A First For Everything

Kyle woke up the next morning earlier than he had hoped to. Lifting his head up, he spotted Jeremy putting things into his backpack, fully dressed.

"Dude, what time is it?" he mumbled, startling Jeremy.

"It's almost nine," Jeremy replied, looking at his watch. "I didn't mean to wake you, I'll be quieter tomorrow."

"Nah, it's alright." Kyle put his head back down and closed his eyes again. "I'll sleep through your morning routine soon enough." Jeremy nodded and left the room, leaving Kyle to fall back asleep.

As Jeremy walked to his first class, he wondered if he would meet anyone else he might be able to call a friend. If not, I can always go and buy a new book to read, he thought.

He made it to the large classroom without meeting anyone, although whether that was a good or bad thing he didn't know. Before Jeremy had the chance to get his notebook out, a squeal came from one of the doors and a something collided into him.

"Jeremy!" the thing cried and only then did he realize it was just Emma.

"Hi Emma," he said, feeling his face heat up as she continued to hug him.

"I missed you," she said, pulling away to take the seat next to him. She pulled her decorated purple binder from the spot she had thrown it closer. "You didn't seem very talkative last night at dinner, but I'm so glad that you're in my calculus class. Now I have someone to talk to during these boring lectures and we can pass notes and all sorts of stuff. I could even help you with your work!" Jeremy stared at her, stunned by her ability to speak for that long without breathing. "Oh! What's the rest of your schedule look like? I want to know if I get to see you in any of my other classes."

Still stunned, Jeremy handed his schedule to her. "How did you…I mean, you don't really look…rather…" Emma let out a giggle as she listened to Jeremy stutter helplessly.

"Just because I'm the hottest thing this side of the state doesn't mean I can't have a brain to match." She let out more giggles as Jeremy's face turned a deep red. "Anyway, it looks like we have Rhetoric together." She let out another squeal before continuing. "This means you can help me write my papers and I can help you get over your oh so glaring public speaking skills."

"I don't have a problem speaking in public," Jeremy said, burying his head in his arms.

"Please, you said all of three words the entire trip last night and I know that you were a bit frightened about talking. Don't worry though. I can fix that problem before you have a chance to refuse. Oh my gosh, Eleanor! I'm over here!" Emma stood up in her seat and waved before sitting back down. "Don't worry Jeremy, Eleanor's cool. I met her two days ago when I was at a start of semester party hosted by the student council. She's actually the secretary of the council. Isn't that amazing?"

Jeremy realized then that this was going to be a very long class.

Evan took his time walking to his first class that morning. He was enjoying the relatively cool weather for once and wanted to take full advantage of it.

"Evan dearest!" a female voice shouted from one of the buildings. Evan looked up to see a tall woman running towards him as fast as her heeled shoes could bring her. Her bright blonde hair flew behind her elegantly as she ran, making for many of the other students to whistle as she ran passed.

"Eleanor! How long has it been?" Evan said as the woman threw herself against his chest as they hugged.

"Almost a year, dear, and I had almost forgotten that you were coming. How are you enjoying your new dormitory?" Eleanor asked as they separated.

"Well enough. My roommate has a really strong Irish accent and I met a few people already that I can hang out with. How was your summer in London? I can see they've already affected your accent."

"It was positively lovely. It didn't rain nearly as much as people assume it does and they have these wonderful little shops that you can find nearly anything at." The pair started to walk along together, Eleanor slipping her hand into the crook of Evan's elbow.

"How's Ben doing?"

"Benjamin is doing wonderfully. He's just now recovering from the jetlag."

"Didn't the two of you get back two weeks ago?"

"Yes, but you know poor Benji, he'll find any excuse to sleep in later than appropriate." The two continued to talk as they walked into a small one-story building together. "So are you ready to handle the so-called romantic language of the French my dear?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. Besides, what I can't grasp you'll drill into my skull until I finally do."

"Too true," Eleanor giggled, hiding her laughter behind a hand. The two took adjacent seats and continued to chat before the teacher started the class.

An hour later, the two walked out together, their notebooks already starting to fill with the language.

"I never knew that it took so much work to learn a new language," Evan said as they walked out.

"You should wait until we start verbs before you say that or else you will never make it through, dear," Eleanor said, giggling behind her hand again.

"How do you do it Eleanor?" Evan asked as they made their way to the on-campus food court. Unlike the dormitory's cafeteria, the food court had a large selection of outside fast food chains and a student run eatery.

"Do what my dear?" The pair went to the latter, ordering burgers for themselves.

"Learn another language so easily. There's so much to it I don't think I can keep it all straight."

"It is hard, but you'll get used to it in time." The pair continued to chat about nothing until their food arrived.

"Oh yes, before I forget, I know this wonderful woman that you have to meet. Her name is Emma and she's in my Calculus class. The two of you would be perfect together," Eleanor said after swallowing a bite of her burger.

"Long blonde hair and talks constantly?"

"Why yes, dear, she does have those traits. Have the two of you already met?"

"Yeah, I met her yesterday through someone else. We had gone to grab a bite to eat together last night."

"Oh then that will make it much easier to get you two together," Eleanor said delightfully. She continued on about how Evan and Emma would be wonderful together while Evan let out a sigh and picked at his fries.

"So how was your morning?" Kyle asked Jeremy as he saw the other come to sit next to him. Jeremy looked at him with a look of panic on his face.

"Emma," he said simply, falling into his chair.

"Oh," Kyle said, grinning at what he was sure had happened. "She talks a lot, doesn't she? What class did you have with her?"

