Night is here,

Im Covered in fear,

A friend cant take a mothers place,

In this cold and dark isolated place,

There is not a sound, not a knock on a door,

I just can stand it anymore,

I have many mysteries of my very own,

I tell them to my self when I feel alone,

My path is set in front of me,

The journey long I have no key,

To unlock the door that holds me in,

To start my life and begin again,

Feelings like a neglected pet,

Lost and lonely never met,

Im unclaimed,


Only in my dreams can I dance and scream,

Or jump in the water, in a splashing stream,

But back in the world where it is gloomy and grey,

In this shadowy place I try to pray,

Thought of the future are in my mind,

When all the past is far behind