Funny Quotes of TV and my life…

Funny Quotes of TV and my life…

1. Chloe: (Spins with arms out) "WEEEEEEEE! IM A TORNADO!"

2. "hi"












"h-…aaaaaaah! Stupid!

Me and April

3. Sam: "So a man walks into a bar and says 'ow'"


Sam: " …."

4. Matt: "You're dumb…"

Me: "You're face is dumb!"

Matt: "You're mom's face is dumb!"

Me: "You're Mom's Face is…more dumb!"

Matt: "….yeh…"

5. Chloe: "It's raining…"

Me: "yeeeep…"

Chloe: "OH! Now it's snowing…"

Me: "WOW! You would NEVER see THAT in Colorado!"

Chloe: "Nope…never…"

(We live in Colorado…)

6. Me: "Thunderstorms taste like Bacon…"

7. Cody C: "Do Do Do Do Do..Do Do…Do! Can't touch me!"

Me: "Who would want to?"

Cody C: "…now that was just mean….."

Me: "Oh I'm sorry."

Cody C: "Really?"

Me: "NO!"


(Banana walks out)

"….IM A BA-NA-NA!"

(Quote from cartoon on Computer…)

9."Chaaaaarlieeeeee!...Chaaaarlieeeeee! ...Chaaaarlieeeeee! ...Chaaaarlieeeeee! ...Chaaaarlieeeeee! Ch-"


"We're on a BRIIIDGE Charlie!"

(Charlie the Unicorn…cartoon on computer…)

10. Chloe: "I don't want…your sandwich…"

11. Chloe: "WOH! I TASTE LIKE PEANUT BUTTER!" (Licks arm) "And Lotion…"

12. Me: "What is up yo?! Foshizle my Nizzle!"

April: (Stares)

13. Chloe: 'GET OOOOOOON!"

Me: ALRIIIIIGHT! I'll try…ha…..try….thats a funny word….

Chloe: ?

(When we talk on IM…)

14. Random person: "I think I like him but-"

Chloe: "You think you like HAM?"

15. Chloe: "You can't tell me what to do! NOBODY tells ME what to do!"

Mrs. Neal: "Finish your project, Chloe!"

Chloe: "Yes mam" (Works on project)

Me: (Laughs)

16. "And the Australians are still down there, like WTF, Mate?...but they'll be dead soon…Fuck the Kangaroos…"

(End of Ze World, Computer cartoon)

17. Chloe: You're a Paradise! Oh wait…what doesn't sound right…OH GOD!"

(Referring to a song by Green Day)

18. Chloe: "GO SUPERFINGER!" (Runs around the classroom with finger out)

19. Dane Cook: "I HATE it when somebody turns around in my driveway. You're just sitting comfortably watching T.V., you hear a car pulling up like "Who is this?!" It's so disruptive you look out, strange car, you dont know if it's a government official. You start getting concerned "What I dont know this car," then they turn to leave you're like "You son of a bitch, you wasted moments of my life! Moments i will never get back!"

20. Dane Cook: "We were so poor growing up, that little iron...we had to actually use that little iron. That's not funny. It takes a long time to iron a shirt with that tiny little iron." (Referring to Monopoly)

Thanks for reading the funny quotes of my life! I will get more and more until you cant take it anymore! BWAHAHAHA!...ha….just kidding…But I will get more! See ya! FOSHIZLE!