Sitting here silently thinking that I owe the world this one simple thing: to deliver them from themselves with Truth.

Unbearably they shake me, pry, and peel from me that which is inalienably my Rights under God, so I am told.

Rights under God, Man decrees, and cries out to a government that they defined, proclaiming they are due their just Rights.

Rights under a Constitution, under a Declaration, under one government of a people that are due those Rights.

Rights to a life without sickness; a life where they can hang their hat and go about their day without further concerns.

A life where they can eat at every corner, travel at any whim, in safety without a single batting of the eye, without a further thought.

Our life, our world, slowly picked apart by those who devour worlds and lives in a game they play simply to further their own Rights.

How exactly should they go about their days, those disempowered souls who lost their Rights? Oh, for they are due their Rights!

I would concur in simplicity that the founding fathers indeed made one very disturbing error in their Declaration that day.

I would argue that to declare a Man's Rights rings of "do as thou wilt" breeding the selfish to become relentlessly ferreting for more.

That man has become a creature of that which is "owed to him"; and instead his freedoms have been taken because he has misused them.

Man, is an entity of all that exists; man in his most beautiful form interconnects and disperses himself within each and every thing.

How can anything exist, other than Man, in a world where all that exists are the Rights he is justly due under a God that sees only him?

Perhaps in their Declaration they should have mentioned Man's Duty to all that is God instead of his justly due Rights under Him.

A duty to each and every living thing and all that walks and breathes and all which glorifies this world by its very presence every day.

Duties, not Rights, are what are being called upon today; and Man must learn to act upon such Duty if this world and Man, is to change.

And so in the heart of every Man, and every American who declares their Rights…let their only be one…the right to act rightly.