The Girl

The Girl.

She can't take anymore,

Not the pain,

Nor the hate,

Nor the hollow feeling, which will not wane.

She feels the ache inside her,

The hole in her chest.

And it will not leave, though she wants it to,

No matter how hard she tries her best.

The pain and betrayal

Is killing her oh so slowly,

Slowly but painfully,

And she feels oh so lonely.

No one understands her

No one even cares.

Who takes notice of those who cry in the night?

Who cares for how she fares?

No one takes any notice

Of the tears running down her face.

No one hears the silent scream,

The silent plea, which goes to waste.

And so no longer does she live.

She has faded away.

Out of sight, out of mind.

She has gone know, faded from the light of the day.

She has gone, but nobody realises

Gone without a trace.

And another teen, another unfortunate soul,

Has now taken her place.