Here I am.

Can't you see?

Been so long,

Since you have

Noticed me.

Standing here,

All alone,

Getting by,

On my own.

No one seems,

To really know,

Who I am,

Or where I go.

Remember me?

Daughter, friend,

Sister, see,

Here I am.

You moved on,

I did too.

Hoping for some

Notice from you.

No matter what

I do or say

No one seems,

To glance my way.

Long ago,

I was there.

Part of it,

Now I'm here.

Can't see what

Could have changed,

Nothing I did,

Was really strange.

I do all

You do and more.

Yet you stand

Center floor.

I can do,

And I have done,

Amazing things,

Yet everyone

Just ignores,

And passes by,

For lesser works,

You have tried.

What did I do,

For this shame?

No one ever

Calls my name.

Standing by,

Watching all,

Hoping that,

Someone will call.

Thinking of

Those olden days,

Those golden days,

When we would stay,

And work as one.

Yet here I am,

To the side,

Out of the light.

What made you think,

That I enjoy,

Being on the brink,

But not inside?

What can I do,

To make you see

Something new.

There's nothing.

You have the power,

I have no rights.

When is my hour,

My time to shine?

It's long gone,

Nothing of mine,

Will ever be,

Good enough.

I can never reach

High enough.

You can teach

That life's not fair.

Yet can't you see,

Standing here

This is me.

The girl you left

Far behind.

What we need,

An outside mind,

Someone who will

Notice this,

The one who all

Seem to miss.

Not you favorite,

I must be

Content to stand here,

This is me.