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Chapter One

You probably would've shared my astonishment when I found out that I was going to be pulled out of my good ol' public school to attend a prestigious boarding school all the way down in soak-up-the-sun California. Now let me explain the situation in a more detailed way. I'm not just a girl from Minnesota, heading over to a very large and expensive boarding school, I'm going over there as a test subject, something about female capacity and whatnot. They'd tried this test several times before me, well that's what I was informed, but they all ended in disaster. Either the girl had turned out to be a total slut and wanted to get into all the boys' pants, or the girl was at her breaking point and couldn't take it anymore.

Pft. Pansies.

I've been to California many times before this, every summer since I was five I went over there to visit my dad, who was usual off on vacation and we spent many days just having fun on the beach or going around town. In fact I had just gone there last summer, but it turned out that dad had to work the whole summer, so I just spent my days on the beach surfing. Come to think of it, I never asked my dad where he worked, or what kind of work he did.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic (just so you know I have a tendency to do that), but you see, I hadn't really though anything of it, that was until I was informed by my school staff about what I would really be doing there.

It was an all male boarding school in California, one of the best male schools in their state, I asked what the name of the school was and they politely told me it was Pacific Blue Boarding School. Pacific Blue? Sounds like some surf shop to me, I'd like that name as a surf shop, sounds pretty cool. I wondered why my parents, or rather parent and brothers had agreed to this, turns out they were paying for my whole entire stay, dorm, uniform, the whole shibang.

Well the school didn't seem like a big thing to me, nor did the fact that I would be the only girl their age (give or take a year or so) in the whole school. Guess I didn't really give it much thought. Personally, boys don't give me much interest, yes that must sound a little weird, and no I am not lesbian, although I respect other peoples' wishes on their orientation.

Eh, a big new school, new places, new friends, a whole new daily routine? No biggy, right?


Before I left my family's side to go board my plane I felt my mother's arms circle around me, I wasn't sure how to take the hug, but I obviously hugged back. I still didn't understand as to why she was being extra-caring all of a sudden. I glanced at my brothers who held the same confused faces as I did. My mom released me and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear and smiled.

"You better be careful, okay honey?"

I blinked and nodded slowly. Be careful? What did she mean by that? If mom was afraid I might get mugged or something in California, she had to out of her mind, I'd had been there tons of times before this. Maybe she knew about something I didn't, but I didn't really want to voice my thoughts. Instead I gave my family a warm smile and a small wave before heading to my plan with my luggage. I had already sent my other things (a couple dorm stuff along with some clothes) in a box a week before, so I didn't have to carry that many things with me.

I gave one last look at my brothers and my mom, who held a sorrowful smile that still puzzled me, I bet you she knew something I didn't, I bet you.

But what could she possibly know that I didn't?


Turns out, I had fallen asleep after an hour of being on the plane, I didn't know I was that tired, then I remembered all the goodbyes I had said the day before I left to all my teammates, hockey and soccer, plus a few people who I just talked about surfing with. I guess we had stayed up longer than I had intended to. I was awakened by someone who was shaking my shoulder lightly, it was that nice flight attendant who had given me free peanuts. She smiled lightly and told me that it was time for me to get off, I thanked her politely and grabbed my backpack and my carry-on and headed off the plane.

After I walked through that tunnel that connected the airplane door to the airport itself I looked around the airport to see where I should go to next.

"Eh, I wish I had a clue where to go," I sighed, "but unfortunately I don't."

I walked myself to a small slushie cart located near a Caribou Coffee and an airport giftshop, I got myself a cherry flavored one, I love practically cherry everything. I sat down on a bench I found near it, I rather not sit in those uncomfortable waiting area airport chairs. They were uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

As I sat there with my slushie I started to think back to what mom had told me. To be careful. I'm not sure what she meant by that, but I was determined to find out why. I don't think my mom has ever made me feel so unsure about anything that I chose to do. It scared me a bit. After thinking about mom my thoughts started to drift around my family. My three brothers who all had their share of protecting me.

Corey and Matt were my older twins, but they were the type that didn't look alike. Corey had skater hair and Matt had his cut short, but they were both a dark brown. Corey had emerald eyes while Matt had his a lighter color, much like my eyes. My third brother, Andrew, but we call him Andy, he was the eldest of us all. His hair was like dad's, a chocolate brown, nearly black and his eyes were the darkest shade of green I'd seen in my life.

Being guys you know they gotta play some sport. Andy played football and hockey. Corey did skateboarding and lacrosse. Matt did basketball and baseball. Which left me for soccer, the only sport where I dominated. That and surfing. Hockey was just a sport that I had begged Andy to teach me when I was really little. I told him that I wanted to smack someone with a hockey stick and I guess that's how it all started. They also had this obsession with cars, any type of cars, I guess being their only younger sister I got influenced into it too.

