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Chapter 1: My Pet Werewolf

I wrinkled my nose in disgust as the tangy scent of unwashed bodies assaulted my nostrils. Ignoring the low murmur of my brother and the salesman negotiating behind me, I grudgingly began to wander around the warehouse, my eyes sliding languidly from cage to cage as I moved.

As I idly glanced over the cowed occupants within, I paused to aim a vindictive barrage of thoughts in my brother's direction for bringing me to this dump.

Trying my best to quash my irritation, I moved closer to inspect the huddled inhabitants in the largest cage with feigned interest. A small group of females, livelier than the rest of their cage mates, crowded close to the bars at the sight of me. Reaching out with clawed hands, they called to me in mocking voices, daring me to step closer. Lazily my gaze flickered up to the sign at the top of the cage.


My lip curled in disgust. I detested vampires. On seeing my sneer, the dominant member of the group - a buxom blonde with cold blue eyes - ran her tongue over her fangs in a suggestive display as she eyed me hungrily. Eyes narrowing in loathing, I turned my back on her. Let the bitch get her amusement elsewhere. I certainly wasn't going to find what I was looking for in there.

Drifting slowly down the line of cages, I heaved a sigh as I casually glanced around, hoping to find something to ensnare my interest. A sudden sparkle in the corner of my eye accomplished this as I turned my head to examine the cause.

It was coming from a dark haired, ethereal male one of the smaller individual cages to the right of me. The sparkle I had seen was from light glinting off the large, shimmering, moth-like wings which sprouted from his back. On seeing he had my attention, the boy immediately glided up to the front of the cage, a simpering smile on his pretty face.

I glanced over his lean green-tinted frame with mild interest. After all, I had never had a chance to see a fairy up close before.

The winged boy positively glowed under my gaze, adoring the attention he was receiving. I was aware of a dim sensation of contempt uncurling in my stomach as I watched his fawning behaviour. Did he have no pride? I raised a disdainful eyebrow as I continued to watch him.

"Hmm, you don't want him. Fairies are notoriously vain creatures," drawled a bored voice by my ear. Stifling the urge to jump in surprise at the sudden interruption of my thoughts, I turned around to face the speaker.

The tall blonde stood next to me, his tousled hair falling into intense brown eyes that glinted with a slightly crazed gleam. A lazy smirk was spread over his arrogantly handsome face as he folded his arms over his broad chest. I pulled a face at him.

"Thank you for the input brother dearest, but need I remind you that I don't particularly want any of these creatures," I replied dryly. Adrian's lips pulled back in a manic grin as he turned his gaze on me.

"Tough shit baby sister, I'm getting you a new guard dog whether you like it or not." I pouted sullenly at him as I raked a frustrated hand through my tangled mop of brown hair, but I didn't bother arguing further, we had already been over it all before. Adrian had made it abundantly clear that I was getting a pet demon whether I wanted it or not, so I suppose I would better spend my time on selecting one that I felt I could stand. Easier said than done I assure you.

Grumbling to myself I turned away from my irritating elder and went to resume my search. However, as I made to move off, I noticed Adrian waving over the salesman he had been talking to earlier. The weasely little man slunk over, a polite smile fixed on his pointed face.

"Can I help you Mr Morgan?" his nasal voice rang in my ears.

"My little sister over there needs some help. See to it," Adrian growled at him, a sneer on his face as looked down on the smaller man.

"Right away Mr Morgan!" I found myself eying his frail frame and pale, greased back hair with general distaste, as he walked over to me. "Now Miss, is there anything I can help you with? Anything in particular you're looking for?" Only half bothering to cover my repugnance at his simpering manner, I continued to glance around the warehouse as I considered his question.

"Got anything in the canine family?" I asked at last.

I liked dogs. Unlike people. They usually panned out to be more trouble than they were worth.

The salesman beamed at me.

"Ah, indeed we do Miss! If you'll just follow me!" he told me happily as he turned and walked in the opposite direction at a brisk pace. Raising a sardonic eyebrow I followed on obediently behind him.

After a few minutes of walking, we stopped in front of a large cage holding several puppies of varying ages and colours. Slightly confused I glanced at the sign overhead.

Ah, werewolves.

I thought about this for a moment. Not exactly what I had in mind, but probably the best I was going to get. Turning my gaze back down to the cage's occupants I began to look them over in earnest.

A few of the shyer demons remained sitting warily at the back of their cage, intimidated by my scrutiny, but the majority of them bounded to the front enthusiastically, their tails wagging like mad as they fought for my attention. Despite my earlier contempt for the demons who had shamelessly vied for my interest, I found myself being swayed by their cute puppy-like behaviour.

Damn these double X chromosomes of mine.

