Grey clouds surround a midsummer's day
I lie in a pool of red silk
Beneath a light canopy of leaves
Dulled green from lack of sunlight.

A slow breath in reminds me
Your scent has gone.
My nostrils ache to be tickled by
Your cologne just one more time,
But as always you deny me that pleasure.

Gentle breezes tickle my eyelashes
Tenderly pushing the lids back
Allowing my eyes to sweep over the pasture
Taking in the tall, slender blades
Rippling in the wind.

My body responds to the music in the wind
Closing my eyes I stand
Winds move my limbs
Gracefully lifting them to the sky.

I sway to the flow of a country ocean.

Alone, I allow my voice to alight
On the hills in the distance.
I call out to you, for you.
A lack of echo sends chills down my spine
As my hands reach out to invisible you.

I am a reed,
A long slender blade of grass
Dressed in red from the blood you spilt
When you left,
Ripping my heart from my chest
And taking it with you
Across the oceans.

I died that day, yet I dance still.

A corpse is blessed with more grace
Than I.
Little matter to a woman who begs to the wind
To bring her lover home again.

Little matter.
A little matter, the fights
Hours and hours spent in darkness
My hands raised to block your blows.

With every conscious moment I hated you
A thousand times more
Than the moment before.
But how my body yearned to feel you
Pressed against mine
My lips ached for yours
My heart beat if only to feel yours close to it.

Like a corpse now I dance
Alone in an open field
Begging the winds,
The ground,
The sky
To feel you near me again.

A corpse has no heart
Any motion it possesses is given
By an outside force.
A corpse I am, since your heart
Bonded with mine
And refused to let go when you left.
Tearing it from my body as you walked away.

Like a cloth, I crumpled to the floor
With no body, nothing to sustain me.

My blood on your hands,
Surrounding me
Billowing in this wind as I dance
A crimson corpse flapping in the breeze.
With less elegance than
A wounded swallow
Who has just had its flight feathers cut.

I count the hours of your absence
In a vain attempt
I believe that the count has an end
The emptiness in my chest
Reminds me, tortures me

Haunts me;

Empty excuses allow me to believe
For one more moment
You'll come home.
When the life-giving river flows freely
Into the earth
Moments are all you have left to live.
Memories are all I have left to live.

Slowly I fade back
Into the distance
Filed into the back of your subconscious
An unpleasant memory of a girl
You once loved

Once knew.

I can feel the last desperate beats
From the hole in my chest
As the place where my heart used to lie
Sputters; realizing its absence.

The winds settle my fading body
Finally at rest I lie still
Fading into the oceanic hill
I can feel myself becoming a memory,
A mere bloodstain
Smeared across the side of the hill
As you walk slowly away.