But it was fair to say that my brother's had their share of envied looks from girls, I could hear some of the girls in my grade gossiping about my brothers. That was really the only reason people became my friends, to get closer to my brothers.

Tch. I wish I could've slapped them all.

Looking down at my slushie I frown slightly. I was starting to miss my family and my good old Minnesota all ready. I fought the urge to reach into my pocket and call one of my brothers or mom. Dad even, I mean I was in California so dad should be open, shouldn't he? Did he know about my little transfer? Did mom tell him?

"Get a hold of yourself..." I whispered. That was a lousy attempt to cool myself down, I missed my home already, I don't know why. I'd been to California each summer and I didn't mind then, so why now? Could it be that this new experience was getting to my head?

I growled and stood up, tossing what was left of my slushie into a trash bin, I grabbed my bags and decided to walk around a bit, but then someone said my name softly.


I stopped and looked behind me and saw a boy about a head taller than me smiling, I didn't know why he was smiling, he had blond hair and blue eyes. At first I quirked a brow at him, he chuckled and I cautiously walked over to him.


"Hello, I'm Ace Cunnington, I'm supposed to be escorting you to the school," he put his hands in his pockets.

It was then I noticed his attire, his black pants, his white button down shirt, his navy blue blazer with the school emblem on the chest pocket, and his red tie. The only thing that didn't seem dressy, were his shoes, Tan colored Puma's.

"Pleased to meet you Ace. I'm Karin Micheals," I smiled lightly, suddenly feeling safe around this "Ace".

"Same to you," he took my carry-on and smiled, "please follow me, we'll be driving in the limo."

Whoa, wait. LIMO?!


When the limo drove through those large gates it suddenly hit me, the fact I'd be spending the rest of the school year with over 400 guys. That I'd be in a school filled with nothing but some prissy little stuck up guys who had tons of money, expensive houses and cars, probably gorgeous girlfriends, and...they'd be smart.

I blinked, back in Minnesota you rarely see guys with all the perks, plus intelligence. I guess these boys here were the whole package. Hopefully some of them will be nerds and hide in their textbooks and not bother me, oh lord please let at least half the population be nerds.

"Karin, we're here."

I rolled my eyes, "Really? I thought we were just stopping by at a really expensive Burger King."

Ace chuckled in the seat beside me, "Well Burger King really does have it going for them."

I smiled, somehow this Ace guys was starting to make me feel comfortable with the idea of staying here. I mean I knew I didn't like Ace in a loving kind of way, I mean if the majority of the guys there were this nice and polite, I wouldn't have to mind guys hitting on me all the time, or the awkward stares I'd get when I would walk into a room.

When we both stepped out of the limo (Ace carrying my carry-on and me my backpack) my gaze swept the entire area and landed on the soccer field.

Oh my god, soccer.

I swear soccer was like my calling, even though I wasn't the greatest at it I loved it with a passion. It was right at the top of the list with surfing.

You had no clue how many soccer-based shirts I had in my closet, ones that ranged from "Goalies are better than you" to "In this game accuracy is everything" and even "I kick balls for a sport". It was practically my life (other than surfing, hockey and family).

"Pretty impressive field," I said aloud. Haha, and to think I thought I thought that... does that sound confusing to you?

"Oh, what, the soccer team?" Ace looked at me.

"Yeah, well that and the field, grass cut, white lines look like they're repainted every week, pretty good condition."

"You like to analyze things don't you?"

"No, I just like soccer."

"Soccer's cool I guess, I'm a gymnast though."


"Yeah..." we started walking towards the front door and Ace looked a little nervous, "a surprise I know."

"No, no not at all," I smiled, "I wanted to do gymnastics when I was younger, but I found it a little..."

"Gay?" Ace asked as he held the door open for me.

"No, not gay. Gymnastics is one hardcore thing. Commitment, determination, hard work, and more rolled into one. I got a lot of respect for you gymnasts, besides I don't think my body would allow me to be that flexible."

Ace laughed as we both went to the front desk, "Well, it's not really something I like to share."

"Ah, afraid of people thinking you're gay, right?"


"Don't think about it too much. I have two friends back home, Jon and Eric. Jon did gymnastics and Eric did cheerleading. Despite their sports they're pretty cool, and their sport doesn't change who they are."

Ace thought about it for a while and nodded with a soft smile, "Guess you're right."

I nodded back and looked at the receptionist (who was thank the lord, a female), "Hello I'm Ms. Micheals, the new student."

