Hi! Still remember me? How many months has it been since I last wrote... Anyways, I'm really sorry that it took so long for me to write again and there isnt really a particular reason for it.

3 weeks later I was moving in with my aunt, not that I really wanted to. Skye forced me to. I hope he trips on the way home.

I reminisced together with my favorite lion plushie about everything that has happened lately. Actually, I cant believe it either. Even with my whole family gone, I didnt feel as sad as I thought I'd be.

I couldnt believe how light my suitcases were. I mean, 1 bag is all it takes for my stuff, the rest filled with the white shirts and jeans I used to wear. Boy did I waste a lot of money buying identical clothes.

I heard a car honk its way toward my ears, telling me to hurry up and go downstairs. As I neared the luxurious-looking green car, my aunt took my bag and loaded it in the trunk.

"So how've you been feeling?" she asked and started the car engine as soon as I got in.

"You never change." I say to her. "Actually, I want to go by walking."

She sighed and handed me a key.

The car drove away and I decided to take a last stroll around the old neighborhood before I seriously start walking. A few moments later I look on my watch, "It's 6pm already?"

Suddenly my vision began to blur. After panicking for a bit when my vision started to fail me, I rubbed my eyes and looked forward, only a turn around the corner and I'll be arriving at the house. As soon as I spotted the luxurious-looking green car, parked next to the equally luxurious house with a huge dark gate where you can see through the beautiful front porch with a small fountain. I wonder what I was thinking when I refused to move in.

I could see clearly again and I was welcomed inside by the mixed scent of something burning (probably in the kitchen) and a vast variety of plants and flowers. I opened the door and made my way around the corner where I think my aunt is probably is. The house isnt really big, just enough for maybe 3 people. It gives me a quaint kind of feeling when I'm inside.

"Ugh..." I suddenly feel dizzy again after taking a sniff of what was supposed to be salad. Why the hell is salad burning?

She looked at me with surprise in her eyes.

"You're soaking wet! Hurry up and go take a bath."


It was then I realized I've been dawdling in the rain for more than 2 hours straight. I relaxed and submerged myself under the bath water that my aunt sprinkled in what looks like some kind of herb. It smells like pepper and it burns my eyes.

But it didnt really rain a while ago...

I was engulfed in a bright light when I woke up in that room. That room where I used to play hide and seek with them. Blood poured out from every inch of my body, pain resounding through it."Come back to us..." "Why did you kill me?" "...it's too late now..." Those words lingered around my mind as memories of them revolved around my world... WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?! An eerie being touched my shoulder and showed me its horrible smile...

I awoke from my short nap in the tub and tears began rushing out.

My back ached as I began preparing for bed. It was almost midnight and my aunt and the birds she keeps downstairs are already asleep. I switched off my mp3 and set it aside.

Just to elaborate, the room I was staying in was at the 2nd floor, with a private bathroom and has these big tainted glass windows in a nice shade of blue and green. The walls were covered in a patterned wallpaper and the floor was carpeted. Pictures of beautiful sceneries surround the room and the bed was king-sized with comfy pillows and warm blankets. Chairs were designed with cute animals and the dresser was white and studded with gold stars. The desk was narra wood and the lights were all round except for the one in the middle which was like a great shining sun. This room mostly took up the space in the 2nd floor but I think it was absolutely gorgeous.

(a/n: nice room she's got there...)

I switched off the lights and opened the curtains. I was dazzled by the scene of the glass windows reflecting the moonlight into the room. Finally, I laid in bed and waited for myself to sleep. This, was the end of my tranquil bliss.

Screams could be heard from nowhere and it went on until it made me bite my tongue. I was standing outside when the beautiful place I was staying in erupted into smoldering flames. I ran, and ran, and ran; for so long till my feet was swollen. I stopped, cowering in fear as it's huge appearance and empty feeling shadowed upon me. I felt my body being dragged in by them and I would just stare in the jet black darkness. I never thought that the house which I cherished the most before would be my greatest nightmare.

I wanted to wake up, I needed to, but I couldnt. It's just too late.


Tadaa! Done at last! So how was it? I'm curious to know what you think about it :) To me, this is the epilogue, but is it still considered as one? Hehe... I think this is the last time I ever attempt to write a horror story, it just creeps me out. I hope that soon enough, I can get around making other stories I have in mind. Thanks!