The Day

"The day I would even consider putting your name and the word 'like' in the same paragraph is the day I actually start liking you. And trust me on this, that day won't come 'til it snows here in Manila in the summer, and you actually grow some manners. And somehow, it's the latter I doubt the more."

Such beautiful words uttered by a girl furious at the thought that the guy she was crushing on was proving to be a major jerk, and the perfect example of what she hated in men.

"And the day I actually start to care about what you think is the day you'd stop being such a bossy know-it-all who can't keep her mouth shut!"

And such were the words uttered by a guy who couldn't believe he almost told this unfeeling girl about his long-time crush on her. In fact, he couldn't even believe he actually liked her – she just couldn't stop interpreting everything he did and said in a wrong way.

"Fine! Then don't ever speak to me again!"

"Fine! I won't."

And so ended their intelligent argument.

"Oh, please. As if you two could ever stop from speaking to each other. Well for you, it's more like speaking period. But the point is that you can't do it. You're obsessed with that guy. The day you stop caring about him is the day I give up on wearing my heels, and honey, that's not happening any time soon. "

That was the supporting advice given by the furious girl's patient friend who knew it was a matter of time before the two finally admitted their feelings to one another, never mind what her friend said about never talking to the guy again. (And who was fanatical about her shoes.)

"Yeah right, man. The two of you can't even stop pissing each other off for half an hour. You talk about her when she's not around, and when she is, you talk to her. Come on, dude. The day you stop snipin' at her is the day I miss a hook shot. And everyone knows I rule the hoops. Well – after you, of course."

Such was commented by the guy's closest team mate on the basketball team, upon hearing the complaints and whining of their star player about the girl the latter had been fantasizing about for weeks. Said team mate was a basketball addict who practically lived on the court, and didn't want to be troubled by emotional junk.

"No way."

Two words, spoken by the two friends. A heel had snapped as it was being used on the concrete pavement, causing the owner's ankle to break, and a hook shot was missed as the ball was released earlier than it should have been by a certain basketball player, causing the team to go to overtime.


The silence that occurred whenever the guy and the girl met after the fateful incidents. Hadn't her friend given up on heels? Hadn't his team mate almost cost them the championship?

"You've got to be kidding me."

The expression of one stunned girl as the impossible scene unfolded before her wide eyes. Snow, pure and white, fell from the sky at 11:09 am on a blistering May morning.

"It's Styrofoam!"

Indeed, it was. Styrofoam was being poured from the top of a low building in their university campus in the heart of Manila over the couple who stood in front of it. The couple who now stood stock still, staring at one another. One so stunned her heart stopped beating, one so nervous he could hardly breathe.

"I… I don't see the manners. Just the (fake) snow."

Was the comment of she who was reeling inside at the gesture this guy had done, and could not even formulate a proper sentence. And so, what popped into her head popped out of her mouth.

"These past two months have been the worst months I have ever gone through."

Said he who ignored what she said, and started showing his newly-acquired manners.

"Well then I apologize for causing you so much pain. Now are you done telling me that I am such a bother for you even when we don't speak to each other?"

Once again, she took his words the wrong way. The worst way.

"Ugh, no – that's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"

She asked, hardly daring to believe what her heart was telling her. Stick to the brain, she told herself.

"It's boring without you. I don't have someone to tease, to rile up. You know."

He replied, not expecting her to know, expecting her, in fact, to kick him for saying he just needed someone to piss off.

"…Yeah, I actually do. I haven't had someone I could have an intelligent argument with for a while now, too."

"You? Not have anyone to argue with? That's surpri – OW!"

"You deserve that kick and so much more."

A silence after their temporary lapse.

"What you had said before… did you mean them?"

"I… at that time, yes. I'm… I'm sorry I called you a bossy know-it-all. You aren't, you know. Well, not anymore. You're just smart now."

The apology issued by the man who wished she didn't take anything in the wrong way again. Not when this much was at stake.

"I'm sorry I kept thinking you were a jerk. You aren't, you know. Well, you still kind of are, but less, so it's okay."

So replied the girl with startling honesty, even when the moment was calling for the couple to go mushy and cheesy and lovey-dovey. All she could think about was what she had screamed at him that day.

"So I guess it's my end of the bargain now. I, uh… I – "

Not at all unexpectedly, the words just wouldn't come out. She hadn't prepared for this. A tiny, indestructible part of her had hoped, but she never thought he would actually…

"I like you."

If she wasn't going to say it, then he was. He couldn't keep it inside anymore. He had spent a lot of money, time, and effort on that snow and his apology. He wasn't about to waste all that. He'd come to say exactly those three words; even if she didn't feel the same way, he didn't care.

"I… I like you, too."

She finally mustered the courage to do it. Forget her pride and her grievances against this guy in front of her. He was what she wanted, and apparently, she was also what he wanted.


"Better than good."

So they continued to bicker. She still kicked his shins. He still called her a slave driver. But with all that comes the knowledge that this was how they showed what they felt. This was how they showed affection – it was private, an inside joke only the two of them could and would ever share.

That day, the next, the last – all those days defined their lives.

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P.S. Summer in the Philippines is from March to May.

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