Creeping out between the trees and bushes, trying to keep hidden. As I sneak about the shrubbery of the underbrush in this forest. The terrain unfamiliar, except in the rough sketches of a map, showing the borders. Before moving from my hiding spot I check to see if the way is clear. There is a rustle in the trees above and I dash out into the open, running to a over hang for cover. Once again under cover, and temporarily safe, I take a deep breath calming my nerves. I am deep in enemy territory, trying to survive. The objective is to obtain the object and get out without being hit. So far so good, but who knows how that'll last. Yet again I scan my surrounding, making sure the way is clear to the next form of cover. As I wait to see if there is any movement, I make my decision to run for it. As I dash out of the shelter of the over hang I hear a rustle in the trees again. Its coming from a tree not to far from my position, off to the left. I catch sight of another movement and before I can react I am shot bright pink paint staining my chest.

As I lie in wait of my first victim, I am silent. Hopefully no one will make it this close to our flag. But there are no guarantees as to the proficiency of my teammates. Suddenly I hear the soft rustle of dried leaves and branches. Ever so carefully I shift my position, trying to see if it is really an enemy, or just a squirrel. But as I turn to get a better view, one of the blasted things run by me rustling the branches. Quickly I try to hide myself from the view of a possible opponent. I hate squirrels, the blasted things are so annoying. If it wouldn't blow my cover I'd have shot the stupid thing. As I keep still trying not to make a sound, I hear silence in return. Then I hear the footfalls of someone running. Someone rushes across my line of vision the disappears behind the over hang, the only other form of protection in this section of the woods. Well I can wait he's going to have to come out sometime. I am right. Not five minutes later, carefully and cautiously, like a rabbit, he eases himself out of his hiding place. I ready myself, getting in position for a clear shot of the enemy. But as I get ready to shoot that blasted squirrel comes rustling by on a nearby tree. I freeze, and watch my opponent, his eyes are directed slightly to the left and I take my shot. I hit him squarely in the chest.

I wait in the ravine as the last line of defense for our flag. If they have gotten by Greg, then it's my job to knock them out before they can get any closer to the flag. There is a rustle of dried leaves and branches. I peek my head over the side of the ravine. The source of the noise has gone silent. Then there is another rustle of leaves from the trees. It must be squirrels, stop freaking yourself out, I tell myself. Then there is the crashing of boots running across the dead underbrush. Again I peer out over the edge looking for any sign of the enemy. I see him disappear behind an over hang. Damn, he must have gotten past Greg. Great now I'll have to take care of him. I lay in wait for my opponent to step out into the open waiting for him to rush out to the next place of 'safety'. As he slowly steps out of his hiding place, I don't have a clear view. It is being blocked by a medium sized tree. Drats, oh well, I have all day to shoot him down. Then there is another rustle in the trees I turn to look. That would be just my luck, two of them trying to sneak up on the flag. But as I ready myself to shoot there is a pop of a gun fired and the enemy goes down. Bright pink splattered across his chest.