Lights flashing, everyone losing themselves to the beat.
It's hot and humid,
The music is pulsing through the writhing mass of bodies.
It's the garden of lust and vanity,
No one is free from the predators' hunting ground.
Electricity arcs from one dancer to another,
Everyone's in ecstasy,
Not noticing one after another being picked off.

One by one, they all disappear.
Marching to the depths of the dragon's den,
The VIP room of the club.
There's a few stragglers,
Refusing to lose themselves.
They run, run far far away-
To the back alleys.
Running from the darkness-
Running from the irrational fears that threaten to become rational.

The last ones-
One on the dance floor,
All the electricity is hers now.
She looks dangerous,
Like she's an ancient goddess, ruling over the floor.

One in the back alley-
Cowering 'neath a carboard box.
The electricity has nearly all left her.
She's the beginning,
The one who knows that those fears aren't as irrational as everyone thinks.

They're taken,
One by the predators,
She thought she could beat,
Taken by her deadly pride.

The other,
By the paranoia of being followed,
She danced off the pier,
In the coming sun
With all the pretty colors bleeding into the sea
Taken by fear.

Such weakness and power
Exchanges happen everywhere
And not one participant-
Predator, or prey
Has the ability or want to know
That every one of them is something else's prey.

This was something kinda random I did in art during school. I was listening to 'The Church of Hot Addiction' By Cobra Starship. I really don't know where this came from... So it might not be that good. Tell me what you think please