Hm, I never thought I'd be breaking into Crawford High before tonight.

But here we are, in the back entrance of the school, in the middle of the night.

"Never thought we'd do this before," Alexa mused, echoing my thoughts.

"Door, MR," Teresa instructed.

"Your wish is my command, Mother Teresa," I muttered.

"Watch it," Teresa said, "There may be cameras or something."

I ignored the ever so cautious teenager and took out my stainless steel lock picking set, holding it to the old, beat up, back door.

"It's unlocked," I whispered, perplexed, "That's odd."

"That's odd indeed," Alexa agreed, "Teresa?"

"It is," Teresa nodded, "Here's the plan, same as before: AD and I get into their lockers, and MR, you'll hack into the school mainframe and get their addresses, last schools, etc. We want all the info we can get on 'em, whether it's fake or not."

I nodded, walking in behind them and separating.

"Remember," I reminded, "Twenty minutes. Tops."

They nodded, walking off to the lockers, which were conveniently close to their own.

I walked through the deserted school hallways, clean from the work the janitors did this afternoon, even though there were horrible scuff marks from everyone's sneakers.

"Bingo," I whispered, spying the administration office.

I heard footsteps coming from the inside.

Peaking through the corner of the windowed door, I noticed that the "intruder's" back was to me.


I placed my hand on the doorknob, calculating the right moment to knock whoever the hell this was unconscious.

The "intruder" suddenly chuckled.

"Mia, Alexa, Teresa," He chuckled again, as he turned around, "Prepare to be Saviors."

Blonde hair, electrifying blue eyes, tanned skin – oh, my God.

David was here. As in, here.

But I couldn't register anything beyond the word "Savior."

"Holy crap!" I blurted out.

His eyes darted towards me.

Oh, God. I'm in deep shit right now.

Well, look on the bright side, The Inner Me said, Atleast you're not wearing the Bloody Tears jacket.

"What are you doing here?" I blurted again, walking in.

"I can ask you the same thing."

He suddenly got into attack mode. Hn, if he wanted a fight, he's going to get one.

If I can kick his ass once; I can sure as hell do it again.


"Nothing in here," I whispered, closing Eric's locker, "Let's go find MR, she should be done by now. I doubt the other locker has anything."

Teresa nodded, walking ahead of me.

A flash of movement from the corner of the hallway caught my eye. I turned, but I found nothing.

"What?" Teresa asked.

"Someone's here," I replied curtly, "I just saw something."

"And you call me paranoid?" She mused, "But fine; let's go check."

We turned the corner, and we caught some movement from under the shadows.

"Do you want to call me paranoid now?" I asked.

"Shut up," She muttered.

We neared the shadows, where I could now make out two figures.

And suddenly, those two figures lunged.

We went into automatic combat mode, stepping back to be able to aim correctly.

I roundhouse kicked my assailant, but stopped mid kick.


This wasn't Bloody Tears procedure. I was supposed keep on with my attacks. Maybe being in school, without my hood, deterred me.

Jonathan continued on with his attack and tackled me to the ground, pinning my arms to the ground.

"Shit!" I cursed, feeling the cold tile floor on my cheek, "What the hell was that for?"

Eric seemed to not be having difficulty with Teresa. She may be a top assassin, but her combat skills did need work. Soon she was on the ground, in the same position as me.

"What the hell is going on here?" She asked.

"What are you doing here?" Jonathan asked, ignoring her.

"That's for us to know and you to never find out," I muttered smartly.

They pulled us up roughly, pulling us to the administration office.

Oh, I really hoped Mia had gotten out safely.

Apparently, God wasn't with us tonight, because there she was, sitting with her arms crossed stubbornly across her chest, David's hand holding her shoulder, restraining her from moving in her seat.

"They got you, too, huh?" Mia asked sourly.

"What are you guys doing here?" Jonathan repeated his question.

Mia sighed, tapping her fingers against her forearm.

That could only mean one thing: Lie.

"Alright," I sighed, thinking frantically, "The reason we're here is…Teresa, please don't kill me…"

"Excuse me?" She asked warily, eyebrow raised. But she knew enough that whatever it was, she had to go along with it.

"Teresa likes Damien Gray, okay?" I blurted it out, "She likes him so much it's not even funny! So we decided to sneak into school and go through his things and records."

