A Mantra of Words

The world fades away as she hangs up the phone. People rushing by and the noise of the street slowly dies. Her arm falls to her side, the shock is apparent on her face. She zones out from the reality of what is around her, letting it slip from her grasp. Her friends come running up all smiles and laughter, waving to her as they near. But she takes no notice, she can't see them, she is somewhere else. They call her name repeatedly, first playfully, then a bit of fear trickling into their voices. Finally more urgent they run to her. Shaking her shoulders, crying her name, like an incantation over and over again. "Myra, Myra, what's wrong?" they shout. But still there is no response. A panic starts to rise among them, as tears well up in their friend's eyes. Confused, they decide to get her off the streets and out of sight of the public's prying eyes.

As they carry her up the stairs to her apartment, she starts to silently sob. Her small frame shakes as she inwardly cries about some problem unknown to those around her. As they lay her down upon the bed she curls up into a ball wrapping weak arms around her legs. All the while the same distant and foggy look looms over her gaze, never once changing. She is still lost in her own mind freezing reality. Finally a heart-wrenching howl breaks through her vocal cords and echoes throughout the small apartment. Her concerned friends huddle around her trying to soothe her, though her ears are deaf to their words.

Someone crawls onto the bed next to her as others leave to find the answers. Jacob gathers her up into his embrace, and wraps his arms around her curled frame. Her whole body rakes as she lets out a series of animal like cries of pain and anguish. A strangled cry and a single word riddled with the pain of a fresh wound escapes her chapped, swollen lips. Aiden. A key piece of the puzzle dropped, a clue given. Friends rush to figure it out. Then Myra tumbles back into her, cries of loss, oblivious of the world around her. Words of love and comfort fall from Jacob's lips, as he brushes her hair with his large steady hand. Eventually the cries subside, though her tiny frame still shakes. Tears still streak down her cheeks, and create water stains on his shirt. He takes no notice, but continues on with his mantra of words, that fly out and soothe, with their warming tone. "Hush now my dear, it will all be all right. Hush now my dear, and slip into the soothing embrace of sleep." Her weeping comes to an end as she drifts off into a sleep only crying can bring.

When sleep consumes her weary soul, Jacob slowly lowers her down onto the bed. Taking the covers, he draws them over her, tucking her in like a little child. Unconsciously Myra curls back into a ball, pulling a pillow close to replace his now empty place. Slowly he leaves the room, as he casts a lingering look on his now sleeping friend. The lines on his face deepen as concern arrays its self across his features. He makes his way into the living room, where the rest of them are gathered. They look to him expectantly, waiting for him to say something. "She fell asleep." He says, a sigh sounds throughout the room. "What's going on here? What could have happened to make react like this? Has anyone gotten a hold of Aiden yet?" Everyone shakes their heads, they are as clueless as he is. Then Laylynn rushes in. Her breathing is heavy an uneven, like she has been running for far too long. Jacob hurries over to help her toward the already too crowded couch, but room is made. All eyes are on her, as they wait for her breathing to slow, and the words to come. Tears well up in her clear green eyes, "He's dead. Aiden is dead." She managed to choke out. "A burning building collapsed on him as he tried to save a child who was trapped inside." Silence, ensues the words that fall from her trembling mouth. Disbelief follows, then tears start to tumble as they mourn the death of a friend, a brother, a fiancé. Jacob slowly turns away and walks back to Myra, who is still sound asleep. He crawls into bed and wraps his arms around the grieving girl. He buries his face into her hair and lets the tears come. It burns his cheeks and tares at his throat, a guttural cry of pain is ripped from him. Slowly he too drifts into a deep slumber brought on by hot tears and swollen vocal cords.