Dear Love,

I know I screwed up, but you can't blame this on just me. You played a major role in it too. Don't tell me you're sorry, I know your not. I don't care how much you may think you are…you aren't sorry for it. Sorry means that you will try not to do something. If you were really sorry you would've tried to avoid destroying me.

And another thing I really hate the way you chose to do this to me. In the middle of a school hallway. October 21, 2008. (Yes, I know the date.) I admit I never wanted to have this happen. I thought this was true, not some normal, everyday thing. I thought you were everything that could've been truly amazing. I was proved wrong; I learned my lesson the hard way. I won't make the mistake again…I promise. I know better now than to trust just anyone; next time I get in a situation like this, it will be handled much differently.

I thought I would leave you with this: Even though this may not have worked out I have no doubt in my mind that it wasn't special in its own way. I enjoyed the various memories that were left behind, and I know I will treasure them. I'm going to let go now, because it's for the best whether I (or you) want to admit it or not; we know it's true.


Your Ex-Girlfriend