Naked by: trista groulx

I lie here, naked, before you
This time, exposed by my own pen
Again, you will be blind to what I thought was clear
Before I feared you'd see each tiny flaw
Those tiny things which lovers eyes always see past
Now, with my words, I long for the clarity to end
For you see the lies, which only former lovers may see
I lie here, naked before you This time, exposed by my own pen
But this is a language we no longer can speak
That of love which has turns to a distinct kind of hate
One which only former lovers know how to speak
One which is obvious for all to see
Once I spoke love's deepest confessions
Now I write of my rights and your wrongs
Once we had a kind of world Where only we could visit
Once I dreamed we could create that world again
But now, I long to build a world completely anew
However, I fear you've kept a piece of me
So much emotion is still so raw
For when I was cut, I was cut too deep
The values I once embraced, freedom, independence
I seem to have put away in lieu of fear and bitterness
I lie here, naked, before you
This time exposed by my own pen
When I need to be exposed by a stranger's hand
I must release that part which I caged for you
For your hands, now have become cold as death
For this is what happens to former lovers' touch
I lie here exposed before the world
Yet, blind to the love and beauty which surrounds
Although, now I see you for your lies
I fear the person I will next meet will possess the same trait
But I must not allow you to cripple my soul
For when I once would lay naked before you
You never did speak of the things which
I was flawed You made me your goddess and stripped my soul
When you discovered that I had always been a false idol
You took from me my pedestal, the only thing which kept me up
Now I lie naked before you no longer broken
Exposed by mine own pen, but this is the soul I'd like to see
The one which is strong ready to face a new day
No longer tangled in your strings, which time has eroded away
Now I lay naked before the world, this time ready
For all the lies which lovers speak, and ready to clear your traps
For my pen does expose, but it always does heals