"Calculus. How the heck did she get in Calculus?" Jeremy said, saying it before he could stop himself. Kyle laughed as Jeremy's eyes went wide at what he had said. "I mean…I didn't think that…she looks so…"

"She's full of surprises like that, trust me. You'll get used to it eventually." Jeremy nodded as they went quiet for a moment.

"So…how was your morning?" Jeremy asked, trying to prove to himself that Emma was wrong.

"Good, good. I woke up at eleven, ate lunch, then came here." They sat in silence while freshmen came into the room. Kyle watched them lazily while Jeremy pulled out a book to read until the teacher deemed it ready to start the class.

"Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored," Kyle chanted as he sat on one of the benches scattered around outdoors. Jeremy had gone straight back to their dorm room after their class together and had left Kyle with nothing to do. He still had another thirty minutes before his next class.

"At least Evan will be there," Kyle muttered staring up at the sky.

"I'll be where?" Evan said, staring down at Kyle. He nearly jumped off the bench at the sound of his voice.

"God, don't fucking do that Evan, you scared the shit out of me." Evan laughed as he sat next to Kyle, who was shifting slightly to cover up the fact he had jumped.


"Jerk." The two sat quietly for a while, staring at the clouds drifting in the sky. "Did you have any classes this morning?"

"Yeah, I did: French and Pre-Cal." Kyle looked over at Evan, his eyebrows drawn together.

"French? Why are you taking French?"

"Eleanor's making me take it." There was an audible pause as Kyle went back to watching the clouds.

"Who's Eleanor?"

"She's my cousin. She's in her sophomore year here."

"Oh." Kyle's voice had the faintest trace of relief in it as he said it. "How did your classes go?"

"They went pretty well. French is going to take a lot more work than I had thought and I'm going to fail Pre-Cal before we even get started because I don't remember jack about math from high school."

"Well, you could always ask Jeremy or Emma for help." Kyle couldn't help but smile at the thought of Evan learning math at the hands of Emma. "Both of them are in Calculus together apparently."

"Which reminds me, Eleanor thinks I should date Emma." Kyle looked at Evan again, one eyebrow raised at his companion before he burst out laughing. "What's so funny?"

"I'm…I'm sorry," Kyle said as he controlled himself. "It's just that…that Emma has never liked the jock. She always falls for the geek." Evan glared at Kyle as he talked.

"I am not a jock. I freakin' hated the jocks at my high school. They had always picked on my little brother."

"You have a little brother?"

"Yeah, his name's Gene. He's a couple years younger than me, but he's really skinny and self-conscious so everyone tends to pick on him."

"Harsh, and now that you're gone it'll probably be rougher for him, won't it?"

"True, but he had insisted on letting him use my weights to beef up over the summer, so he's not quite as skinny as before." The two sat silently for a moment until Evan checked his watch.

"Oh man, it's nearly time for class. I should get going," Evan said, standing up.

"What class is it?" Kyle asked as he followed suit.

"History." He paused for a moment before looking at Kyle. "Don't we have that class together?"

"Yeah, that's the one you said we shared yesterday. Let's go."

"Can you turn that music down?" Emma asked her roommate later that night. Dinner had already passed and it was nearing time for lights out. Emma had taken the opportunity to begin on her class readings.

"I don't know why you even bother to read that stuff," Emma's roommate, Rita, said as she turned down the volume one or two points. She faked a smile at Emma, receiving a flip of blonde hair and a disgruntled glare in return.

"I like to be prepared, that's all. Besides, how else am I going to learn this stuff?"

"I don't know, maybe by paying attention in class?"

"And then I can't flirt with the cuties that happen to be in my classes."

"God forbid that you can't ogle your man candy during class instead of being productive. Hey!" Rita cried out when a frilly purple chair pillow was tossed at her head. "Watch it."

"Make me bitch." The pillow landed on the floor next to Emma's computer chair. "That was really lame."

"Shut up." The two went to ignoring each other as the night progressed until Emma heard a knock on the door. Groaning, she stood up to answer the door, starting to become frustrated at the difficulty to study in peace.

"Hey, Emma," Kyle said as she opened the door. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Emma said, making way for Kyle to come in. He stood just far enough in for Emma to close the door before looking straight his friend.

"We need to talk."

"About what?" Kyle was quiet for a moment before looking at Rita.

"Oh alright," Rita said, flinging her wavy black hair behind her ears as she put on her headphones, the music in the room no longer coming from the speakers.

"Okay, what's this about?" Emma asked once she was sure Rita wasn't listening. Kyle watched Rita for a moment to make sure she wasn't listening. Rita saw him staring and shrugged her shoulders.

"I was just wondering if…if you had your eyes on anyone on-campus so far…" Kyle trailed off as he spoke looking at the wall just above Emma's right shoulder.

"If I…? Oh, are you needing help in some manner?" Emma asked, winking at her friend.

"No…I was just…ah…" Kyle was starting to turn extremely red as he stuttered, suddenly unsure of what he was really doing. "Can you just keep an eye on someone for me?" Emma started to grin devilishly as Kyle told her who to watch for.

"Oh Kyle, you know I'm always ready to help with something like this," she said as he finished. "Now go back to your room so I can finish my reading." She escorted Kyle out of the room and down the hall. She was gone just long enough for Rita to end the record feature of an old tape player and stash it under her pillow before unplugging her headphones and letting her music blast into the room again.

A/N: Here's chapter two! Sorry it took two weeks to get up, but I was having a bit of trouble with the ending. That and moving last weekend didn't help with the whole writing bit either. I hope you all enjoy!