He waits in anticipation for his obsession, which is walking out of her class

He waits in anticipation for his obsession, which is walking out of her slowly walks up to him with the sly smile across her lips. He pulls her into his arms, kissing her lightly on the forehead. His black hair hangs over his dark eyes while staring into her bright blue eyes. He holds her slender body in his muscular arms; she feels his strength as he pulls her closer. He feels their hearts beating as one.

She whispers, "I love you" into his ear, kissing it gently. "Say it again", he reply's in a whisper. "I love you", she says again with more passion in her voice. They walk hand in hand to the coffee shop. "I can't make it tonight", she says in a sorrow like tone. He looks at her with tender desire and says, "Its ok, maybe tomorrow night." She smiles and replies, "maybe".

Later that evening, he sits in front of the TV wondering what his lovers doing. Hours pass and he becomes more impatient for her call. So he picks up the phone and dials her number. No answer. He feels the pain of worry in his stomach and grabs his keys. He drives to her house, dreaming in the moonlight of her beautiful face. He gets out of the car and looks towards the window. About to call her name, he sees a man walk by. Thinking that it is her father he hides behind a tree, still staring into her window. He gets a good look at his face and realizes that it isn't her father. Hate overcomes him as he sees the man grab her and kiss her lustfully. Overcome by the rage of jealousy. He waits patiently by the door, not knowing what he is going to do. He feels betrayed and all the hate feels him with adrenaline.

The man steps onto the porch and is violently grabbed and shoved to the ground. He is so surprised by the strength bestowed upon him. Before the man can call for help, his head his smashed to the ground and cracked open. Blood stains the cold cement, as the man lies in pain. He pulls the man to his feet and slams him against the side of the house. Being so hateful towards the man, he digs his nails into the man's chest and rips into his skin. Tearing at his flesh, the man begins to moan in pain. Feeling the powers of rage he takes out his keys, searching for a ways to torture his enemy. He begins to scrape at the man's chest, getting deeper to his heart. The man's blood spills all over the ground and on his face. Finally the man falls lifeless to the ground, the grass being fed by blood.

He slowly walks in to the house, grabbing a knife from the kitchen then walks up to her room, not making a sound. He hears her music playing and knows she isn't paying attention. He gently opens the door and sees her lying on the bed, smiling to herself. Once again he is overcome by jealousy and rage. He storms into her bedroom, startling her, she jumps up and backs against the wall. He grabs her and pushes to the bed, ripping off her clothes. He forcefully kisses her as she struggles in his tight grasp. He holds her down, stripping her until she is naked. He pushes himself into her vulnerable body, listening to her cries.

After he is through with her, he takes the knife and slowly carves a heart around her chest and writes his name. Digging deeper, she screams with the remaining of her strength. She lies there, dying as he slits her wrists and drinks her blood zealously. Before he completely drinks her life away, he whispers in her ear, "Now we'll always be together, and our blood will pump as one." He slits her throat, listening to her gags of death. Rising from where she lays, he drops the knife realizing what he has just done.

As a last resort, he runs to her father's office and opens all the drawers, rummaging through them. He finds a gun and points it to his chest and shoots his broken heart. The echoing of the gun wakes the neighbors.