The woman looked at me and handed me a key, "Room 204, second floor, fourth door to your right. Welcome to Pacific Blue, it'll be a pleasure having you here with us."

I nodded and proceeded up the stairs to my room. Once there I inserted the key and unlocked the door.

Holy Crap.

This room had to be at least twice, maybe three times the size of my living room. There was a large bed, a desk, a vanity, a TV, a mini fridge, a small couch, and a beanbag chair. My boxes had been set aside in a corner. I looked around and noticed one door that was for the closet and another door that was meant for the bathroom. I had to admit, this place was pretty impressive.

"I'll leave you to unpack your things," Ace smiled at me and set down my bag as he turned around and closed the door with him.

I looked out the window and saw I had a perfect view of the soccer field, and the players on it.

"The Hurricanes, huh?" I asked no one in particular as I studied their jerseys. I continued to watch and couldn't help but find my self staring, I was a kind of girl that like to study and analyze things, I was a very observant girl and things that went passed my eyes didn't go unnoticed.

Then I saw one boy, a boy with hair like mine, except with an orange tint and his eyes, from where I was standing, he had deep brown eyes. I couldn't really tell anything else about him, he obviously was fit and probably tall, I mean most guys I knew were taller than me anyway. He stopped high-fiving his friends and looked up at my window, I guess he felt like someone was watching him. He stared at me for a while and I stared back.

I hadn't noticed that the door had opened and an older person was standing behind me well I guess maybe my body sensed it because I felt my muscles tense. But I just kept staring at he boy, who just kept staring back at me. I was about to open the window when the person behind me said my voice, making me turn around quickly.

"What do you want?" I said, slightly startled. It was an older man, with black hair and blue eyes (I'm pretty sure he was wearing contacts). He looked at me with a quirked brow before he spoke, "You're the new student, correct?"

"Yes, what's it to you?"

"I'm one of your teachers, Mr. Marcius. The Headmaster said I should inform you about our procedures here. That is, if you are willing to listen."

I nodded hesitantly, "Of course I'm willing to listen."

"Well then, let's begin. Take out anything you have that enables you to communicate to people outside of these gates."

I was about to protest, but seeing the serious face of this guy made me bite back on my words, I reached into my pocket and handed him my (precious) cellphone.

"Good, now tell me your full name, for I do not know it and I'd like to know."

This guy was messed up. Something inside me tells me to lie to him. I'm not sure why I got that urge, but my dad always told me to go with my gut instinct. So, why not?

"I am Carmon Marie Grace," I said smoothly.

He face broke into a smile and he held his hand out, "Pleasure to have you here Carmon. I'm sure we'll get along well."

This guy's serious making me think he's some sort of secret rapist or something, or a pedophile. Yeah I think pedophile is a better choice for him. But I shook Mr. Phedophile's hand anyway.

"Pleasure to be here sir."

"Now Carmon, tell me, where are you from?"

I decided to lie again, "I come from North Dakota. There isn't a lot to say."

"Huh, that's interesting. I don't think we've had a student from North Dakota before. What are your hobbies?"

This was getting fun. "Oh well I was with a traveling circus before I came here. My dad was the ring master and I had a pet elephant named Josie. Then Josie ran away so I had to adopt the tiger Sasha. It's a very interesting way to live, on a circus I mean."

His eyes widened, "A circus, how incredibly odd," he looked at his watch, "well we should be going, you have an assembly to go to after all."

"Assembly? What? I-I'm no good with people, I mean I am but not talking in front of a large group of people. I ramble a-and get nervous and then people start to look at me weird and then they think I am weird. I don't like being weird, it makes me feel uncomfortable and-!"

"Carmon, Carmon, Carmon. You don't have to worry about a thing, we've written it all out for you and all you have to do it read it. Come, come, let's head to the auditorium."

I followed him out of the room and he stopped at the front desk as I continued on, but I stopped and looked back at him, waiting for him to follow, "Oh go ahead, I'll catch up with you." I shrugged and continued walking, but as I turned the corner I stopped to listen to them.

"She's quite interesting, that girl."

"Who the new student? Well she seemed pretty normal to me."

"Normal? Carmon Grace came from North Dakota, she was in a circus and her father wa the ring master, I hardly call that normal."

"... Carmon Grace? North Dakota? Circus? What?"

"Why yes, she told me all this herself."

"That's Karin Micheals from Minnesota. She plays hockey, soccer and goes surfing. She is certainly not and or was in any circus."

"...she definitely is a sly one..."

"And not too headstrong. She's a keeper. No one's ever been able to get a lie passed you before."

"I still can't believed she..." I heard him sigh, "... isn't part of a circus."

Psh. Sucker.

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