Who will be its next victim,

Who will succumb to its greed,

Who will be taken away to a land,

Without joy, or so it would seem

Who will the monster devour,

Snuffing out hopes and dreams

Ending a child's bright future,

Before its light has started to gleam

Who will willingly walk to it,

Who will struggle, yet fall,

Who will leave with regrets for the past

Who will leave free, standing tall

Who will leave us behind,

Off to places we can't even dream

Who will abandon their loved ones,

Leaving us only with tears

Who will none notice their absence,

A gasp, and then they are gone

Who will leave with great fanfare,

The pain of a voice's last song

Who will be taken without notice

Who will be dragged inch by inch

Whose fate will lead them to end it,

Before the monster's claws twitch

Who will welcome the monster,

Driving its fangs through their heart

Who will be payment for crimes done,

With no soul left with to part

Who will attempt to change fate,

Turning back the clock of time

Who will accept what will happen,

Taking the future in stride

Who will stand separate and fight

Who will be mowed down in droves

Who will the monster select

As his insatiable hunger grows

Who will be remain behind

To clean up the monster's mess

Who will stay and cry

For the pain the monster has left