"Don't be afraid Miss, these are all captive bred animals. They are quite tame I assure you. Please feel free to pet them if you wish." Slightly startled I turned to look at my guide. He was still beaming eagerly at me. Clearly he could sense a sale in the near future.

Snorting quietly to myself, I sat back on my haunches as I reached through the bars to pet a particularly pretty little red pup with large amber eyes. On receiving the attention, her tail went into overdrive as she began to lick my hand. I had to fight to stop myself from grinning at her like a moron.

A sudden vicious snarl from somewhere behind me made me instinctively yank my hand back and whip my head round to look for the source of the noise. As I did so I noticed that the puppies had fled to the back of their cage where they cowered together in a trembling huddle.

Following the sound of the rumbling growl, my eyes fell on a large, individual cage to my left, half hidden in the shadows. I could just make out two sinister, gleaming eyes glaring me from within.

"Not again! Shut your trap you vicious brute!" spat the enraged salesman as he raced over to the cage, pulling a cattle prod out of his belt as he moved. Frowning, I rose to my feet and swiftly followed him over.

As I drew closer, my eyes began to make out the creature in the cage. It was a young male werewolf, probably nearing adulthood from the size of him - about four foot through the shoulder and roughly eight from nose to tail tip. All in all, not the biggest I've seen, but a respectable size non-the-less.

It was hard to tell in the gloom but his pelt appeared to be a smoky blue-grey colour, which covered his rangy frame in a matted, unkempt, shaggy coat. It was a stark contrast to the perfectly groomed little puppies I had just been looking at.

As I watched his large, savage jaws snapping viciously at the salesman I hazarded guess the reason behind his appearance.

As I continued to look him over I noted his slightly too thin frame. My lip curled in disgust as I realised that they had probably been withholding his food in the hopes of starving him into submission.

Morons. Everyone knows that a hungry wolf is a dangerous wolf.

With an angry shout, the irate salesman shoved the prod through the bars and rammed it into the wolf's side, causing the beast to scream in pain as the rod sent volts of electricity coursing agonizingly through his body. Bellowing out his fury an a blood curdling howl, the frenzied grey threw himself at the door of his cage, his long muzzle protruding out as he desperately tried to sink his wickedly large, curved fangs into his tormentor.

With a sadistic gleam in his eye, the sneering salesman responded with several more such zaps from the high powered cattle prod, stopping only when the incensed demon had collapsed on his stomach, his breaths coming out in ragged pants as his long tongue lolled out of his foaming mouth.

Breathing heavily, the small man turned back to face me, an apologetic smile arranged on his face.

"Please forgive me Miss. This one's a wild caught beast. Still relatively new, so we've not had a chance to break him of his bad habits yet," he explained to me, his tone altogether too happy for comfort.

My face twitching at his sugary-sweet tone I turned my eyes back towards the caged wolf.

'Break his spirit more like,' I thought dryly to myself as I watched the injured beast stagger to his feet. On feeling my scrutiny, the grey looked up, locking his cold, pale eyes on mine. Slowly his lips peeled back and a low growl rumbled out of his raw throat.

Ignoring my attendant's yells of warning, I walked forward, stopping just short of striking distance from the cage.

I watched in fascination as his fur rippled over hard muscles as he too moved forwards, his black lips peeling even farther back from his killer teeth. Moving my hand towards the cage, I just managed to yank it back on time to miss having my fingers amputated by his bite. A small smile curving on my lips I locked eyes with him once again. What I saw there sent a shiver of excitement through my body.

Rage. Pure, unadulterated rage. It's a beautiful thing.

'He's magnificent,' my mind whispered as I glanced him over. Sure he needed a wash, and probably a good few feeds, but other than that…

"I wouldn't get to close Miss," the salesman's nervous voice brought me out of my musings, "he's a killer, that one. He'll take your hand right off if you give him the chance." A dark smile played over my face as I continued staring at the caged wolf.

"Perfect, just what I happen to be looking for," I murmured in a wry tone, causing the man to emit a choking sound.

"Excuse me Miss? I think I misheard you there…" he began in agitation. Standing up I turned to face him, my face carefully arranged into my brother's patented sneer.

"I said I'll take him," I drawled haughtily. "Now, go and inform my brother that I have chosen and bring us the paper work." Blinking at my sudden change in demeanour the salesman smiled shakily.

"Of course. Right away Miss Morgan," he mumbled with a meek dip of his head as he backed away as quick as he could. Letting out a snort of disgust I turned back to the caged grey.

Suspicious icy blue eyes met my own.

"Well my beauty, looks like you're going to be coming home with me," I murmured at him, amusement playing on my features. The wolf eyes narrowed at the news and another vicious snarl graced his face.

Chuckling softly to myself, I turned from the cage and went to find Adrian a satisfied grin on my face.

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