Why? What? How?

What lies within the darkness,

That curiosity won't reach.

What hides between the folds of night,

That light shant ever breach?

What kind of people are we,

As we sleep through the night?

With the moon, silently watching,

Some new, unknown plight.

How can the sun be shining,

When it's just a bomb?

Why do we enjoy the ocean,

With all the damage it's caused?

How can such a world,

Be deemed so simplistic?

When its grace and beauty,

Is ever so artistic.

Why can't this poem,

Keep marching it's way?

Unfurling and forming,

The dawning of day.

Our minds are flawed,

So finite.

As we chase our stars,

Into the darkness of night.

If only our minds,

We're infinite.

We'd know all things,

And what they meant.

But since we can't,

And time won't stop.

We can only ponder,

And race the clock.