The Passenger

Now you've come to the end, its the break in the bend.
All you thought that you had was only on loan.
Such a long weary way, and the train stops today.
You rode the rails but never have you flown.
You were always last in line, so you waited for a sign
That never came 'cause others passed you by
At the station you stood, preserving what you could
Of your old ways, where paths of progress die.

As the old men talk of glories past and the children fall asleep at last
In mothers' arms, some journeys never end.
For the young at heart will live their lives, grow older though acting otherwise,
Until there are no reasons to pretend.

In the evening twilight tones of mournful blowing horns
You hold out hope that next day you'll be gone
Faded ticket in your hand, never knowing where you stand
In the scheme of things, until tomorrow's dawn.
With the squealing of the wheels, get away from what you feel
A life too plain, now running for the hills.
Getting lost along the way, not so bad when you could say
That it was mere adventure just for thrills.

There are no secrets you can keep, no waters you can swim too deep
That don't come back to surface in good time
For all you did or tried to do, will anybody still remember you?
You'll sink into oblivion if you don't care to climb.

All the cars have pulled away, in the station no one stays.
The fare has been paid, but you're still just a guest.
Now you shuffle out the door with the ones who came before
To take your seats, and leaning back to rest
As you gaze out in the dark at the sundown's dying spark,
A whistle blows, and someone goes to sleep.
Though the ride is running smooth, and the night will help to soothe
The growing ache inside, you start to weep

For the time you didn't know you had until its gone, too small and sad
A feeling that you didn't live as you should.
For another ticket on this train you would give your soul and take the pain
Of life again and keep it if you could.