The doctor shifted in her chair in a languid and controlled motion

The doctor shifted in her chair in a languid and controlled motion. She seemed calm and confident, but Emilie knew she really was quite uncomfortable being in the same room as she.

"So, Emilie, tell me, why did you dabble in such things?"

Emilie was looking out the window now. Her hand instinctively moved to her collarbone, where her necklace always was. But it was missing now, her parents had taken it away, they didn't understand. They didn't want to.

"I didn't, it's not as bad as they think."

So the doctor reached into the pocket of her blazer and pulled out the necklace, holding it up by the delicate silver chain as if the pendant were going to burn her fingers if they touched it.

"Oh, please!" Emilie sighed, "for God's sakes, woman, maybe I'm just obsessed with trigonometry, or maybe I'm just a great fan of Faust or Lovecraft, eh? Or maybe I think it's pretty goddamned interesting how everyone always thinks it's a symbol of Satan when it's SO much more than that, and so much nothing to do with it."

The psychologist shrugged the girl's ranting away and replied cooly, "Regardless, Emilie, your parents are concerned for your spiritual well-being and they want you to renounce magic and cut all the ties you have to this… sect or coven or," She flipped her hand in disgust, "cult."

Emilie gasped in disbelief, "In case you don't know, a cult is a system of religious or spiritual beliefs that are regarded by others as misguided or unorthodox. And in any case I'm not a part of anything, I just have my own philosophies, I'm not a drone, I'm not mundane."

"Your parents are very concerned about your spiritual well-being," she repeated, "and they want you to find your way out of this psychological rut and follow the righteous path of Christ."

Emilie rolled her eyes, "I don't believe in Jesus as the savior, as God, even as divine. I believe the lessons he taught are a great foundation in which to build upon your personal philosophy, as is the bible, and most other sacred texts as well, but being a religious fanatic?" She chuckled, "Well, that's just not me."

The psychologist made a disgusted expression and decided she had had just about enough of this heathen. She stood up.

"You may leave now," she said coldly, giving Emilie back her necklace, which she put on promptly. The psychologist made no effort to mask her disapproving glare and Emilie walked towards the door with a victorious smile upon her face.

"You're not coming back, you know." The psychologist said to her as she closed the door behind her, "I'll not have you in my office again, for what you need is a priest, not a doctor."

Emilie chuckled as she turned away and closed the door behind her.