Slow Hands

Slow Hands

Chapter two: Evil

Well its going for now, but where it stops? Or when, I have no idea.

The following morning he woke up next to her, and for the first time in his life he didn't want to move, he wanted to lie there with her still fast asleep in his arms and enjoy the early morning sun that poured in through the curtains. It was so peacefully. Too peacefully. Suddenly she stirred and hit him across the chest, hard, he was pushed backwards.

"Ow." He groaned, she sat up on the bed, holding the covers up so as to not expose her naked torso. He rubbed his chest and she looked back at him lying on the pillows. He starred right at her his eyes still begging her to come back to him, to lie down again.

"Shit." She breathed scampering out of the bed an heading straight to the bathroom, she got a bathrobe and returned moments later. When she did Sebastien was already standing looking out the window with a pair of black silk boxers on.

"Shall we order room service?" he asked looking out the window. She watch him from behind his back bore a single tattooed cross on his left shoulder blade. She Shook her head.

"I think I should go." he turned around to look at her critically. His hands by his sides he began to stride towards her, she couldn't help but still be afraid of him, she flinced as his hand came up to her face.

"I think you should stay, have breakfast, and a quick bubble bath, and then after that we can deal with exit strategies." he caressed her cheek, but he had felt her flinch before. And it troubled him to know that after what had happened the night before she was still scared. That night had been magnificent something he had never felt before, he had never been so gentle with someone, and he had never wanted to be so gentle. But somehow she had managed to pull out the best of him besides the fact that she was there to kill him.

She was scared, and a part of him knew that she would only stay because she was afraid of what he would do to her if she didn't. But at that moment he didn't care because he knew that any reason for her to stay with him longer was a good enough reason for him. She nodded slowly. And he smilled.

Half an hour later a tray of fresh fruits and eggs arrived from a waiter who was surprised to see someone in Sebastien's room so late in the morning.

"Monsieur Duflot, tu as une petite amie?" the man teased politely wheeling the tray into the room beside the breakfast table where Slade was sitting she smilled up at him.

"Bien oui, j'ai toujours des petites amies." Sebastien responded lauging, the man laughed as well. Slade on the other hand scowled at him as he gave the man a tip, and after locking the door made his way back to the little table.

"Its true." He told her sitting across from her, but she didn't look at him, she was looking out the window at the goings and comings of the small town.

"Its breathtaking." She stated completely ignoring his previous comment. He nodded pouring her coffee into a small mug. "I wish I could stay here forever." She told him.

"It is absolutely lovely but I think that after a while it would become boring, especially for a killer like yourself." She turned to look at him and picked up the coffee cup at the same time.

"I'm not much of a killer am i?" she laughed sipping it,

"No you are, I think you just have to be careful not to fall in love with those you plan to kill." He told her placing a bowl of fruits infront of her and another infront of him. she nodded.

"I'm not in love with you." She told him flatly.

"That's what they all say, just don't call me in a month wanting to have my children." He told her, she laughed at that. And the soft sound of her laughter made him smile as he looked at her face, wanting to remember it forever, he wanted to remember her smile and her quirks.

"I just wish I could live a little mundane life like everyone else." Sebastien nodded eating a strawberry.

"Of course you do, we all do, I did. But I grew out of it. You're young yet, once you get your feet in the water you'll be fine. And you'll never want any sort of stable relationship again." She shook her head, but deep down she was afraid that what he was saying was true. Her father had always been like that, he never wanted to settle down, she knew that he loved her and her mother, but no part of him could be tied down. The only thing he was tied to was his work and he did that with more passion than anything. She had spent her whole child hood watching her mother breakdown because she was in love with a man who could never be there for her, no matter how hard he tried. And for all of her life she has wished to be like her father, she had wished to be disconnected and far from the societal norms. But a part of her belonged to her mother, and that part wanted simplicity and stability, that part of her wanted the four bedroom house in a rural area with a picket fence and a loving husband, with three kids. The other part wanted to roam free in a world where she ruled what would happened next, with a take no prisoners attitude and a gun on her hip. She was caught between two opposites.

"I hope so." She told him honestly looking up. For a moment she felt as if she was having déjà vu, it was deffinately a very odd feeling seeing him there sitting across the table eating together and talking as if they were together, going out or something, it was eerie. It had elements of the mundane normalacy of a relationship but at the same time it was two people one a killer and the other an arms dealer, two very evil people who only existed on the fringes on society.

"When are you going back to America?" he asked her, she shrugged.

"I duno after I get yelled at for not killing you." She stated, he laughed. But when he looked up to see her straight face he knew she wasn't joking, and his smile faded.

"You're father will come after me then, will he?" Slade nodded.

"I'm being hunted like a dog, just like my father." She had never thought of it, she had never thought of the irony that they were both doing exactly what their fathers had done.

"I mean you guys aren't exactly the best human beings on the planet." She told him. he shrugged.

"Death is only an escape strategy of the lucky." He told her. and it made more sense to her than anything else in the world. It was true, if you were dead you were gone, if you were alive you were doomed to suffer. He sighed and got up.

"Miss Maddie Slade, you make me think, and I don't know whether its good or bad." She watched him as he stretched, his muscles flexing, she wanted to be close to him again, she wanted to continue talking to him because he was perhaps the only person who could understand what she was going though.

"Shall we go have a bubble bath, then?" he asked and she smilled.

Moments later they were sitting together in the clawfoot bathtub his arms wraped around her body as she leaned against him just soaking in the warm bubbly water.

"Did you love him?" she asked quietly as he gently nuzzled her neck.

"my father?" he asked, he felt her nod. "yes I did." He responded gently kissing her neck again, like the night before some how her wet skin seemed even moer inticing.

"How could you love someone so bad?" she asked him, her eyes shut as he continued to massage her neck with his lips.

"He was my father, I am exactly like him." Slade shook her head.

"You're not." She told him.

"you don't know me." He told her still kissing her neck, it sent shudders though her body, he was right, she barely knew him. she had just met him and already she was putty in his hands. "I've killed people, Slade" he whispered, his cool breath on her skin made her shiver even more. "I give people guns to kill others." He continued. "and you know that but somehow you spent the night with me, and you're still here letting me hold you, and touch you and kiss you." He continued to kiss her neck and she moaned unconsciously. "So am I wrong for loving my father, or are you wrong for being here with me?" she opened her eyes and turned around in the tub to face him. she crawled closer so that her face was beside his.

"I am." She whispered seductively nibbling on his ear lobe she felt him shiver at the honesty in her voice. They began to kiss with urgency, holding onto each other as if the world would end, the water in the bath sloshed around as they seemed to almost fight through the kisses, their hands roaming all over each others bodies until finally he slammed her hard against the tub. She was surprised there was no blood. He held her still.

"I want you now." He told her, and she pulled his mouth to hers and began to kiss him as he thrust into her.

Afterwards they tumbled onto the bed. Soaking wet and continued, not stopping until the both collapsed, a feat for two people who both had been trained how to endure long strenuous hours of work. Slade left when he fell asleep, dressing quickly and picking up both of her guns, the front desk called her a taxi, because she knew that if she stayed she couldn't be held accountable for what would have happened next.

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