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Aramis restlessly paced back and forth before the empty fireplace. His hands were clasped behind his back. Right now he was extremely on edge, awaiting for any sort of communication from Cassie. She had called him two days before to say she had landed safely in the United States with Thomas. After that she had checked into her hotel and he hadn't heard a peep.

He growled as his dark green eyes raised and stared at the slowly moving hands on the clock that rested atop the wooden mantle. Nervously he ran his hands through his hair. It was rare that he ever tried to take control of a situation, but he should have demanded Cassie not go on her journey.

It was useless to fight with his thick headed wife though. Cassie was the most stubborn woman he had ever met. Alpha male or no alpha male, Cassie had it set in her mind that she was going to the United States to fulfill her promise to Alexander. Just thinking of the man made Aramis cringe and growl.

Aramis didn't mean to be so possessive of his wife but he had barely had her back for three days before she told him of what she had to do. They had of course argued but in the end Cassie was the victorious one. Her bags had been packed in less than an hour and plane tickets for her and Thomas procured quickly.

Suddenly a strong knock was heard on the front door of his manor. Aramis' head shot up as his eyes widened. Heart thudding in his chest he rushed from the parlor towards the door. Eagerly he wrenched it open, hoping to see his smiling wife clutching baby Thomas to her chest. His smile faltered immediately and a look of disgust crossed his features.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Aramis snidely asked. Lord du Mort stood in the door frame awkwardly and sighed. He lowered his chin causing some of his long black hair to fall into his face.

"Can I just...come inside?" he asked in a gruff whisper.

Shrugging coldly, Aramis stepped aside to allow Alexander enough room to step into the foyer. A young maid appeared to gather Alexander's coat. He handed it over without much of a thought as the girl disappeared to hang it up properly.

Aramis coldly regarded the stricken looking vampire. Lord du Mort had always appeared so cocky and confident. But what Aramis observed right now was a disheveled and very exhausted looking immortal.

"Come and sit by my fire. I will have the servants warm up some blood tea," Aramis tried to stay polite. This man had helped in the delivery of his son, despite the fact he had abducted his wife in the first place.

Alexander awkwardly followed Aramis into the parlor.

"Take a seat, you look like you are about to fall over," Aramis said. He pointed to a warm leather wing chair that sat beside the fireplace.

Without a word Alexander did as he was told. Meanwhile as the maid returned to resume her duties of sweeping and dusting, Aramis politely requested she start a fire and then brew some fresh blood tea for their guest.

Re-entering the parlor Aramis plopped down in the chair that sat adjacent to Alexander and once again studied the melancholy fellow.

"I must say this is a complete surprise," Aramis broke the silence after a few seconds of total nothingnesses.

"I didn't no where else to go. I didn't mean to end up here. I just needed to get out of my house...it was so empty and I couldn't stand to be there, with the staring faces of my servants anymore," Alexander admitted quietly.

Aramis nodded gently in understanding. "I am not trying to start any sort of problems Alexander but I do know how you feel. After Cassie disappeared I could barely stand to be in this house. It seemed so empty without her."

The vampire's head lifted at the mention of Cassie. "Have you heard any word from her?" he asked, his voice a bit more lively.

Aramis sighed and slumped back into the chair as he shook his head. "She called me once she had landed and checked into her hotel. After that I haven't heard a thing. Plus she forgot to pack her cell phone charger and it's been three days so her phone is bound to be dead at this point."

The thought of Cassie being frustrated with her phone and digging through her suitcase to find the nonexistent charger made a smile crack on Alexander's face. He chuckled softly as he pushed the hair from his face. "That is very much like Cassie. She is just so...headstrong," he chuckled.

"You don't have to tell me twice. She was in such a hurry to pack I guess she just didn't think about it. Once she gets started there is no getting in her way," Aramis agreed.

The two men sat in a more peaceful silence now that the awkwardness had been broken. Meanwhile the maid had gotten the fire started while another maid appeared with a silver tray clutching some freshly brewed blood tea for Alexander and strong black coffee for Aramis.

The vampire and werewolf peacefully drank their fill of the hot beverages letting themselves get filled up with the warmth.

"You don't know how much I appreciate all this. I know it was a bit bold of me to even have the gal to abduct Cassie and put such weight on her shoulders. But please understand she is the only person who ever really saw the real me...and tried to see the good inside," Alexander explained once the two men were more comfortable in each other's presence.

Aramis shook his head and held up his hand. "I was extremely angry and bitter at the time, but it's okay now. I understand why you did it. I would have done the same thing too. Sometimes love makes you do desperate things without thinking."

The vampire lord nodded his head thoughtfully in agreement. "If it's any consolation, at the time I took her I didn't know she was pregnant. But once I discovered her condition, Cassie was taken care of with the utmost delicacy and she was made completely comfortable."

"As I said," Aramis sipped his third cup of coffee, "all is well now. There is no need to brood on the past, though I do appreciate you taking care of her while she was pregnant and helping her through the difficult labor of our son."

"Yes he really is such a beautiful bab-" Alexander was cut short as a loud knock was heard on the door. Suddenly Cassie appeared as a maid entered the door.

"Mistress Vasser you are soaking wet!" the maid hastily grabbed her heavy suitcase.

"Well I didn't know it would start pouring as soon as I was dropped off," Cassie's bright voice filled up the foyer.

The two men jumped to their feet in shock as Cassie appeared in the doorway, clutching Thomas. The baby was slightly wet but the warm fire was close enough that he was comfortable.

"Aramis!" Cassie joyfully smiled, not even noticing Lord du Mort as she threw herself into her husband's warm and strong embrace.

Aramis buried his face into her thick, black hair that was covered with small droplets of rain. He inhaled the sweet and comforting scent of his beloved wife and mate.

"I have missed you so..." he inhaled that familiar scent again as he leaned down. Purring with pleasure he nuzzled his cheek on Thomas' head as he then kissed the infant's dark hair before kissing his wife warmly on her cool lips.

Meanwhile as Alexander witnessed the reunion of the happy family he didn't notice the pretty, yet soaked, blonde standing in the door frame.

Heart pounding in her chest, Mona's green eyes widened at the site of her former master. All her dreams and memories of him did not do his handsome face and strongly built frame any justice.

"Alexander...?" Mona meekly said his name. She had never dreamed of a reunion with her former master and boyfriend. Now she felt so self conscious as her blonde hair stuck to her pale neck and face. Her dark green sweater and khaki pants clung to her wet body as her green eyes stared into the shocked black eyes of Alexander's.

As he heard his name being said with that sweet and familiar voice his heart felt as if it would burst any moment. Turning slowly he regarded his beloved standing in the doorway. He didn't even notice her wet clothes or hair. What he saw before him was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Here was the woman that had completely accepted him for all his little quirks and had come back to him.

"M...Mona?" he gasped out, almost collapsing as he caught himself on the edge of the chair.

Mona stifled a sob and ran forward and flung herself into his strong yet gentle hold. "I am so sorry Alexander! I should have heard you out so long ago! I was just so terrified and wanted to get away. I should have listened to my heart and let you explain your side."

"None of that matters now. You've come back," Lord du Mort murmured into her hair. He clung to the joyfully weeping blonde as she pressed her face tightly against his chest. Mona was able to hear the gentle beating of her Master's chilly heart as her warm body pressed against his.

"We are all back where we belong," Cassie smiled as she rested her head on Aramis' shoulder and Thomas gazed up innocently at all the happy couples that surrounded him and cooed in content.