Mr. John Mothe

"It is a beautiful day in the month of May, the flowers have bloomed and their thick aroma fills the air. John Mothe is walking down the stairs of his porch, sitting down upon them, he rests. Every day John goes and sits on the steps of his front porch, and watches the day go by. On this Tuesday, just like any other day, he goes through the same routine. He gets up in the morning and he gets ready for the day. He showers and he has a bowl of his favorite cereal, Cap'n Crunch. Then he goes outside and sits on his steps. Why do you have to be so boring John? I mean come on, why couldn't I be stuck with someone more exciting? Like someone who likes to do extreme sports, or likes to travel even. But no, I'm stuck here with boring old John Mothe."

"Oh, shut up Stephen, your afraid of heights, plus you'd probably end up having an anxiety attack anyways." John says, as a lady walks by, quickening her steps as she passes. "Now look what you've done you've made me sound crazy again. Shut up and behave for once in the last fifty years. Lucy's coming to visit today and I don't need you upsetting her." John puts on a stern voice.

"You don't have to be so rude," Stephen humphs and quiets for the time being.

Louie walks by, he waves to John shouting a greeting, John waves back and gives a hearty belt of a hello. A near by man jumps as John, shouts. Looking around he see's no one else around on the street but a little child walking to school. Turning to John he says, "Excuse me sir, do I know you?" John doesn't answer but continues looking blankly forward with a broad grin on his face. The man finally gives up and continues on his way thinking what a strange man. He was new to town and had no idea who John was.

John lives in a small town called Covington, located in Maine. He has lived in the same little house his entire life. He left at the age of nineteen for WWII, after the war he moved back home to take care of his dying mother and never left.

John is sitting sipping his lemonade that he'd gotten from the kitchen, when Lucy comes bounding down the street. John puts his cup down on the steps next to him. Standing up, he sweeps up Lucy and twirls her around. Laughing and giggling Lucy spreads her arms wide. When he sets her down on the ground she wraps her arms around his legs and squeezes him tight.

"High Johnny!" Lucy says, sitting down on the steps with him. "So what have you been doing all day, Johnny? Have you been sitting on your steps all day again?" She asks him propping her head up on her knees.

"Yes, I have Lucy. Just watchin' the people go by. You can learn a lot about a person just by watching them walk down the street. Look at Miss Albie, now she's a sweet little Miss. See how she smiles at everyone she comes in contact with. Look and now she's helping Mrs. Nook carry her groceries so she can control her children. Those children of hers are a rowdy bunch, you make sure to steer clear of them Lucy." He continues pointing out people and telling you all about them. Lucy just sits there and listens. Lucy is a very good listener.

As John is talking to Lucy the few people who are passing by just ignore the rantings of an old man. A small child shies away from him, and hides behind his mother; as John nearly hits him when he goes to point at something. He doesn't understand why he is talking to himself.

John is still talking to Lucy about the ways to read people. Finally getting tired of this topic Stephen interrupts. "You are going to bore this poor child to death with your constant blathering. Can't you talk about something else besides people and there emotions. Well read my emotions, I"M BORED!"

John winces as Stephen shouts. "Please Stephen , there's no need to shout. I think you've ruptured my eardrum." John says, rubbing his temples.

"Well I wouldn't have to if you'd just change the subject for once and stop boring me to tears." Stephen says.

"Fine I'll talk about something else." John says. Turning to look back at Lucy, he finds her watching him. "Sorry about that Lucy, Stephen has no manners what so ever. I apologize on his behalf."

During this whole argument a group of children have gathered to watch old Mr. Mothe talk to himself. Everyday around this time when school gets out a group of elementary kids gather to hear him talk to Lucy and Stephen, his imaginary friends. (Well that's what they think they are at least.) They stand there until some adult shoo's them away, scolding them for disturbing Mr. Mothe. But Mr. Mothe sits there not taking any notice to anyone or thing. When the children ask their parents why Mr. Mothe ignores them and doesn't talk to them. Their parents sit them down and tell them that Mr. Mothe is very old and he can't hear or see any more. That his mind isn't as good as it use to be, and that he no longer notices the world as it is today. The kids, most not really understanding, continue to go and listen to the old Mr. Mothe; and John Mothe goes about his life stuck in a world that no longer exists.