner of my eye. I suppressed the idea of taking my gun, creeping into her home at night, and silencing her once and for all. Tempting, but still, I've got to ignore it.

"I wish she'll do something to anger the BT," I wished. We're not allowed to use their full name in public places, so we referred to it using their initials.

"Don't talk about them!" She whispered. Teresa was the ever so cautious type.

"Sorry," I mumbled. I really didn't care. No one would really listen to us. Sure, we were popular – not much, though – but we're careful enough not to slip. We're too smart for that, especially compared to the idiots here.

I sighed, thinking about our team. It's been six years since we – Teresa, the genius strategist, Alexa, the weapons/combat specialist, and I, the guns specialist – joined the Bloody Tears. Sucky-ish name, I know, but it was a great pay, great job, and great future. I didn't mind it all, considering I'm a lazy ass girl.


The day was so boring. The Pierson boys didn't say much at all, and that annoyed me, seeing as there was nothing to do but try to talk to them. Notice the emphasis on the word "try".

I sighed as I ate my…something that resembled meatloaf.

"What?" Mia asked.

"I hate this school." I growled.

"There's a shocker." Teresa snorted.

"I can't wait for the trip," I sighed, "For a month we're going out of here, road tripping with the whole grade – the only downside of this trip – and a bunch of other schools. I'm gonna be busy sightseeing, reading, shopping, the whole shebang, Teresa's gonna be doing something genius, and Mia's gonna flirt with every new guy she meets."

We all laughed.

"True enough," Mia agreed, "We're celebrating at my house tomorrow, right?"

Teresa nodded, "Yeah. Don't forget to buy snacks!"

"Nag, nag, nag," Mia retorted, "Is that all you ever do, Mother Teresa?"

Teresa rolled her eyes, "Stop calling me that."

Right then the bell rang. "Mia, we've got Geo now, come with me to drop off the Pierson's at their Math class."

"Fine." She said, following me to where the Pierson's were.

"The blonde one's cute," Mia giggled. I rolled my eyes.


I walked up to them. "Hurry up; I'm going to be late for Geography." I said, none too kindly either.

"Whatever," Jonathan muttered. My chocolate brown eyes locked onto onyx ones. He was tall and pale, with spiky black hair and the tips dyed blue. I scowled. "Just hurry the hell up," I said, "I'll be waiting by the cafeteria door."

"Someone's pissed," Mia snickered.

"No duh," I replied. I started hitting my head with the door, "Why does God hate me so much?" I groaned.

"In my opinion, He doesn't hate you, He's giving you a blessing; you're showing around three hot guys around school. What can be so bad about that?"

"The fact that they're boring, and have no personalities? Or the fact that I'm late to almost every class, and I'm going to get detention sooner or later?"

"Still…I wouldn't mind showing them around."

"Then you do it." I snorted.

"Do what?" David asked.

"Nothing." I replied. "Let's just go."

We walked in silence to their Math class.

That Jonathan guy, I thought, He's…intriguing. His eyes are…interesting.

That is just about the best compliment I might ever give a guy…

"Alexa? Alexa?" Mia waved her hand in front of my face.

I snapped out of my thoughts. "What?"

"We're here."

"I knew that," I lied. I turned to the Pierson's. "Well? What are you waiting for? Get in!"

Eric's face was impassive, David grinned slightly, and Jonathan smirked.

"You are too mean, Alexa." Mia muttered.

"I give no mercy," I murmured, walking back to Geo.

Mia snickered, "That is definitely the truth."

"I needed a mission," I sighed. The weapons specialist heard me.

"Think of it this way, 'Lexa," Mia said, "By tomorrow, I'm sure you'll get some excitement."

"Let's hope so, Ms. Psychic."