"You were in my locker, though," Eric pointed out.

"I thought his locker number was 334," Teresa grumbled, "Apparently, I was wrong."

The Saviors shared a look, contemplating if we were telling the truth.

Teresa leaned in to whisper in my ear. "You're so dead."

I'm guessing they heard, because they each smiled.

"Since we're here," David said, "Let's explain what Eric, Jonathan, and I are doing here."

"We're going to be Saviors!" Mia interrupted, full of excitement. Whether it was real or fake, it was hard to tell; those acting classes she took paid off.

"Excuse me?" Teresa asked, "What's a 'Savior'?"

Yes, we were very good at playing dumb. And yes, Teresa even did the air quotes.

"Would you care to explain what the hell a Savior is?" I asked.

"Do you get what an assassin is?" Jonathan asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Anyone in their right mind knows what an assassin is."

"We're going to be assassins?" Teresa asked incredulously, "I'd rather you kill me now."

Ah, we are so good at lying, I thought smugly.

"Asassins? Never!" David replied, disgusted.

"I'm glad we share the mutual agreement on assassins," Eric spoke this time, "But Saviors are the opposite. They save the lives assassins try to finish."

"So, technically," Teresa said thoughtfully, "We're spies?"

"You can call it that," Jonathan shrugged.

"Are you in?" David asked.

"Wait a second, please," I held my hand up for a moment, "Let me get this straight: we're technically going to be spies, risking our lives on just about every mission?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Jonathan shrugged again, "Not to mention you're paid for every successful mission."

I contemplated it.

"Sign us up."


After the boys dropped us off at my house, I waited twenty minutes before sneaking out again, meeting up at our non-Bloody Tears meeting space – the park.

Not exactly the safest place to talk, but it's great at two in the morning.

I waited ten minutes before I met Alexa and Teresa.

"We can't go there," was the first thing Alexa said.

We knew what she meant. We couldn't go to HQ while David, Jonathan, and Eric were keeping tabs on us. We couldn't risk it.

"I know," Teresa sighed, after making sure there were no listening devices or cameras, "When she said 'infiltration', I never thought she meant this deep. Our mission was to just break into their home and stuff."

"We're doubles now, aren't we?" I whispered.

We're double agents.

Alexa nodded, sitting down on a nearby bench. The lamp illuminated her pale face, chocolate brown eyes looking out into space, thinking hard.

I examined Teresa. Her dark brown hair obscured her face, but I knew her green eyes were hard and calculating.

We looked so different – not even like assassins. Let's face it, we looked normal – I was even blonde! Okay, dirty blonde – with blue-green eyes, but still – and tanned skin. But I looked more like a cheerleader than an assassin. And now I was a double agent.

Could my life get anymore weirder?

We sat in silence for a few moments.

"We're going to go through an initiation, you know," Teresa broke the silence.

"And training," Alexa added, groaning, "I can just taste the pain."

"We'll get through it," I chuckled.

"I…I'm scared," Teresa whispered.

Teresa, admitting fear? She was really scared for her to admit it, then.

"This hasn't been done before," She explained, "We'll go down in assassin history for this."

"But…" Alexa continued, "It's like Code-Blue."

Code blue: the most dangerous of all types of missions.

"This one's higher than Code-Blue," I muttered.

"Exactly," Teresa said.

"I guess I get what you mean," I replied.

"I won't let you guys die," Alexa whispered, as if in a reverie. She wasn't looking us in the eye, either.

"Me neither," I agreed.

"Same here," Teresa said.

"Want to sleep over at my house?" I asked.

"Can't," Alexa shook her head, "I still have to pack. We leave in the day after tomorrow, after all – well, today, I guess."

I shrugged, though I was inwardly smirking. I had bought her and Teresa a new set of clothes, instead of all the boring ones they usually wore.

"Suit yourself," I said, "Teresa?"

"Sure," She shrugged, standing up, "Let's go. I'll contact Jen on the way."

"'Night, guys," Alexa smirked.

"'Night," I smirked.

Well, hope you liked it. I think some people are going to be confused, because in the last chapter, the Director mentioned "infiltration", but the girls just found themselves infiltrating the Saviors. If you're confused (I'm not the best at explaining things, sorry) you can always tell me, and I'll be happy to (try) to make it clearer. Anyway, I hoped you liked it, and please review!