My very first try on horror stuff. Might have another chapter if I ever get motivated or inspired again. Yeah... This is just the prologue.

Miriam looked under bed, but could not find her cat. She searched on the shelves, she still could not find her cat. After searching for her beloved cat for 2 hours, her mother called, "Miriam! Could you please come down here." "Wait!" She replied and continued searching for her cat once more. "Claire where are you?" she softly spoke. Then she heard the ringing of a bell that sounded like the one on Claire's collar. "Claire?" Miriam slowly walked over to the bed where she has heard the sound. She looked around the bed, then she felt something scratch her leg. "Claire it's me, Miriam." Miriam looked under her bed and saw blood gushing out from the cat's eyes and mouth. The cat looked deformed. An ear-splitting scream could be heard not far away. They found the girl jammed under the bed in the same condition as her cat.


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