Note: yes this is my first story and here is a few hints:

All thoughts belong to my main character Lilyan and they will be in italics.

I have been hunting for her nick name and when I find it I will trade her name for the nick-name.

And last but not least… I only own my characters and soon you will find what this story is all about.

Ah, the last day of the school year. Who ends the end of the school year on a Monday? I'm in the girls bath room trying to forget the fact that my big brother, Jack , is outside the door waiting for me.

"Come out of there Lilyan… I know you're you are in there," Jack calls in.

Not for long. I start to climb out through the bathroom window. Suddenly my black jeans get caught in the window and I land hard on top of someone. That someone covers my mouth with their hand.

"Don't move."

OH MY GOD. I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna d…Wait a minute…

"Sam?!" I exclaimed which was promptly muffled by his hand.

"Its about time you noticed" he muttered while dragging me backwards to the parking lot

Where are you taking me?! I demand.

"To the ninth level of hell" he says using the name I called his car the first time he drove me home from school.

"Oh…what about Jack and would you let me go!"

"We both know that you will not willingly go home with Jack."

He's right.

"Lilyan" screamed my brother.

"What the hell we" said in awe.

My brother was wearing a plain white shirt with a red sparkly pants. By the time jack got to us we were having trouble standing up

"Where do you think you are going ?" demanded my brother

"Why are you wearing that?" Sam asked innocently.

Jack promptly turns beet red.

"I am Pedro, the famous salsa dancer from Peru."

"You look more like a vibrating chili pepper" Sam says.

I almost fall to the floor.

"At least he's not Larry, the lucky leprecon from limbo." That gets us started all over again.

"Why," I manage to continue, "are you Pedro the famous salsa dancer from Peru?"

Jack takes a deep breath. "MygirlfriendtoldmetobePedrobecausesheisSharpay."

I think about that for a minute.

"I hate HSM and even I know that Sharpay doesn't even have Spanish blood" I comment.

"Yeah but we ARE talking about my girlfriend, Missy, RIGHT?"

The three of us ponder that for a moment.

"No comment" Sam and I say

"Anyway I will not allow you to go home with a skater/punk/rocker/thing!"

"Nor will I" said a familiar almost regal voice.