Chapter I: Sarah

"This just isn't your fairy-tale ending," the words stung as they rolled off his tongue and sarah choked back tears. He loaded the rest of his belongings into his car as the wind toyed with his bangs. Her gaze met his when he turned back to face her and she recalled the first time she caught the attention of his blue eyes. His lips were moving but the words were a mere hum to Sarah as she lost herself in the way his hair fell infront of his face. His hair was still the deep chestnut brown as the day they met, and she watched as his lips moved to what she always believed to be an internal song. A song he was always writing, always composing, always waiting to sing to her. The knot in her throat grew larger as the world around her slowly came into focus, "there's a guy out there for you, one who can be your prince charming." His voice was certain, and he reached out his hand towards her. Sarah shook as her unclasped the silver chain that rested around her neck.

"Chris... I just... I don't understand..." She struggled to hold back the tears that were now clouding her vision as she let the ring fall from her fingers into his palm. The chain slid out of her hand as she tried to desperately blink away the forth coming tears.

"I'm sorry, I truly am," Chris's voice was flat as he closed his fist around his class ring. His keys jingled merrily as he pull them out of his pocket and opened the car door. Looking back at her one last time he said before getting in the car, "good luck with everything"

Sarah stood quietly as Chris sped off down her road, the tears she had been battling now racing freely down her cheeks. She quickly felt her chest, hoping that the ring would still be there. She stared at her empty driveway,her chest heaving. She sobbed, "you're such an asshole." The sound of her voice felt liberating to her and she raised her voice, "you're such a stupid asshole Chris." Her sobs shook her body as she shut her eyes, the tears covering her face in her melting makeup."FUCK YOU," she screamed, throwing her head back and letting her arms fall to her sides. "WHY DON'T YOU JUST KILL ME GOD, THEN YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TOYING WITH MY LIFE," catching her breath she opened her eyes to find her neighbor witnessing her episode from across the street. Spinning on her heels Sarah made a fast path for her front door. "Perfect, he leaves me and now I'll be the topic of discussion at the next neighborhood watch commitee meeting," she muttered shutting her door behind her.

The house was empty. "The son of a bitch..." The sight was a blow to her chest and she exploded into tears as she stormed up the flight of stairs and down the hall to her bedroom. Slamming the door she scanned the room for any remaining presence of him. Her bed was made, "two YEARS of living together and the only time he ever makes the bed is the one day he won't be in it." Slowly, Sarah made her way to her side of the bed and sat down. Shutting her eyes she pinched the bridge of her nose, "this cannot be happening." Her voice bounced off the walls of her room and she opened her eyes, the bedside picture of Chris and her staring at her. Chris's dimples with glossy and smooth from the surface of the picture and the flash made his smile more blinding white than it was in person.

"I am not playing twister." Chris protested as Sarah tugged at his arms.

"Come on," she whined. "It'll be fine"

"That's what you said when we went jetskiing," he teased wrapping his arms around Sarah's body.

Sarah giggled and hit his chest playfully, "well, YOU said you could drive ANYTHING"

"Jetskiing is NOT driving," he responded, his friend calling for his attention as the flash of the camera went off.

Sarah jolted as her cell phone danced across the surface of her bedside table. Grabbing the phone she flipped the top and answered, trying to mask her emotional trainwreck. "Hello"

"Oh no, what happened?" Max said, nearly screaming into Sarah's ear.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she lied.

"Don't give me any of that. Whenever you answer the phone with 'hello' and not your pretty singing voice jamming out to my ringtone, SOMETHING is wrong. So, spill"

"My phone was on vibrate, sorry." She lied again.

"SARAH, TELL ME NOW." He commanded.

She sighed into the phone, "Chris left"

She could hear Max sit straight up in his bed, "what?! Like LEFT left"

"Yes, if you MUST know." Her tears came rushing back, "he said we were right for eachother, it just wasn't the right timing." She sniffed back her tears.

"What a cock sucking asshole. I warned you about perfect pretty boys with plans. Haven't you learned from MY ex's?" Sarah couldn't help but smile at his rant.

"But Chris isn't blonde," she said. A single tear sliding down her cheek.

"Does that matter?" He teased, "what do sluts now a days call brunettes? THEY ARE TWO TIMING SKANK WHORES"

Sarah laughed, "it's brunettes have more fun"

"Yeah, well, same thing"

Smiling she teased,"of course Max, it's the EXACT same thing," and for the moment she was back to her old self. "I better get going, Chris will be home soon..." She stopped, and her heart sank into her stomach as the tears rushed back into her eyes.

Max spoke up, "hey. I love you, and it'll never be the wrong timing"

"Thanks..." Her words were stuck in her throw as she fought back the tears once more. "If you weren't gay, I'd totally be in love with you"

"And if you had a penis, I'd totally love you more than I already do," he teased. "But seriously, when you get down here the FIRST thing we are doing is "

"Boy hunting." They both said.

"Yeah, but I'm sick of boys," she added, "I need a man." She sighed, laying the picture of Chris and her face down. "And no one flakey or immature. Just a well-rounded gentleman who's "

"Insane in bed," Max interupted.

"I was going to say blonde."