Do You Remember?
by: Kiora

*I remember the laughter, do you? The smiles.. the flowers.. the sweet sunshine. Do you remember the smell of pine trees under the moonlight? Or the roses, that brightened up each cloudy day? I do, I remember it. I remember it all.*

Pain. She relished his screams, his pleads, and delighted in the taste of his agony. Drawing her dagger from his back, it's blade glistened, though it was stained with blood. He lay there now.. stiff and cold, his body slowly rotting under the moonlight. She bent down, looking to him one last time, "You betrayed me. You won't do it again."

*I remember the day I met you. It was the day my parents passed away. You comforted me.. wiped away my tears. You told me you'd protect me. Be there for me. You promised. Do you remember? I do. You held me as I cried, and as I told you everything. You held me and let me remember. Let me pretend. I trusted you. Did you really trust me?*

Alone in the twilight, she walked, treading silent under the stars, as the wind whispered her tale to the world. Walking through the streets, she gazed into each window, remembering.. wishing. Drawing her hood over her head, she looked at her hands, stained with the blood of a loved one.

*I saw you that day, spilling my secrets, mocking my every word. You called yourself my friend, yet you told the world everything I didn't want it to know. Do you remember? I do. I trusted you.*